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Access Control Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER582220AiphoneAI900COTelephone Line Interface CardCall for Price.Details
ER112969AiphoneGF-APGf Component, Panel, For Gf-Ad Call for Price.Details
ER112411AiphoneGFK-PSGfk Sys Accessory, Panic Switch Call for Price.Details
ER123283Applied Wireless / AWIDCS-AWID-0-0Clamshell Badge, 125 Khz, Awid Logo *Minimum Order$2.57Details
ER122380Applied Wireless / AWIDGR-AWID-0-0Badge, 125 Khz, Graphics Quality,*Minimum Order Qu$4.04Details
ER722038Applied Wireless / AWIDGRMAG-0-0Badge, 125 Khz, W/ Magnetic Stripe, Graphics Quali$4.58Details
ER123569Applied Wireless / AWIDGRMAG-AWID-0-0Badge, 125 Khz Lf, Graphics Quality, W/ Magnetic S$4.58Details
ER739218Applied Wireless / AWIDKT-AWID-0-0Key Fob, 125 Khz For Key Ring, W/ Awid Logo *Min$3.82Details
ER122386Applied Wireless / AWIDKT-AWID-G-0Key Fob, 125 Khz, Awid Logo, For Key Rings *Minimu$3.82Details
ER123292Applied Wireless / AWIDMT-UHF-0-0Tag, Metal Mount, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, For Use Wit$11.78Details
ER123294Applied Wireless / AWIDPW-AWID-0-0Proximity Wafer, Mini, 125 Khz, Awid Logo *Minimum$4.02Details
ER123295Applied Wireless / AWIDRV-UHF-0-0Tag, Hang From Rear View Mirror, Uhf, 902 To 928 M$9.12Details
ER122399Applied Wireless / AWIDWS-UHF-0-0Tag, Windshield, Adhesive Mount, Uhf, 902 To 928 M$9.12Details
ER591335AxcessAT132AFAxcess Flex Antenna (Thin)$574.10Details
ER591336AxcessAT132APTAxcess Active Tag Plex Antenna$433.77Details
ER591337AxcessAT132APWActive Tag Plex Antenna Wide$478.41Details
ER591338AxcessAT132ATAxcess Activator,Standard Tx,$671.39Details
ER591339AxcessAT132LEDAxcess Diagnostic Tag$49.68Details
ER591341AxcessAT132NRSAxcess Active Tag Network Rx$478.41Details
ER591343AxcessAT132PFRAxcess Personal Keyfob Tag W/$27.12Details
ER591346AxcessAT132VRGAxcess Basic Key Fob With$38.46Details
ER591347AxcessATACTIVTRACAxcess Asset Locator Point$1,622.77Details
ER409175Azco TechnologiesAZCD125050Pack Of Wire Hangers$67.21Details
ER134475Bosch Security60-606-319.5Keychain Touchpad, 4-Button $56.80Details
ER134903Bosch SecurityACA-IC16K37-10Adhesive Tag, 37-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 10* $45.05Details
ER135247Bosch SecurityACA-IC2K26-10Adhesive Tag, 26-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 10* $32.00Details
ER135250Bosch SecurityACD-IC16K26-50Cards, Iclass, 16K, 26 Bit *Pack Of 50* $254.94Details
ER135251Bosch SecurityACD-IC16K37-50Cards, Iclass, 16K, 37 Bit *Pack Of 50* $254.94Details
ER135253Bosch SecurityACD-IC16KP26-5016K, 26-Bit Dual Tech Iclass Card (Combination Proximity And Smart Card Technology) - 50Pk$461.14Details
ER134482Bosch SecurityACD-IC16KP37-50Card, 37-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 50* $461.14Details
ER135254Bosch SecurityACD-IC2K26-50Card, 26-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 50* $183.48Details
ER134483Bosch SecurityACD-IC2K37-50Card, 37-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 50* $183.48Details
ER134906Bosch SecurityACT-IC16K26-10Keyfob, 26-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 10* $65.67Details
ER134484Bosch SecurityACT-IC16K37-10Keyfob, 37-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 10* $65.67Details
