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Access Control Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER103664ACSI1320-1 ERRelease Pushbutton. Singl Gang, Wall Mount. For 6100 Common Batch Door Sys$83.37Details
ER103665ACSI1320-6100Push To Lock Pushbutton. With Indicator. For 6100 Common Batch Door Sys$128.84Details
ER369013ACSI1330-2Emergency Release$202.74Details
ER104067ACSI1335-3Door Position Switch. Spdt, Normally Open/Close$94.74Details
ER103666ACSI1340-6100Occupied Indicator. For 6100 Common Batch Door Sys$56.84Details
ER105076Adams Rite4560-501-119Deadlatch Handles Rh Black. Deadlatch Handles. Left Hand. Black$36.61Details
ER105077Adams Rite4560-502-121Deadlatch Handles Lh 628. 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" Thick. Left Hand. Dark Bronze$51.26Details
ER105078Adams Rite4560-502-130Deadlatch Handles Lh 628. 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" Thick. Left Hand. Satin Aluminum$51.26Details
ER104657Adams Rite4560-602-121Deadlatch Handles Rh. 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" Thick. Rh Hand. Dark Bronze$51.26Details
ER104789Adams Rite4560-602-130Deadlatch Handles Rh 628. 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" Thick. Rh Hand. Satin Aluminum$51.26Details
ER104913Adams Rite4560-603-130Deadlatch Handles Rh 628. For Door Over 2" To 3 1/4". Rh Hand. Satin Aluminum$51.26Details
ER375845Adams Rite4591-12-04-628Ada Pull Paddle 2"-2 1/4" 628$85.55Details
ER106345Adams RiteMS4043-00-121Armor Cylinder Guard 1/8 121. 1/8 Stile Wall. Dark Bronze$25.76Details
ER106346Adams RiteMS4043-00-130Armor Cylinder Guard 1/8 603. 1/8 Stile Wall. Zinc Plated$25.76Details
ER383640Adams RiteMS4043-00-632Armor Cylinder Guard 1/8$25.76Details
ER106106Adams RiteMS4043-01-130Armor Cylinder Guard 1/4 603. 1/4 Stile Wall. Zinc Plated$28.79Details
ER106347Adams RiteMS4043-02-130Armor Cylinder Guard 1/8 603. 1/8 Stile Wall. Zinc Plated$38.08Details
ER115522Alarm Lock22 EXIT PULLOutside Emergency Pull$58.54Details
ER114650Alarm Lock271MSArmored Door Loop 18In. Armoed Door Loop. 18 Inch Length$36.91Details
ER116841Alarm LockPMA-ANGL1Angle Bracket$47.10Details
ER116842Alarm LockPMA-ANGL2Adjtable Angle Bracket$87.16Details
ER116087Alarm LockPMA-ANGL3Adjtable Angle Bracket$87.16Details
ER116640Alarm LockPMA-ARMH2Armature Plate$178.11Details
ER116843Alarm LockPMA-FILL1Filler Plate$37.29Details
ER116089Alarm LockPMA-Z2Z Bracket Adjtable$273.79Details
ER408894ASPASP DC-1Delay Egress Button, Dbl Gang$176.31Details
ER123696ASPASP DE-1Delay Egress Button, Dbl Gang. W/ Led And Piezo$176.31Details
ER124855ASPSPN 26073 Gang Plate. With 8-Dsw, 3 Grn Ill 24Dc. With La-32 Buzzer. Customer Made$626.36Details
ER408962ASPSPN2454R6 Rack Mount Lamp Array$820.63Details
ER408963ASPSPN2458R3 Rack Mount Lamp Array$447.41Details
