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Access Control Systems

Egress Motions

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER579165Adams Rite408900130Exit Indicator$35.25Details
ER383145Adams Rite8800EL-M2-36-US32D-248800 Rim Exit Device 36 Us32D$735.57Details
ER582390Alarm ControlsNTS1No Touch Request To Exit Station$68.03Details
ER582398Alarm ControlsPD2-211Double Gang Push Plate D.P.D.T. "Push To Exit"$132.00Details
ER812892Alarm ControlsPT5113Pneumatic Time Delay T Style White Fill$260.36Details
ER114990Alarm ControlsSREX-100Ir Detector, Narrow Active Zone, Focused, Dpdt ConCall for Price.Details
ER820350Detex CorporationAO191Automatic Operator For Single Doors Alum$2,649.86Details
ER714259Detex CorporationAO192Low Energy Automatic Door Operators For$4,883.47Details
ER852459Detex CorporationEAX500SK1XMC65XSIBatter Powered Exit Alarm With Cylinder$282.83Details
ER1046170Detex CorporationEAX500XICBattery Powered Exit Alarm With Cylinder$484.83Details
ER197874KantechTREX-LTExit Detector With Tamper Andtimer (Whit$61.90Details
ER202670KantechTREX-LT2Exit Detector Tamper/Timer. With Tamper Alert. And Exit Timer$81.74Details
ER222605KantechTREX-LT-NLExit Detector,White. Without Piezo,No Logo$61.90Details
ER197875KantechTREX-PLATEBack Plate For Trex Mot.Sensor. Back Plate. For Trex Motion Sensors$12.37Details
ER222606KantechTREX-XLEx Detector Tamper/Piezo. With Tamper Alert. And Piezo$71.42Details
ER461123KantechTREX-XL2-NLT.Rex Request To Exit Detector, W/ Tampe$91.26Details
ER202672KantechTREX-XL-BLKBlack T-Rex W/Piezo Buzzer. With Piezo. Black$71.42Details
ER505482On-Q / Legrand36314228Alc 15A Relay Switch W/Led, Smooth Paddl$105.84Details
ER231960OptexOP-08CBLPir, For Automatic Door Applications, Ceiling Moun$78.56Details
ER497650Pulnix / TakexPS520ERequest-To-Exit Door Sensor.Mounting Hei$74.50Details
ER872253Rutherford Controls / RCI1230D36X401230D X 40 24 36 Cam Lock Dog Exit Alar$344.88Details
ER299108Rutherford Controls / RCI915AFIB915 Active Focused Infrared 12-24V Ac/Dc$111.52Details
ER514519Rutherford Controls / RCI915AFIW915 Active Focused Infrared 12-24V Ac/Dc$103.43Details
ER863859Schlage / AllegionECL230DDetex Alm Exit Cntrl Lock$218.12Details
ER298566SDC / Security Door ControlsEHR2AEhr2 2" Ext. Rod Chrome$23.44Details
ER682752SDC / Security Door ControlsEHRO2AEhros 1/2" Ext. Rod Chrome$15.62Details
ER1055824SDC / Security Door ControlsLRDX1RDetex Rex Sw Kit$72.88Details
ER682787SDC / Security Door ControlsMD31DWSdc Request To Exit Pir Motion Detector$171.28Details
ER261234Seco-LarmSD-9163-KSVQOtdr Slimline No-Touch Snsr,Mchncl Override Button$63.18Details
ER261236Seco-LarmSD-927PWCQWhite Request To Exit Sensor Plate No Touch$33.48Details
ER261503SecuritronIEXDAIntegrated Electronic Exit Del. 1200 Lb Maglock. 12/24Vdc$659.68Details
ER248780SecuritronIMXDAIntegrated Motion Exit Delay. 1200 Lb Maglock. 12/24Vdc$751.05Details
ER258152Xtralis201312Pir Motion Detector, Pro45, Outdoor, Anti-Tamper,$432.91Details