ER134485Bosch SecurityACT-IC2K26-10Keyfob, 26-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 10* $58.02Details
ER135855Bosch SecurityACT-IC2K37-10Keyfob, 37-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 10* $58.02Details
ER135297Bosch SecurityD8230-25Magstripe Cards, Wiegand, Randomly-Coded, For Use$33.52Details
ER135405Bosch SecurityD8235A-10Proximity Cards, Non-Photo *Pack Of 10* $30.81Details
ER135298Bosch SecurityD8236-10Proximity Cards, Wiegand, Randomly-Coded, For Use$30.81Details
ER135406Bosch SecurityD8236KF-10Proximity Keyfobs, Wiegand, 26-Bit, Gray, Randomly$58.02Details
ER135876Bosch SecurityD8236TG-10Proximity Tags, W/ Adhesive, Wiegand, 26-Bit, Gray$34.01Details
ER135299Bosch SecurityD8237-50Iso Proximity Cards, Wiegand, 37-Bit, Suitable For$226.06Details
ER135407Bosch SecurityD8237KF-10Proximity Keyfobs, Wiegand, 37-Bit, Gray, Randomly$49.85Details
ER136283Bosch SecurityD8237TG-10Proximity Tags, W/ Adhesive, Wiegand, 37-Bit, Gray$34.01Details
ER136878Bosch SecurityEN1223DPendant, 2-Button, Water Resistant, Echo Stream $82.61Details
ER135974Bosch SecurityEN1223SPendant, 1-Button, Water Resistant, Echo Stream $82.61Details
ER965522Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID0606-4105Luggage Tag Pouch W/ Slot Hole, Clear, Medium Duty$0.08Details
ER1010460Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID0608-2005Drivers License Pouch, Clear, Heavy Duty, 10Mil, 7$0.08Details
ER139456Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1350-1000Id Card, Blank, Vgc-30 Video Grade, 30 Mil (750 Mi$0.44Details
ER138661Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1810-1400Badge Holder, Government / Military Size, Clear Vi$0.61Details
ER138662Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1815-1000Badge Holder, Data / Credit Card Size, Clear Vinyl$0.32Details
ER140710Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1815-1100Badge Holder, Data / Credit Card Size, Clear Vinyl$0.32Details
ER140821Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1815-1200Badge Holder, Government / Military Size, Clear Vi$0.34Details
ER138663Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1815-1300Badge Holder, Government / Military Size, Clear Vi$0.34Details
ER139248Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-5000Badge Holder, Proximity Card, Clear Vinyl, W/ Slot$0.32Details
ER140822Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-5010Badge Holder, Proximity Card, Clear Vinyl, W/ Slot$0.30Details
ER139249Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-5050Badge Holder, Proximity Card, Clear Vinyl, W/ Slot$0.36Details
ER738606Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-5057Prox Card Badge Holder W/ Slot, Vertical Top-Load,$0.71Details
ER138664Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-6500Badge Holder, Access Card Dispenser, Frosted Rigid$0.77Details
ER138970Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-7000Badge Holder, Arm Band, Data / Credit Card Size, C$1.70Details
ER139457Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-7010Badge Holder, Arm Band, Data / Credit Card Size, C$1.68Details
ER139458Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-7201Arm Band, Interchangable, Black Adjustable Elastic$1.56Details