ER124856ASPSPN-28136-Door Annunciator W/ Buzzer$222.71Details
ER408964ASPSPN-28148-Door Panel W/ Buzzer$286.34Details
ER408965ASPSPN-2881Single Ss Gang Plate$92.80Details
ER408966ASPSPN-2885Double Ss Gang Plate, Red$352.06Details
ER125097ASPSPN-3174Double-Gang Wall Panel. With 4 Dsw-1 Momentary Buttons. Non-Illuminated$238.61Details
ER125098ASPSPN-3211Annunciator Panel$1,357.19Details
ER408967ASPTS-30Push Button, "Push To Open"$52.87Details
ER123703ASPTS-34Remote Audio Indicator$29.80Details
ER409321BEA10BRACKETULHerculite Door Bracket$42.84Details
ER591894BEA10ESCUTCHEONStainless Steel 6" Mounting Op$99.26Details
ER128603BEA10ESCUTCHEON45Stainless Steel Mounting Opt$99.26Details
ER129526BEA10LE21Low Energy Lockout$57.12Details
ER591897BEA10MC25Time Delay Module$88.57Details
ER130849BEA10PBO241Pte Switch Plate, Sngle Gang. Blue Handicapped Logo. "Push To Open" Text$56.98Details
ER128614BEA10PBO24EPte Switch Plate, Sngle Gang. Push To Exit Text$56.98Details
ER409343BEA10SPARROWMicrowave Motion Sensor$251.97Details
ER128618BEA10SPOTFINDERActive Ir Spot Finder Tool. To Find Iris And Wizard. Infrared Pattern$27.57Details
ER409355BEA10TD433HH1433Mhz Digital Transmitter$40.33Details
ER923428BEA10TD900HH1900Mhz Digital Transmitter$47.45Details
ER606397Continental AccessA15 OPTIONIndoor Surface Mnt Decor PanelCall for Price.Details
ER606969Continental AccessCICE1996Micro Serial Server, Lan Adaptor For Connecting CoCall for Price.Details
ER607021Continental AccessCICP1300IOBDRelay Board, Super Two, 16-Supervised Alarm InputsCall for Price.Details
ER607024Continental AccessCICP1300MB2Memory Expansion Board, Super Two, 2Mb, Up To (125Call for Price.Details
ER607025Continental AccessCICP1300NETBDNetwork Interface Board, Super Two, Optional On-BoCall for Price.Details
ER607044Continental AccessCICP1800RBSuperterm Option, Relay Expander Board, 16 OutputCall for Price.Details
ER607372Continental AccessNL-MOD-ULInternet Communications Module, Napco Nl-Mod, UsedCall for Price.Details
ER413991Corby22 12/24VRelay,Latching 12Vdc,Spst$25.38Details
ER413993Corby4010 CORKeypad,Indoor,1 Gang,1 Grn Led$63.63Details
ER414008Corby4120 CORPhone Modem,For Sys 4 Or 5$610.25Details
ER414010Corby4122 CORPhone Modem,For System 10 Dpm$721.36Details
ER149455Corby4171Hid Proximity Card,Badge Slot$6.11Details
ER181852Corby4192Prox Card,Key Tag Size,30 Bit$10.00Details
ER353052Corby4320 CORData Chip Assemblied,Metal Tag$9.30Details
ER414029Corby4411 CORBackup/Restore Software,Sys 5$66.32Details
ER414035Corby6062Keypad,Mounted In Lockbox,Mtl$29.63Details
ER414050CorbyASP 6030Keypad,1Gang,Flush Mt Plate$29.70Details
ER159945Detex Corporation10 EM CD 630 99 36Adv 10 Rim Em Cd 630 99 36$1,668.33Details
ER182633Detex Corporation10 ER 630 99 36Adv 10 Rim Er 630 99 36$1,235.51Details
ER414840Detex Corporation10 ER 630 99 48Adv 10 Rim Er 630 99 48$1,254.83Details
