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Access Control Systems

Readers, Biometric

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER10354493M Electrical Products DivisionCM1Portable Cabon Monxide Detector$133.61Details
ER954412Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293556822Morphoaccess 521+, Same As Ma520 But Als$1,584.55Details
ER1074836Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293616780293616780 4G V-Flex Secugen 500 Dpi Optical Sensr$726.08Details
ER732891Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293616813W/Secugen 500 Dpi Optic Sensor & Hid Prox Crd Rdr$838.99Details
ER1030958Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293616876Morphotrak | 4Gfxsh | 293616876$941.41Details
ER1027333Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293616909Finger Only With Secugen 500 Dpi Optical Sensor, C$1,257.84Details
ER946103Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity2936170264G V-Station Fingerprint Prox$1,357.17Details
ER738294Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity2936172794G V-Flex Lite Secugen 500 Dpi Optical$745.77Details
ER1039102Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617290293617290 4G V-Flex Lite Finger+ Hid Prox Reader$828.49Details
ER1003028Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617310Fing W/Secugen Optic Sens,Iclass,Mifar&Des Crd Rdr$915.15Details
ER1057283Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617352Secugen Optical Sensor, Hid Prox Card Reader, 1.5$1,035.94Details
ER855587Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617469Xtrm Out,Lumidigm Venus Optic Sensor,Kypd Rely&Clc$3,509.74Details
ER989023Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity2936177534G Fingervein Station / Hid Iclass / Wir$3,337.12Details
ER942850Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617774Weather Res Ip65Rating,Secugen 500Dpi Optic Sensor$1,001.81Details
ER979770Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617795Weather Resistant Ip65 Rating, Hid Prox Card Read$1,147.55Details
ER1046698Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293617857Weather Resistant Ip65 Rating, Lcd, Integrated Doo$1,724.56Details
ER915743Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293618028Weather Resistant Ip65 Rating, Hid Iclass Card Re$2,095.74Details
ER950056Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293678615Morphoaccess® Sigma Lite Provides 1:3Kus$635.81Details
ER999104Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293678628Morphoaccess® Sigma Lite With Iclass Car$791.71Details
ER1054841Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293678657Morphoaccess® Sigma Lite+ Provides 1:3K$725.60Details
ER1064920Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity3DFREADER3Df Face Reader ...*Part #293623107*$5,437.23Details
ER1077382Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity4GFXU14G V-Flex / Upek Tcs1$760.15Details
ER970326Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity4GSCSecurecontrol (Input / Output Control Mo$364.50Details
ER1079097Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity4GXFSXOutdoor Finger Print Reader W/ Software$928.91Details
ER1057757Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity854-00101-00RUse Bv-Vencwr$439.03Details
ER1023627Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityBVXSTS**Eol**4G V-Station/Sucegen$3,322.37Details
ER1007246Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDEMOVFARV-Pass Fx-A,R Mnted On Stand Pwr Sply$1,730.72Details
ER1007959Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDEMOVNAGRV-Station-A-G Mounted On Stand Pwr Sply$4,072.15Details
ER969870Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDEMOVNARV-Station-A Mounted On Stand, Power Supp$2,410.66Details
ER959481Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDEMOVPARV-Prox-A Mounted On Stand, Power Supply$1,792.54Details
ER1080314Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDEMOVTIV-Smart-A-H Mounted On Stand, Power Supp$2,317.94Details
ER941903Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDEMOVTRV-Smart-A Mounted On Stand, Power Supply$2,410.66Details
ER939182Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityDSK4GSTV-Station 4G Desktop Stand (Includes Pow$255.95Details
ER1031102Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMA0005209BTMorphoaccess® 520+D Fips201 Piv/Twic, Fi$1,991.67Details
