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Access Control Systems

Tools, Access

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER388551American LockALSK 18Kit Service Blade Tumbler$70.57Details
ER359113American LockASK8Service Kit Pin Tumbler$103.66Details
ER388556American LockATCR3Service Kit Tub Cam And Lock$103.66Details
ER408887ASPASP-BH1448Drill Bit 1/4 By 48 Inches$51.67Details
ER412708Canadian Flexi DrillAO14DOb-Stock$1.82Details
ER141903Canadian Flexi DrillAV12Individual Hole Saw 3/4 Inch$5.87Details
ER143190Canadian Flexi DrillAV16Individual Hole Saw 1 Inch$6.18Details
ER140946Canadian Flexi DrillAV18Individual Hole Saw 1-1/8 Inch$6.18Details
ER141904Canadian Flexi DrillAV20Individual Hole Saw 1-1/4Inch$6.24Details
ER412710Canadian Flexi DrillAV24Individual Hole Saw 1-1/2Inch$6.64Details
ER143191Canadian Flexi DrillAV28Individual Hole Saw 1-3/4Inch$8.18Details
ER143192Canadian Flexi DrillAV34Individual Hole Saw 2-1/8Inch$9.33Details
ER143199Canadian Flexi DrillBH-124Bell Hanger Drill Bit. 1/4" X 12"$8.93Details
ER141348Canadian Flexi DrillBH-126Bell Hanger Drill Bit. 3/8" X 12"$9.22Details
ER143203Canadian Flexi DrillBH-244Bell Hanger 24 X 1/4 Bit$11.67Details
ER141352Canadian Flexi DrillBH246Long Drill Bit 3/8" X 24"$13.35Details
ER141914Canadian Flexi DrillBH248Long Drill Bit 1/2" X 24"$16.05Details
ER141113Canadian Flexi DrillBH364Bell Hanger 36X1/4 Inch$15.23Details
ER141916Canadian Flexi DrillBH366Can Flexi Bh366 36"X3/8"$18.80Details
ER412711Canadian Flexi DrillFOR-1-1/2INForstners Bit 1-1/2 Inch$17.42Details
ER412712Canadian Flexi DrillFOR-1INForstners Bit 1 Inch$12.40Details
ER141946Canadian Flexi DrillHS728High Speed Slim Line 72" X 3/8"$24.54Details
ER141952Canadian Flexi DrillKIT #1Can Flexi 18' Lightning Rod$39.38Details
ER141145Canadian Flexi DrillKIT #2Can Flexi 30' Lightning Rod$43.33Details
ER141147Canadian Flexi DrillM-44Arbor Hole Saw. Hole Saw Arbor. Regular$7.54Details
ER141148Canadian Flexi DrillM-44KArbor Large Hole Saw. Hole Saw Arbor. Large$12.33Details
ER141392Canadian Flexi DrillMB458Long Drill Bit 3/8" X 58". Long Drill Bit 3/8" X 58"$18.04Details
ER141154Canadian Flexi DrillMB486Hd Bit 3/8" X 48" Masonry$16.23Details
ER141393Canadian Flexi DrillMBH36Bell Hanger 36X3/8 Inch$11.93Details
ER143318Canadian Flexi DrillMBH48Bell Hanger 48X3/8 Inch$12.33Details
ER143319Canadian Flexi DrillME-12Arbor Hole Saw Extension. Hole Saw Arbor. Extension$8.27Details
ER141157Canadian Flexi DrillMLT-1Multi Bit 1/8-1/2 Inch. Black Oxide Finish$15.47Details
ER143321Canadian Flexi DrillMLT-2Can Flexi Multi Bit Step Drill$15.80Details
ER141961Canadian Flexi DrillMLT-3Multi Bit 1/4-3/4 Inch. Black Oxide Finish$17.95Details
ER141158Canadian Flexi DrillMLT-5Multi Bit 7/16-1-1/8 Inch. Black Oxide Finish$28.91Details
ER141159Canadian Flexi DrillMLT-7Multi-Bit 1/4-1/&Amp;1/2$58.43Details
ER419709Falcon Lock012612-000-60Key Gauge (A2 System). Key Guage. A2 System$10.20Details
ER419826Falcon Lock030425-000-60Key Gauge (A4 System)$13.60Details
ER419890Falcon Lock1390Pin Kit A4 System$408.03Details
ER183357HPC1200MAXCodemax Machine. Inc Codesource/Cable/Cutters. Cw-14Mc/Cw-1011/Cw-90Mc. Cw-20Fm/Cw-47Mc 120Vac. Key Machine$4,765.58Details