ER721740Detex Corporation10 ERxEX 630 99 36Adv 10 Rim Erxex 630 99 36$1,297.13Details
ER609774Detex Corporation10 ERxW 630 99 36Adv 10 Rim Erxw 630 99 36$1,517.82Details
ER724223Detex Corporation10 ERxW 630 99 48Adv 10 Rim Erxw 630 99 48$1,536.40Details
ER941285Detex Corporation103692Bottom Bolt Sub Assembly$159.64Details
ER1044602Detex Corporation103692-1Bottom Bolt$78.17Details
ER991458Detex Corporation103692-2Bottom Bolt Weatherized$73.99Details
ER789300Detex Corporation104070Bottom Bolt Kit$48.08Details
ER1053640Detex Corporation104073-1Rod Guide$7.73Details
ER978533Detex Corporation104073-2Rod Guide$15.63Details
ER994027Detex Corporation104610-23Ex X W Sub-Assembly$233.54Details
ER831661Detex Corporation104707Sync Cable$94.74Details
ER1022698Detex Corporation104728-1Push Arm For Operator$58.08Details
ER315860Detex Corporation104741-HSSWireless Jamb Pkg 59J-Hss. Wireless Jamb Package. 59J-Hss$483.27Details
ER1055508Detex Corporation104750-1Narrow Stile Kit. Narrow Stile Kit. For Exisitng V50 Units$31.40Details
ER609760Detex Corporation104755-PPushbutton 4 1/2 In Ptod$110.84Details
ER777731Detex Corporation104764-3Line Filter Kit 2 Foot$227.37Details
ER929794Detex Corporation104788-1Post Package Wireless$931.61Details
ER414862Detex Corporation120 ROD KIT120 Inch Rod Exl-230X$49.06Details
ER415348Detex Corporation84 ROD KIT84 Inch Rod Exl-230X$49.06Details
ER415351Detex Corporation96 ROD KIT96 Inch Rod Kit Exl-230X$49.06Details
ER1066084Detex CorporationDX-1 BLACKDx 1 Bolt Mnt Hardware Black$43.17Details
ER315816Detex CorporationDX-1 GRAYDx 1 Bolt Mnt Hardware Gray$43.17Details
ER352524Detex CorporationDX-2 BLACKDx Bolt 2 Bolt W/Mnt Hware Blk$80.53Details
ER415374Detex CorporationDX-2 GRAYDx Bolt 2 Bolt W/Mnt Hware Gry$80.53Details
ER415375Detex CorporationDX-3 BLACKDx 3 Bolts Mnt Hardware Black$112.74Details
ER415376Detex CorporationDX-3 GRAYDx 3 Bolts Mnt Hardware Gray$112.74Details
ER415424Detex CorporationECL-395-1Dly/Egr Pl&Stk Signage E/R 30S$14.52Details
ER415425Detex CorporationECL-395-4Dly/Egr Pl&Stk Signage S/R 15S$14.52Details
ER415426Detex CorporationECL-395-5Dly/Egr Pl&Stk Signage S/R 30S$14.52Details
ER917247Detex CorporationECL-620 W-CYLO/S Lever Trim For Ecl-600 Blk$210.56Details
ER182692Detex CorporationPB-2138-3Pushbttn Form C Sng Gang Beige. Push Button-Push To Exit. Red Button W/Shroud. Form C Single Gang. Beige$327.96Details
ER610020Detex CorporationPP-5063-37Flat Washer$0.46Details
ER610023Detex CorporationPP-5096-7GCotter Pin$0.14Details
ER352444Detex CorporationRLY12102507-1 Relay$55.93Details
ER415767Detex CorporationS100001-HDControl$82,557.39Details
ER415768Detex CorporationS100002-HDControl$82,557.39Details
ER315731Detex CorporationSIF10-EA-CD-36IN 630El Sif Kit 10 Ea Cd 36In 630. Electric Slide In Filler Kit. Ex Alarm 9Vdc/12Vac W/Rem Sig. 36In Adv 10 Sers W/Cyl Dogging. Brushed Stainless Steel$383.69Details