ER1037171Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMA0005209EABiometrics Fngrpint Rdr Outdoor J Bio$2,124.85Details
ER1046083Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMAJDUALMorphoaccess J-Dual, Same As J-Bio But A$782.26Details
ER1009673Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMS0003500BPMorphosmart Optic 350 Morpho Login, Meta$778.32Details
ER1022496Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMSO350PIVMorphosmart™ Optic 350, Piv Compliant U$630.92Details
ER937779Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityV-FLEX FX 4G (U1)V-Flex 4G/Upek Tcs1$720.82Details
ER983923Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVPASSFX*Eol *Bioscrypt Fingerprint Reader,Rohs$645.88Details
ER929412Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVPASSFXAR*Eol* Reader 1:1 Or 1:500$887.12Details
ER807125Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-940-20-CHBiometric Fingerprint Reader&Keypad, Charcoal Gray$764.15Details
ER725936Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-940-30-SLBiometric Fingerprint Reader & Prox. Reader, For U$731.33Details
ER728465Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-940-30-WHBiometric Fingerprint Reader & Prox. Reader,White$731.33Details
ER763894Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV940CHMetallic Charcoal Gray Finish - Etal Bio$1,894.46Details
ER978805Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-940-SLMetal Biometric Fingerprint Reader & Software$699.82Details
ER782100Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-940-TCPRs485 To Tcp Converter Module, For Biometric Finge$141.39Details
ER771703Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-940-USBRs485 To Usb Converter Module, For Biometric Finge$159.37Details
ER838952Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-945-CHStandalone Fingerprint Reader$552.20Details
ER902132Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-945HS-CHStandalone Fingerprint Rd, High Sec, Ch$795.66Details
ER866137Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-945HS-SLStandalone Biometric Reader In Silver Wi$795.66Details
ER909428Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-945-SLStandalone Fingerprint Reader, Silver$496.30Details
ER940688CanonCV94030WHBiometric Fingerprint Reader &Amp; Prox. Rea$2,154.76Details
ER750887CDVI AmericasBIOSYS1Biometric Stand-Alone Reader$756.27Details
ER597751CDVI AmericasCABAPPROX/W\Ard Reader With Biometric Reader$1,523.82Details
ER597824CDVI AmericasUSB SCANNERUsb Scanner F/Biometric Fingerprint Reader F/Data$280.87Details
ER974647eyeLockEIS-MSoftware License For Connecting One (1) Myris$53.45Details
ER951980eyeLockEIS-NXTIdentity Suite Nxt License$100.38Details
ER963298eyeLockMMyris Handheld Usb Iris Biomet Rdr-Iris Enrl/Logic$347.68Details
ER1026443eyeLockN-NXTIris Biometric Reader, Indoor, Poe, 12-24Vdc *Prod$1,469.54Details
ER1078345eyeLockN-NXT-BOX-ANGAngled Surface Mount Box, Nxt, Used For Corner Mou$206.43Details
ER993556eyeLockN-NXT-BOX-STDSurface Mount Box, Nxt, Used For Enrollment And Su$206.43Details
ER985186eyeLockN-NXT-DEMONano Nxt Iris Biometric Reader Demo Kit-Inc.Poe,Mt$2,292.69Details
ER1065126eyeLockN-NXT-PT-DDesktop Pt Reader/Writer$206.43Details
ER999279eyeLockN-NXT-PT-MMullion Mount Pt Reader$206.43Details
ER947425eyeLockN-NXT-PT-SSingle Gang Pt Reader$206.43Details
ER997269eyeLockSER-RMTPhone/Remote Pc Support For Hw/Sw-8A-8P East Pr/Hr$148.84Details
ER978247eyeLockSER-SDKCustom Application Development Support, Support Vi$358.81Details
ER943435eyeLockSER-SITEOn-Site Support, Eyelock Provided, For Projects An$223.26Details
ER996800Fargo / HIDMSO1300EMorphotrak Mso 1300E, Codebench Supplier$398.24Details
ER176725GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityVPROXV-Prox Fingerprint Biometric With Hid Pr$1,000.53Details
ER443816GeoVision / USA Visions55-MF191-001Geofinger Gf-1901-Manager Card(For Fingerprint$550.84Details
ER443817GeoVision / USA Visions55-MF192-001Geofinger Gf-1902-Manager Card$520.84Details
ER444146GeoVision / USA VisionsGU-GVGF1901Geofinger Gf1902+Manager Card$520.84Details
ER174874HID6180BKR000014Iclass Rklb57 Reader/Enroller Black Keypad Cnfg 14$779.91Details
ER179328HID6180BKT0000Iclass Rklb57 Finger Rdr W/Term$824.34Details
ER168995HID6180BKT000000Rdr,Rklb57,Iclass,Black,Term,Std Config,32Bit$779.91Details
ER174875HID6181BKT060000Iclass Rwklb575 Rdr,Rs232 Term Strip$803.54Details