ER449138HPC1200MAXAACodemax W/Auto Angler$5,032.27Details
ER170464HPC1200PCHPunch Machine. 101 Card Assortment. Punches Included Pch-1011. Pch-14 And Pch-47. Key Machine$1,659.63Details
ER449139HPC1233CMSBSw Blitz Mach/Dup 120Vac$3,034.91Details
ER180135HPC3344HQTKey Machine Semi-Auto. Trace-A-Key W/Cw-42Hqt Cutter. 120Vac. Key Machine$1,089.29Details
ER449142HPC3344HQTACDCKey Machine Semi-Auto Acdc$1,411.70Details
ER192754HPC6666HQTAutomate Key Duplicator. Hands Free-4 Way Jaws. 120Vac$1,270.04Details
ER449143HPC6666HQT240VAutomate Key Duplicator$1,477.48Details
ER183362HPC747EDuplicator Econo Tubular. Std Tub Key Dup 375/312 Dia. Carbide Cutter 22-01. 115Vac$715.66Details
ER180137HPC747XUDuplicator Multi-Func Tubu. Cuts Std / Ovrsiz Cut In Cut. Offset Cuts / Pin In Pin. Carbide Cutter 22-01/115Vac. Key Machine$1,345.94Details
ER192755HPC9120RMMini Speedex Duplicator. 4 Way Jaw/Manual Key Mach. Cw-23Mc 120Vac. Key Machine$420.78Details
ER449146HPC9120RMDCMini Speedex Dup W/12Vdc$551.93Details
ER346556HPC9160-BELTBelt For 9160 Key Machine. Key Machine$16.57Details
ER183363HPC9160MCPremier Speedex Man Dupli. 4 Way Jaw/Manual Key Mach. 17 X 17 120Vac. Key Machine$562.87Details
ER449148HPC9160MCDCPremier Speedex Man Dupli 12Dc$663.05Details
ER170469HPC9180MCPwr Speedex Semi-Auto Dup. 4 Way Law/Semi Auto 120Vac. Key Machine$710.41Details
ER631890HPC9180MC240VPwr Speedex Semi-Auto Dup$836.71Details
ER192757HPCAG-1Tub Lock Drill Standard. Stand Tool W/ Extra Saw 375Dia. Locksmiths Only$45.56Details
ER170470HPCAG-2Tub Lock Drill Large. Ovrsz Tool Wextra Saw 394 Dia. Locksmiths Only$45.56Details
ER310121HPCALCP-10Auto Lock Cap Pliers. Locksmiths Only$39.32Details
ER449151HPCALD-1In A Minute Auto Lock Deco$85.97Details
ER183366HPCAS-1Protective Auto Sleeve. Locksmiths Only$7.62Details
ER310120HPCAST-3Auto Door/Win Clip Tool. Clip And Crank Removal Tool. Locksmiths Only$12.38Details
ER346555HPCAST-4Auto Door Trim Pad Tool. Door Panel Trim Clip Remove. Locksmiths Only$24.33Details
ER449153HPCAST-5Auto Door Clip Rem Tool$26.41Details
ER192758HPCAW-100Universal Air Wedge. Locksmiths Only$42.70Details
ER170472HPCAW-34Ulti Auto Wedge 3/4 2Pk. Locksmiths Only$12.13Details
ER192759HPCAW-38Ulti Auto Wedge 3/8 2Pk. Locksmiths Only$12.13Details
ER180138HPCAW-99Original Air Wedge. Locksmiths Only$32.16Details
ER449155HPCAW-UOInside Wedge$35.15Details
ER310119HPCBT-4Best/Short Tip Guage 2Pk$16.95Details
ER449157HPCC1Code Card Ame Mtrs-D-E-K-L$17.56Details
ER449158HPCC10Code Card Chrys Pin 69+$17.56Details
ER449159HPCC101Code Card Lsda Lsa Keyway$17.56Details
ER449160HPCC102CCode Card Clark Plat. Kwy$17.56Details
ER310118HPCC103Code Card Master Pro Ser$17.56Details
ER449161HPCC104Code Card Dom 2H(44) Dblsd$17.56Details
ER449162HPCC105Code Card Dom 2C(17)Sing S$17.56Details
ER449163HPCC106Code Card Winkhaus 7H H Se$17.56Details
ER310117HPCC107Code Card Nat L Cab Ltrbox$17.56Details
ER449164HPCC108HCode Card Uscan Lsmith Kwy$17.56Details
ER449165HPCC109Code Card U.S. Lock Rx Kwy$17.56Details
ER449166HPCC11Code Card Corbin Disc$17.56Details
ER449167HPCC112Code Card Abus Reky Diskus$17.56Details
ER346552HPCC115Code Card Lori L10 I.C$17.56Details