ER415789Detex CorporationSIF10-EA-CD-48IN 606Alarm Kit 48 606$437.59Details
ER415790Detex CorporationSIF10-EA-CD-48IN 611Alarm Kit 48 611$462.25Details
ER415794Detex CorporationSIF10-EA-CD-48IN 630El Sif Kit 10 Ea Cd 48In 630$383.69Details
ER610042Detex CorporationSIF10-EX-CD-36IN 630El Sif Kit 10 Ex Cd 36In 630$103.00Details
ER415819Detex CorporationSIF40-EA-CD-36IN 630El Sif Kit 40 Ea Cd 36In 630$383.69Details
ER610134Detex CorporationVRA-117Rod Guide$18.79Details
ER610135Detex CorporationVRA-119Housing Latch Bolt$10.62Details
ER610136Detex CorporationVRA-121Top Strike$3.80Details
ER610137Detex CorporationVRA-135Pin Rod$1.62Details
ER610138Detex CorporationVRA-137Turn Handle$34.34Details
ER315651Detex CorporationVRA-143B-107Ecl 230 Vra Inside Lckng 107$532.60Details
ER352366Detex CorporationVRA-143B-84Ecl 230 Vra Inside Lckng 84$412.01Details
ER315650Detex CorporationVRA-143B-96Ecl 230 Vra Inside Lckng 96$509.76Details
ER182712Detex CorporationVRA-143C-84Vert Rod Assy Outside Locking$412.01Details
ER415899Detex CorporationVRA-143C-96Ecl 230 Vra Outside Lckng 96$509.76Details
ER160163Detex CorporationVRA-143D-84Verticle Rod Assembly 143D-84$742.48Details
ER182713Detex CorporationVRA-143D-96Vra 143D = Vra 143B X 2$970.32Details
ER610140Detex CorporationVRA-173Double Door Brackets For 143$4.87Details
ER161476DitekDTK-MRJ11SCPRUVIn/Output Jack 1P 130V Rj11. In/Output Jack. 1 Pair. 130V Rj11$33.08Details
ER150741Dolphin ComponentsDC-1000-SSealant Super B Connector. 1000 Pieces. Blue Tubing$91.26Details
ER158693Dolphin ComponentsDC-100-PPlain Super B Connector. 100 Pieces. White Tubing$9.45Details
ER158695Dolphin ComponentsDC-100-SSealant Super B Connector. 100 Pieces. Blue Tubing$11.33Details
ER150742Dolphin ComponentsDC-11Dol 11" Tie-Wraps Nylon 100Pcs/Bag$8.49Details
ER150743Dolphin ComponentsDC-11AH11" Plenum Rated Air Handling 50 Lb Cabl$24.24Details
ER183159Dolphin ComponentsDC-11B11” Uv Black 50 Lb Cable Tie$8.90Details
ER150753Dolphin ComponentsDC-15AH15" Plenum Rated Air Handling 50 Lb Cabl$31.25Details
ER611451Dolphin ComponentsDC-15BM15” Uv Black 50 Lb Cable Tie$94.27Details
ER611456Dolphin ComponentsDC-15HD15" Natural 120 Lb Cable Tie$19.20Details
ER158709Dolphin ComponentsDC-1M1” X 1” Natural 4 Way Cable Tie Adhesive$16.12Details
ER150766Dolphin ComponentsDC-279209Rg6 Plenum Male Crimp-On 10Pk. 10-Pack$15.57Details
ER183184Dolphin ComponentsDC-3112Dol Rj31X Jack W/Shorting Bar$3.37Details
ER611478Dolphin ComponentsDC-316SS12-250L316 Stainless Steel Cable Tie 12" 250 Te$71.65Details
ER158736Dolphin ComponentsDC-3804KCoaxial Crimping Kit 5 Heads, 20 Nests ,$132.92Details
ER183204Dolphin ComponentsDC-44" Cable Tie (Bag Of 100)$2.02Details
ER150791Dolphin ComponentsDC-66" Cable Tie (Bag Of 100)$3.37Details