ER138971Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID1840-7202Arm Band, Interchangable, Royal Blue Adjustable El$1.56Details
ER139251Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2105-2000Strap Clip, 2-Hole, Smooth-Face Steel, W/ 2 3/4 In$0.12Details
ER140823Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2105-2001Strap Clip, 2-Hole, Smooth-Face Steel, W/ 2 3/4 In$0.16Details
ER139252Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2105-2100Strap Clip, 1-Hole, Ribbed-Face Steel, W/ 2 3/4 In$0.20Details
ER138972Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2105-3200Strap Clip, Nickel-Plated Steel, W/ Embossed (U) B$0.20Details
ER139253Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2105-3250Strap Clip, 2-Hole, Smooth-Face Steel, W/ 5 3/4 In$0.20Details
ER139254Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2110-1150Strap Clip, 2-Hole, Smooth-Faced Steel, W/ 4 Inch$0.24Details
ER138973Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2120-3001Plastic Badge Reel, Round, Clip -On, 32Mm Cord, Vi$1.47Details
ER140824Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2120-3101Badge Reel, Black Plastic Reel, W/ Silver Sticker$1.49Details
ER139459Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2120-3102Badge Reel, Royal Blue Plastic Reel, W/ Silver Sti$1.49Details
ER139905Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2120-3120Badge Reel, Gray Plastic Reel, W/ Silver Sticker B$1.49Details
ER138974Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2120-3501Badge Reel, Smart Reel, Black Round Plastic Push B$2.06Details
ER139906Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2125-2000Neck Chain, Nickel Plated Steel Ball No. 3 (2.3Mm$0.38Details
ER139907Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2137-3651Lanyard, Black, 3/8 Inch, Breakaway, Woven Nylon,$0.46Details
ER139908Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2137-4035Lanyard, Breakaway, Black Flat-Woven 3/8 Inch (10M$0.46Details
ER139256Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2137-4080Lanyard, Breakaway, Navy Blue Flat-Woven 3/8 Inch$0.46Details
ER138975Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2137-5001Lanyard, Breakaway, Black Flat-Woven 3/8 Inch (10M$0.46Details
ER140825Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2137-5005Lanyard, Breakaway, Orange Flat-Woven 3/8 Inch (10$0.46Details
ER139257Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2137-5006Lanyard, Breakaway, Red Flat-Woven 3/8 Inch (10Mm)$0.46Details
ER139258Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2138-6005Lanyard, Orange, 5/8 Inch, Break-Away, Woven Nylon$0.73Details
ER138976Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2140-1000Neck Chain Adapter, Clear Flexible Vinyl, 3 3/8 In$0.16Details
ER140826Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID2145-2001Retainer, Casino Slot Card, 5 1/4 Inch (133Mm) Bla$0.95Details
ER139911Brady People ID / Comprehensive ID5735-2010Badge Clips, 2-Hole, Pressure Sensitive, Smooth-Fa$0.16Details
ER594535Brady People ID / Comprehensive IDBPROX26Bradyprox, Pvc $4.00Details
ER594536Brady People ID / Comprehensive IDBPROX26CBradyprox, Composite 60/40 $3.85Details
ER594537Brady People ID / Comprehensive IDBPROX26HBradyprox, Pvc, W/ Hico Mag Stripe $3.93Details