ER346551HPCC116Code Card Sch Sfic Core$17.56Details
ER449168HPCC12Code Card Corbin Small Pin$17.56Details
ER346550HPCC13Code Card Cor X-Clss Presy$17.56Details
ER310116HPCC14Code Card Cor Z-Clss Presy$17.56Details
ER449169HPCC16Code Card Dex Lrg Pin69+$17.56Details
ER346549HPCC2Code Card Arr New-Lrg Pin$17.56Details
ER449170HPCC20Code Card Eagle Small Pin$17.56Details
ER449171HPCC21Code Card Eagle Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449172HPCC24Code Card Ford 5 Pin Dblsd$17.56Details
ER449173HPCC25Code Card Gm Wafer36+$17.56Details
ER449174HPCC26Code Card Hudson Small Pin$17.56Details
ER449175HPCC27Code Card Ico Small Pin$17.56Details
ER449176HPCC28Code Card Ilc/Lwd Lrge Std$17.56Details
ER310115HPCC29Code Card Ills./Timberline$17.56Details
ER346548HPCC3Code Card Best 7 Pin$17.56Details
ER449177HPCC30Code Card Amer Small Pin$17.56Details
ER449178HPCC31Code Card Kwikset Lrg Pin$17.56Details
ER449179HPCC31XCode Card Kwikset Titan$17.56Details
ER449180HPCC34Code Card Master Sm Pin 7K$17.56Details
ER449181HPCC35Code Card Mster Std Lrg Pn$17.56Details
ER310114HPCC36Code Card Med Std .030 Inc$17.56Details
ER449182HPCC37Code Card Nat L Cabinet$17.56Details
ER449183HPCC385Code Card Strat Dbl-Sd Cam$17.56Details
ER449185HPCC39Code Card Nat L Cab Sm Pin$17.56Details
ER449186HPCC4Code Card B&S Disc Gas Cap$17.56Details
ER449187HPCC40Code Card Nat L Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449188HPCC41Code Card Russ Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449189HPCC419Code Card Trio Ving$17.56Details
ER310113HPCC42Code Card Russ D&H P-Sys70$17.56Details
ER310112HPCC44Code Card Sarg Large Pin$17.56Details
ER346547HPCC45Code Card Sch Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449190HPCC46Code Card Segal Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449191HPCC48Code Card Taylor Small Pin$17.56Details
ER449192HPCC49Code Card Taylor Large Pin$17.56Details
ER310111HPCC5Code Card Chicago/Fort$17.56Details
ER346546HPCC50Code Card Weiser/Falcon$17.56Details
ER449193HPCC51Code Card Welch Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449194HPCC52Code Card Weslock Lrg Pin$17.56Details
ER449195HPCC53Code Card Xl Lock Ltrbox$17.56Details
ER449196HPCC55Code Card Yale Disc$17.56Details
ER449197HPCC56Code Card Yale Small Pin$17.56Details
ER346545HPCC57Code Card Yale Large Pin$17.56Details
ER449198HPCC6Code Card Chicago Pin$17.56Details
ER449200HPCCABLE-25SCodemax Cable Ser 259Pin$123.91Details
ER310110HPCCARD-BInst. Manual W/Card Panels. Blitz Manual/Card Store Binder$110.82Details
ER346543HPCCARD-BPCode Card Storage Panel. Binder Leaf For Code Cards$29.60Details
ER449201HPCCARR-9Carriage For 9160Mc Keymachine$59.94Details
ER449202HPCCCX-10Extractor W/Ss Handle$3.60Details
ER449203HPCCCX-20Extractor W/Ss Handle$3.60Details
ER346542HPCCDJ-1Cyl Drill Jig Std Flat$20.89Details
ER346541HPCCDJ-2Cyl Drill Jid Std Tulip$20.89Details
ER346540HPCCDJ-3Cyl Drill Jid Remov Core$32.01Details
ER310107HPCCEX1Code Card Assa Twin 6000$17.56Details
ER449205HPCCF100Code Card Chrys/Ren/Peug$17.56Details
ER449206HPCCF101Code Card Chrysler/Renault$17.56Details
ER449207HPCCF102Code Card Chrysler/Renault$17.56Details