ER179330HID6190BKN000000Bio500 Fingerprint Biometric Icls Rdr Blk,Std Conf$407.67Details
ER347132HID6225CKT00C009Iclass Multiclass With Magstripe$348.97Details
ER347128HID6236CKT00C009Iclass Multiclass With Magstripe And Key$498.54Details
ER852931HID921NTPTEK00067Iclass, Readers, Finished Wall Reader$336.12Details
ER759064HID924NPRTEK00504Rkclb40-P Pivcls Se,Trm,Blk,Cont Lcd Bio,Wieg Off$888.89Details
ER310589HIDEL-M2-SYSM2Sys Fingerprint Reader & Software(Capture&Matchi$860.99Details
ER180567Honeywell Access / Northern ComputerHG4ICLASSBiometric Reader W/ Keypad, Indoor / Outdoor, Inte$3,346.70Details
ER970424infiniasID1-05009Biomanager Professional 9.2 Server And Client Lice$874.44Details
ER1024719infiniasID1-05015Biomanager Professional Ma Vp Series License.$537.21Details
ER1045628infiniasID1-05305Morphosmart Mso Fvp Enroller. Standalone Usb Enrol$1,005.74Details
ER1033778infiniasID1-05402Morphoaccess Ma J-Bio - Biometric Fingerprint Read$1,062.20Details
ER988873infiniasID1-05410Morphoaccess Vp-Bio - Biometric Fingerprint And Fi$2,120.99Details
ER1066717infiniasID1-05419Morphoaccess Ma J Series 3,000 User Expansion Pack$343.59Details
ER969419infiniasID1-05806Morphosmart Mifare Classic/Desfire Smartcard Encod$276.78Details
ER1040792infiniasID1-07201Morpho Manager Pro Biometric Management Software.$1,192.19Details
ER985327International Electronics / IEIBR1100Bioread 1100 Fingerprint Reader$774.07Details
ER450167International Electronics / IEIBR1250Bio Read 1000 Hand Held Programmer$126.95Details
ER741382KantechBB-200Handkey Reader Accessory, Operational Ba$197.95Details
ER635794KantechHID-RP40-SEHid Multiclass Rdr Smartcard (920Ptnnek00000)$266.75Details
ER270521KantechHK-2H&Key Ii H& Recognition Rdr St&-Alone 26-Bit Wieg$2,787.88Details
ER892499KantechHK-EN200Optional Ethernet Board For Handkey Read$636.74Details
ER307478KantechKT4GFXLSV-Flex Lite Fingerprint Reader Secugen O$933.99Details
ER343722KantechKT4GFXSV-Flex Fingerprint Reader Secugen Optica$873.07Details
ER799119KantechKTDSV2Datastrip Dsv2+Turbo Mobile Biometric Terminal$5,744.50Details
ER715469KantechKTMSO1300EMorphotrak Ms00-1300B-P Usb Biometric Sensor$644.92Details
ER270585KantechVPRXIOW26*Eol*Fingerprint Verification Reader$1,105.43Details
ER1013905Keri SystemsKBF-CNVConverter, Rs-485 To Tcp/Ip, For Biometric Reader$150.08Details
ER222722Keri SystemsKES12Keri Biopointe Hamster$304.55Details
ER461410Keri SystemsKFR72Keri Biopointe Fingerprint$676.80Details
ER730898Keri SystemsRDMRIevo Micro Biometric Card Reader$600.77Details
ER879638Keri SystemsRDMRCDIevo Micro Biometric Card Reader With In$743.64Details
ER947582Keri SystemsRDR-ENR1Universal Desktop Enrollment Reader, For Presentat$281.84Details
ER461442Keyscan / CardacBIOUSBUsb Fingerprint Sensor For Enrollment$296.72Details
ER203376Keyscan / CardacCA8500Access Control Unit, 8-Door, (8) Reader Ports, (8)$2,433.27Details
ER722282Keyscan / CardacSMARTGATE***Eol***2Fact Verification$909.83Details
ER639686LockneticsHP4000F3Biometric Hand Punch 4000-Memory For 530 Users$2,261.12Details
ER642959Mercury SecurityBR2012-T1$608.11Details
ER813031Mircom TechnologiesTX3-TOUCH-F15-BFlush Mount, 15" Touch W/Card Reader And Web Camer$5,953.45Details
ER489511NapcoGEMPRINTBIORDRBio Reader$280.05Details
ER1073978RBH Access TechnologiesRBH-BFR-150MBfr Series Fingerprint Rdr,Mifare 1:1 Or 1:N Mode$685.37Details
ER940896RBH Access TechnologiesRBH-BFR-300SBfr Fingerprint Reader 9500 Template Capacity$677.65Details
ER1010653RBH Access TechnologiesRBH-BFR-USBBfr Series Usb Fingerprint Enrollment Scanner$271.47Details
ER498305RF LogicsFG0061K1K Fingerprint Id, Proximity, Pin Pad Ti$729.49Details
ER498306RF LogicsFG0062KFingerprint Id, Proximity, Pin Pad Ti$826.74Details
ER514034Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYB1663Fingerprint Swipe Card Reader Up 4Cm$247.80Details
ER514045Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYB3663Fingerprint Swipe Match Card$247.80Details
ER514036Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYB4663Fingerprint Swipe Match Card Read$247.80Details
ER514962Rosslare Security Products / RSPCPR26Mifare Card Programmer / Full Fingerprin$475.98Details
ER1057775Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293455533Morphoaccess Sigma Multi ReadrCall for Price.Details
ER915745Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2935423101:500 Users,500 Dpi Optical Sensor,Expand To 3KuseCall for Price.Details