ER594538Brady People ID / Comprehensive IDBPROX26HCBradyprox, Composite 60/40, W/ Hico Mag Stripe $4.18Details
ER790707Chamberlain Professional / SentexMK500GFMini Key 500 Capacity Flush Mt$366.69Details
ER598162Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNACB31Barium Ferite Card,30Bit,Facility Code 1$4.25Details
ER598259Chamberlain Professional / SentexT028MVfd Proc+Modem - No Mem Card$1,280.35Details
ER598269Chamberlain Professional / SentexTC1Sentex Multi- Click Transmitte$23.68Details
ER145190Channel VisionC1311Unvrsl Prduct Holder 4.75X3.25$18.30Details
ER606856Continental AccessCICC2105MCard, Magstripe, High-Co, Track 2 With Cic PrintinCall for Price.Details
ER606864Continental AccessCICC2308PCard, Indala Image 30 (Iso-30), For Direct Print,Call for Price.Details
ER606865Continental AccessCICC2308P26Proximity Card, Indala, Image 30, Iso-30, For DireCall for Price.Details
ER606884Continental AccessCICC3000PAccessory, Photo Pouch, For Prox Cards, Includes SCall for Price.Details
ER606947Continental AccessCICCX9420Card, 2.5 K Bit Memory, Clamshell Iso-X Lite, 1444Call for Price.Details
ER606949Continental AccessCICCX9451Card, Xceed Id, Clamshell Mifare, 8K-Bit Memory, 1Call for Price.Details
ER606950Continental AccessCICCX9520Card, Xceed Id, Iso-X, Lite, Glossy White, 14443,Call for Price.Details
ER606952Continental AccessCICCX9520MSCard, Xceed Id, Iso-X, Lite, Glossy White, MagstriCall for Price.Details
ER606955Continental AccessCICCX9551Card, Xceed Id, Iso Mifare, 8K-Bit Memory, 14443,Call for Price.Details
ER606957Continental AccessCICCX9551MSCard, Xceed Id, Iso Mifare, 8K-Bit Memory, MagstriCall for Price.Details
ER606958Continental AccessCICCX9558Card, Xceed Id, Iso Mifare, 32K-Bit Memory, 14443,Call for Price.Details
ER606963Continental AccessCICCX9651Keytag, Xceed Id, Epoxy, Mifare, 8K-Bit Memory, 14Call for Price.Details
ER607003Continental AccessCICGPVC10MABId Card, Blank, Pvc, 10 Mil, Cr-80, Adhesive Back,Call for Price.Details
ER607004Continental AccessCICGPVC30MId Card, Blank, Pvc, 30 Mil, Cr-80, For SmartimageCall for Price.Details
ER607005Continental AccessCICGPVC30MABId Card, Blank, Pvc, 10 Mil, 20 Mil Adhesive Back,Call for Price.Details
ER352850Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9053Simplekey Transfer Badge$13.37Details
ER183726DoorKing1815-163Accessory, Awid Lr 2000, Rear View Mirror Hanging$10.63Details
ER183727DoorKing1815-164Accessory, Awid Lr 2000, Sun Visor Tag $15.33Details
ER183728DoorKing1815-165Accessory, Awid Lr 2000, Rear View Mirror Stick-On$18.66Details
ER183729DoorKing1815-166Accessory, Awid Lr 2000, Windshield Tag $18.66Details
ER183730DoorKing1815-168Accessory, Awid Lr 2000, Installation Kit $1,039.75Details
ER183739DoorKing1815-410Tag, Dks, Id Rf 245, Proximity, Digitally Encrypte$36.73Details
ER183740DoorKing1815-411Accessory, Card Holder, For 1815-410 $2.85Details
ER968048Dortronics1587010Printer Interface Board$42.73Details
ER1061801Dortronics1815210Card For Reader$18.95Details
ER999552Dortronics1815318Card Holder Dkprox Lr Ws$4.16Details
ER1027180Dortronics1815451Card Holder$4.02Details
ER994971Dortronics1815455Bracket Mount Tagmaster$289.73Details
ER1062872Dortronics1835144Memory Chip, 500 Telephones$287.53Details
ER1073990Dortronics18381473000 Memory Card$275.50Details