ER150792Dolphin ComponentsDC-6-30BDol 6" Blk 40Lb Cable Tie Pk Of 100$4.04Details
ER150807Dolphin ComponentsDC-78-2Rg-59 And Rg-62 Crimp-On$14.45Details
ER183237Dolphin ComponentsDC-8-18Dol Natural 18Lb Cable Tie ,Pk Of 100$4.04Details
ER150813Dolphin ComponentsDC-88-10Bnc Crimp Rg59 Tfe Plenum$15.00Details
ER158762Dolphin ComponentsDC-88-2Bnc Male Crimp Rg59 10Pk. Bnc Male Crimp Rg59. Bnc Coaxial Connectors/Adapter. 10 Pack$14.45Details
ER158763Dolphin ComponentsDC-89-1Bnc Female Crimp Rg58 10Pk$15.00Details
ER158765Dolphin ComponentsDC-89-2Bnc Female Crimp Rg59 10Pk. Bnc Female Crimp Rg59. 1 Bag Of 10$15.00Details
ER158767Dolphin ComponentsDC-8AH8” Plenum Rated Air Handling 50 Lb Cabl$16.17Details
ER150820Dolphin ComponentsDC-AD501Rca Male-Bnc Female 10-Pk$20.21Details
ER150822Dolphin ComponentsDC-AD555Dol Fem To Fem Splice,10Pk$12.78Details
ER158777Dolphin ComponentsDC-AD702Bnc Female To F Male Adapter 10 Pack$20.71Details
ER183520Dolphin ComponentsDC-AD755Dol Female-Female Adapter 10 Pack$12.78Details
ER164414Dolphin ComponentsDCC-6BCable Clip Black Rg6 Concrete$7.27Details
ER158780Dolphin ComponentsDCC-6WCable Clip White Rg6 Concrete$6.07Details
ER164431Dolphin ComponentsDC-IC6S-10Cat 6 In-Line Coupler, Shielded (Keyston$51.29Details
ER158830Dolphin ComponentsDC-UG88-5Bnc Male Twist Rg6$15.00Details
ER150891Dolphin ComponentsDCWM-251” W X 2.5” L Self Laminating Markers W/$6.07Details
ER164461Dolphin ComponentsDCWM-31-45, Wire Marker Book$6.07Details
ER150892Dolphin ComponentsDCWM-301” W X 5” L Self Laminating Markers W/Fr$6.07Details
ER183582Dolphin ComponentsTB-3-10#10 Position Terminal Block$9.09Details
ER158848Dolphin ComponentsTB-3-15#15 Position Terminal Block$11.12Details
ER183587Dolphin ComponentsTB-3-4#4 Position Terminal Block$4.25Details
ER158855Dolphin ComponentsTB-3-6#6 Position Terminal Block$5.45Details
ER150907Dolphin ComponentsTB-3-8#8 Position Terminal Block$6.67Details
ER416223Don Jo1159147-630 25CTCPull Bar 25" Us32D$204.25Details
ER315466Don Jo1159147-630 33CTCPush/Pull Bar Set Us32D. 33 Inches Center To Center. Back To Back Mounting. With 18 Inch Offset Pull. Satin Stainless Steel$204.25Details
ER315459Don Jo12-2-PB-CWWrap Pb 1-3/4 2-1/8 Hole Lever. 2-3/4 Bkstx1-3/4 Door 5-1/8X12. Polished Brass$23.83Details
ER315458Don Jo12-2-S-CWWrap S 1-3/4 2-1/8 Hole Lever. 2-3/4Bkstx1-3/4Door 5-1/8X12. Stainless Steel Satin$22.24Details
ER416237Don Jo1289 630 23 1/8x1 3/4x42One Side Angle Plate 32D$152.01Details
ER352145Don Jo1289 630 8 x 1 5/8 x 32One Side Angle Plate 32D. 32"Long,1 5/8"Dr Thick,8"High. Satin Stainless Steel$45.40Details
ER352144Don Jo1290 2x2x48 630Edge Guard 2 X 2 X4 8In 630. Edge Guard. Satin Stainless Steel$43.94Details
ER315457Don Jo1290 3.5 X 3.5 X 48IN 630Edge Guard 3.5X3.5X48In 630. Edge Guard. 3.5 In X 3.5 In X 48 In. Scotch Mount. Satin Stainless Steel$46.13Details