ER449208HPCCF11Code Card Ford Capr/Fiesta$17.56Details
ER449209HPCCF114Code Card Chrys/Ren/Peug$17.56Details
ER449210HPCCF118Code Card Chrys/Ren/Peug$17.56Details
ER449211HPCCF119Code Card Eagle Prem Ign.$17.56Details
ER449212HPCCF13Code Card Merkur-Germ Ford$17.56Details
ER449213HPCCF201Code Card Hyun-U.S. X-Sers$17.56Details
ER449214HPCCF202Code Card Yugo Second (Z)$17.56Details
ER449215HPCCF203Code Card Yugo Second (G)$17.56Details
ER449216HPCCF204Code Card Gm-Allante87+$17.56Details
ER449217HPCCF205Code Card Gm-Pont Lemans$17.56Details
ER449218HPCCF206Code Card Gm-Cavalier$17.56Details
ER449219HPCCF207Code Card Gm-Saturn$17.56Details
ER449220HPCCF208Code Card Toy Cam/Corrolla$17.56Details
ER449221HPCCF209Code Card Toy Corr Wgn 93+$17.56Details
ER449222HPCCF211Code Card Hyundai Sonata$17.56Details
ER346535HPCCF215Code Card Gm 94+$17.56Details
ER449223HPCCF3Code Card Vw-Pln/Shld Side$17.56Details
ER449224HPCCF301Code Card Kia/Hyun 7Cut Xy$17.56Details
ER449225HPCCF302Code Card Hyundai 8 Cut St$17.56Details
ER449226HPCCF303Code Card Ford Asp-Kia 10C$17.56Details
ER449227HPCCF304Code Card Nis Pfinder96+$17.56Details
ER449228HPCCF305Code Card Kia Seph 98+ 8Ct$17.56Details
ER449229HPCCF306Code Card Mits Galant 99+$17.56Details
ER346534HPCCF307Code Card Toyota 2001$17.56Details
ER449230HPCCF34Code Card Bmw/Mercedes$17.56Details
ER449231HPCCF36Code Card Porsch (911-912)$17.56Details
ER449232HPCCF4Code Card Vw/Audi/Porsche$17.56Details
ER449233HPCCF40Code Card Jag/Dats/Mazda$17.56Details
ER449234HPCCF43Code Card Brit Auto&Cycles$17.56Details
ER449235HPCCF48Code Card Ford Cargo Truck$17.56Details
ER449236HPCCF49Code Card Jag Xj6 10 D 88+$17.56Details
ER449237HPCCF51Code Card Volvo/Mg$17.56Details
ER449238HPCCF52Code Card Volvo 240 740&60$17.56Details
ER449239HPCCF56Code Card Saab ( 74+)$17.56Details
ER449240HPCCF60Code Card Niss/Dats/Subaru$17.56Details
ER449241HPCCF63Code Card Mazda/Ford Truck$17.56Details
ER449242HPCCF64Code Card Mazda ( 70- 80)$17.56Details
ER449243HPCCF65Code Card Maz/Ford/Mercury$17.56Details
ER449244HPCCF67Code Card Niss/Dats/Subaru$17.56Details
ER449245HPCCF68Code Card Mazda/Ford 10 Ct$17.56Details
ER449246HPCCF70Code Card Hon Ign Thru76$17.56Details
ER449247HPCCF71Code Card Dr/Trnk Thru76$17.56Details
ER346533HPCCF73Code Card Hon 82+/Acur 86+$17.56Details
ER449248HPCCF74Code Card Hon 88+/Acur 90+$17.56Details
ER449249HPCCF8Code Card Vw/Volvo Gas Cap$17.56Details
ER449250HPCCF80Code Card Toy/Isuzu/Mitsub$17.56Details
ER449251HPCCF81Code Card Toy A M N T(69+)$17.56Details
ER449252HPCCF82Code Card Toy69+Unlettrd$17.56Details
ER449253HPCCF85Code Card Gm-Chev Spec/Isu$17.56Details
ER449254HPCCF86Code Card Gm-Chev Nova R S$17.56Details
ER449255HPCCF87Code Card Toyota 8 Disc$17.56Details
ER449256HPCCF88Code Card Toy/Geo/Isuzu$17.56Details
ER449257HPCCF89Code Card Geo Track/Suzuki$17.56Details
ER449258HPCCF90Code Card Fiat Ignition$17.56Details
ER449259HPCCF91Code Card Fiat Secondary$17.56Details
ER449260HPCCF94Code Card Fiat Stra- 79-80$17.56Details
ER449261HPCCF96Code Card Fiat Strada 81+$17.56Details
ER449262HPCCF99Code Card Iveco Truck P Z$17.56Details
ER346532HPCCHS1Code Card Yale Pyramid$17.56Details
ER346531HPCCKYM1Code Card For Medeco$17.56Details