ER964147Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293547732293547732 Morphoaccess 500 Series Wi-Fi AdapterCall for Price.Details
ER828633Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293556801Fingerprint/Fingerprint+Pin,Mifare Cntctlss Cdr RdCall for Price.Details
ER1040073Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293556819Fingerprint, Fingerprint+Pin, Mifare Contactless,Call for Price.Details
ER722032Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293556822Fingerprint, Pin, Mifare & Desfire Card Reader ACall for Price.Details
ER824620Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293556830Call for Price.Details
ER964681Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293567333Morphoaccess J Series Wi-Fi AdapterCall for Price.Details
ER790374Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293585753Morphoaccess Vp Bio Fingerprint + Fingervein MifaCall for Price.Details
ER859300Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293586156Morphoaccess Vp Bio Multimodal Fingerprint + FingCall for Price.Details
ER933338Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293589574Morphoaccess Sigma & Morphoaccess Vp License ExpCall for Price.Details
ER829727Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936167804G V-Flex W/Secugen 500 Dpi Optical Sensor 4GfxsCall for Price.Details
ER984283Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936168134G V-Flex Prox ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER836357Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936172904G V-Flex Lite Finger ProxCall for Price.Details
ER859871Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936173104G V-Flex Lite Iclass, Mifare, DesfriCall for Price.Details
ER853966Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936173314G V-Station Lite Biometric Reader (4Gstls)Call for Price.Details
ER755272Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936174694G V-Station Extreme Outdoor Biometric Reader"Call for Price.Details
ER735268Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293617513V-Station Extreme Hid ProxCall for Price.Details
ER839819Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936175344G V-Station Extreme Prox WfCall for Price.Details
ER729161Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936175554G V-Station Extreme MultiCall for Price.Details
ER1014398Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936175764G V-Station Extreme Multi WfCall for Price.Details
ER830805Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936176674G V-Station Extreme Outdoor Iclass (Bv-Call for Price.Details
ER956198Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293617670Xtreme Out,Wirlss Lan,Finger,Pin,Hidiclas Rdr/ClcdCall for Price.Details
ER788403Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293617774Weather Res Ip65Rating,Secugen 500Dpi Optic SensorCall for Price.Details
ER770333Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936178364G V-Flex Wr Iclass OutdoorCall for Price.Details
ER949890Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936179854G V-Station Wr Multi OutdoorCall for Price.Details
ER1059175Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak2936180284G V-Station Wr Iclass OutdoorCall for Price.Details
ER855009Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293623107Multifactor Authentication-100K Users,4" Tuchsc/RdCall for Price.Details
ER754928Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293638835Weather Resistant Ip65 Rated Version 0M-SigmabCall for Price.Details
ER1037561Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293638856Weather Resistant (Wr) Ip65 Rated Version Of 0M-SiCall for Price.Details
ER995932Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293638877Weather Resistant (Wr) Ip65 Rated Version Of 0M-SiCall for Price.Details
ER857624Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293638898Weather Resistant (Wr) Ip65 Rated Version Of 0M-SiCall for Price.Details
ER752405Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293645554Morphoaccess Sigma Prox ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER987884Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293652968Fbi Cert Fngrprnt Sens,Contct&Contaclss Smrtcdr RdCall for Price.Details
ER950159Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293654719Morphacc Sigma License Expands Term Match Cap-50KCall for Price.Details