ER315456Don Jo1295 630 3/4x1 1/4x38Corner Edge Guard,Us32D. 3/4" X 1 1/4" X 38". Satin Stainless Steel$33.68Details
ER416238Don Jo1295 630 3/4x1 1/4x42Corner Edge Guard,Us32D$37.34Details
ER315455Don Jo1299 613 2 1/4X1 3/4X2 1/4X92 1/4"X1 3/4"X2 1/4"X9" Guard. Door Edge Guard. Dark Bronze$57.72Details
ER416239Don Jo1299 628 3/4 X 1 X 3/4 36U Bottom Channel$44.84Details
ER352143Don Jo1299 630 1 3/4 X 3 X 361 3/4" X 3" X 36" Guard. Door Edge Guard. Satin Stainless Steel$63.63Details
ER352142Don Jo1299 630 138X134X138X811 3/8"X1 3/4"X1 3/8"X81" Guard. Edge Guard. Satin Stainless Steel$79.89Details
ER352141Don Jo1299 630 3/4x1 3/4x3/4x36Door Edge Guard, 3 Ft Height. 1 3/4" Door, 3/4" Legs. Satin Stainless Steel$55.20Details
ER416240Don Jo1299 630 3X1-3/4X3X48U Bottom Channel$64.42Details
ER416241Don Jo1299 630 3x19 3/8x3x48Edge Guard,Us32D$176.75Details
ER416242Don Jo1299 630 3x19x3x48Edge Guard,Us32D$176.75Details
ER315454Don Jo12-S-CWWrap 1-3/4 2-1/8 Hole 630. 2-3/4 Bkstx1-3/4 Door 5-1/8X12. Stainless Steel Satin$20.73Details
ER315452Don Jo14-2-AB-CWWrap Ab 1-3/4 2-1/8 Sim/Dl2700. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X14. Antique Brass$34.05Details
ER315451Don Jo14-2-PB-CWWrap Pb 1-3/4 2-1/8 Sim/Dl2700. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X14. Polished Brass$30.24Details
ER315450Don Jo14-2-S-CWWrap S 1-3/4 2-1/8 Sim/Dl2700. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X14. Stainless Steel Satin$30.19Details
ER315442Don Jo14-AB-CWWrap Ab 1-3/4 2-1/8 Hole. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X14. Antique Brass$32.59Details
ER315441Don Jo14-PB-CWWrap Pb 1-3/4 2-1/8 Hole. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X14. Polished Brass$29.74Details
ER315440Don Jo14-S-CWWrap S 1-3/4 2-1/8 Hole. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X14. Stainless Steel Satin$25.88Details
ER352130Don Jo151-AB-CWWrap1-3/8X(2)2-1/8Hole3-5/8Ctc. 2-3/8 Bkst X 1-3/8 Door 4 X 9. Antique Brass$26.03Details
ER352129Don Jo151-PB-CWWrap1-3/8X(2)2-1/8Hole3-5/8Ctc. 2-3/8 Bkst X 1-3/8 Door 4 X 9. Polished Brass$18.26Details
ER315435Don Jo151-S-CWWrap1-3/8X(2)2-1/8Hole3-5/8Ctc. 2-3/8 Bkst X 1-3/8 Door 4 X 9. Stainless Steel Satin$17.62Details
ER416267Don Jo1521-626Door Holder$41.78Details
ER416273Don Jo1572-605Dust Proof Strike$15.13Details
ER416274Don Jo1572-626Don Jo Dust Proof Strike$13.92Details
ER611573Don Jo1590-605Elbow Catch 605$3.29Details
ER352118Don Jo1590-625Elbow Catch 625. Elbow Catch 625. Bright Chrome$3.29Details
ER315428Don Jo15-AB-CWWrap Ab 1-3/4 2-1/8 Sim 1/4000. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4Door 5X15. Antique Brass$45.03Details
ER352117Don Jo15-PB-CWWrap Pb 1-3/4 2-1/8 Sim 1/4000. 2-3/4 Bkst X 1-3/4 Door 5X15. Polished Brass$32.95Details