ER1075181Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293654727293654727 Ma Sigma 100K User Expansion LicenseCall for Price.Details
ER969825Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293658530Morphoaccess Sigma Wi-Fi ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER908702Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293673644Morpho Sigma Lite Iclass Plus ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER901177Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293673665Morpho Sigma Lite Prox ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER760263Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293678615Morpho Sigma Lite Bio ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER782064Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293678628Morpho Sigma Lite Iclass ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER763718Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293678636Morpho Sigma Lite Multi ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER889479Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293678657Morphoaccess Sigma Lite+ Provides 1:3K User BiomeCall for Price.Details
ER888599Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak293678678Morphoaccess Sigma Lite+ Prox, Card ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER1055020Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak836-00150-00Incl:500 Dpi Optical Sensor,Cable,Back PlateCall for Price.Details
ER959071Sagem Morpho / Morpho Trak836-4G-050-01-00Hid Iclass Oem Sub AssemblyCall for Price.Details
ER798483Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMA00-05209L-AOutdoor Ma 520D Lowtemp ReaderCall for Price.Details
ER902141Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMA00-05219L-AMa00-05219L-A Outdoorma521D LtCall for Price.Details
ER949254Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMA00-20000B-AMa00-20000B-A Morphoaccess Ruggedized Case (Marc)Call for Price.Details
ER892500Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMA00-58500B-AMa00-58500B-A Surface/Wall Mount For Outdoor MaCall for Price.Details
ER927739Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMA00-58501B-AGooseneck Mounting Box For Outdoor Morphoaccess TmCall for Price.Details
ER953547Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMA10-00000B-AMa10-00000B-A Ma 500 Series License To 50K UsersCall for Price.Details
ER1014619Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakME20-41000B-AIncl: Morphosmart Opt 300Usb Desk Expert Enrol ScnCall for Price.Details
ER765360Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakME20-42000B-AMe20-42000B-A Morphomanager Lite Software+Mso 1300Call for Price.Details
ER784170Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakME20-43000B-AMe20-43000B-A Morphomanager Pro Vp Sw+Mso Vp DualCall for Price.Details
ER284065Sagem Morpho / Morpho TrakMH90-01000B-APrescan Fingerprint Ridge Builder 1.5"X2"Call for Price.Details
ER260332Schlage / AllegionBB-200Operational Battery Back Up$93.31Details
ER932772Schlage / AllegionBB250Battery Backup$103.21Details
ER1073032Schlage / AllegionBR-1005V Hand Reader Relay$117.35Details
ER1058855Schlage / AllegionDC102Data Converter W/120V Pwr Slpy$161.18Details
ER1009988Schlage / AllegionDX-STAND-1Plexglass Tbl Stnd F/Finger Reader Pwr Supply$123.00Details
ER1076799Schlage / AllegionEM602Memory Expansion 9.728 Users$411.76Details
ER1014506Schlage / AllegionEM801-F3Memory Expansion Code For Existing Reader$248.85Details
ER945981Schlage / AllegionEM803F3Memory Expansion For The Hk2 F Series Hand Reader$544.02Details
ER930214Schlage / AllegionEM-813-F3Handkey Memory Exp. To 64,768 Users Non-Fld Upgrad$810.11Details
ER1038158Schlage / AllegionEN100Ethernat Module$661.28Details
ER963527Schlage / AllegionFPE-100Ethernet Tcp/Ip F/Fingerkey$113.11Details
ER1051767Schlage / AllegionFPM2000Mem Up Fingerkey 250-2000 User$373.59Details
ER988298Schlage / AllegionHK-2Handkey 2, 512 Users$2,056.60Details
ER931890Schlage / AllegionHK-2 EN-201Handkey 2, 512 Users W/ Ethernet Option Built In$2,402.52Details
ER968731Schlage / AllegionHK-2-EM801Hand Key W/ Memory Upgrade$2,201.79Details
ER894440Schlage / AllegionHK-2-F3Handkey F Series With Memory For 512 Users$1,995.58Details
ER944510Schlage / AllegionHK2F3 WITH PROXHandkey2 F Series Hand Reader With Internal Prox$2,406.31Details
ER983206Schlage / AllegionHK-2-F3-INT-HTRReader W/Integral Heater Installed Hand Keyed$2,602.00Details