ER1063463Dortronics8059080*Eol* Microclick Receiver$99.79Details
ER171141Essex ElectronicsCARD-1326-100Proximity Cards, Hid Prox Cards Ii, 26-Bit, 125 Kh$339.35Details
ER185785Essex ElectronicsCARD-2080-100Smart Cards, Hid Iclass, 37-Bit, 13.56 Mhz, Clamsh$277.65Details
ER171142Essex ElectronicsFOB-1346-50Keyfobs, Hid Proximity, 26-Bit, 125 Khz *Pack Of 5$323.93Details
ER185788Essex ElectronicsFOB-2050-50Keyfobs, Hid Iclass, 37-Bit, 13.56 Mhz *Pack Of 50$271.94Details
ER161639Essex ElectronicsKE-265-26TIKeyless Entry, Control Module, 6 User Codes, Keypa$323.93Details
ER153263Essex ElectronicsKE-265-34KKeyless Entry, Control Module, Keypad, 6 User Code$336.27Details
ER161669Essex ElectronicsSKE-6LIKeyless Entry Sys, Keypad, 12" Wiring Harness, Bla$143.97Details
ER185829Essex ElectronicsSKE-6SNKeyless Entry Sys, Keypad, 12" Wiring Harness, Ss$143.97Details
ER153386EverfocusEAC-100Accessory, Card, Everaccess, Prox, Thin *24 Per Pa$4.02Details
ER153387EverfocusEAC-200Accessory, Card, Everaccess, Prox, Thick *24 Per P$4.02Details
ER153389EverfocusEAK-110Accessory, Keyfob, Prox *24 Per Pack* $8.04Details
ER721079Exacq69000018Replacement Network Interface Card (Nic)Call for Price.Details
ER162215FAAC2916Keyless Entry, Faac Advantage Dk, 4 Digit Codes UpCall for Price.Details
ER621299Fargo / HID010652100 Ct Clear Vinyl Vertical Anti-Print T$62.19Details
ER621306Fargo / HID044200Ribbon Cartridge, Ymcko, Cleaning Roller, Full Col$61.40Details
ER621310Fargo / HID044210Ribbon Cartridge, Ymckok, Cleaning Roller, Full Co$65.02Details
ER621312Fargo / HID044215Ribbon Refill, Ymcko, Full Color W/ Resin Black &$56.10Details
ER621388Fargo / HID049000Dtc4500$1,989.09Details
ER621389Fargo / HID049100Dtc4500 Fd (Fd Stands For Flipper Dual,$2,610.89Details
ER621446Fargo / HID055000Dtc450E Usb/Ethernet 3Yr Warranty W/O Lckng Hopprs$1,989.09Details
ER1037201Fargo / HID055000UDtc4500E Usa$1,989.09Details
ER1082712Fargo / HID055010Dtc4500E Single Sided With Encoding$2,361.56Details
ER621450Fargo / HID055100Dtc4500E - Base Model With Usb And Ether$2,610.89Details
ER621463Fargo / HID055330Dtc 4500E Printer$3,169.87Details
ER1058574Fargo / HID055430Printer Hardware Dtc4500E L1/Mg/Lk$4,004.10Details
ER621488Fargo / HID081754Pvc Cards, Fargo Ultracard, 30 Mil, Cr-80, Fargo C$41.04Details
ER621489Fargo / HID081758Pvc Cards, Ultracard, 10 Mil, Cr-80 Card Size, (10$66.03Details
ER621490Fargo / HID081759Pvc Cards, Ultracard, 10 Mil, Cr-79 Card Size, Adh$113.08Details
ER621506Fargo / HID082136Composite Cards, Fargo Ultracard Premium, 30 Mil,$92.81Details
ER621507Fargo / HID082137Premium Composite Cards, Ultracard, W/ High-Coerci$119.82Details
ER621508Fargo / HID082138Card Biopvc Noco Ultracard Eco$59.08Details
ER621516Fargo / HID082266Pvc Cards, Ultracard, 10 Mil, Cr-80 Card Size, Adh$113.08Details
ER621517Fargo / HID082267Pvc Cards, Ultracard, 10 Mil, Cr-80 Card Size, Adh$189.86Details
ER621584Fargo / HID086004Accessory, Cleaning Rollers, 3-Pack, For Fargo Hdp$25.01Details
ER621586Fargo / HID086031Printer Ribbon, Ymcko, Full Color, W/ Resin Black$174.39Details
ER621601Fargo / HID086172Extended Warranty Program, Full-Service, For Fargo$957.09Details
ER621616Fargo / HID086412Software, Fargo Asure Id Express 2009, Stand-Alone$563.83Details
ER621618Fargo / HID086414Software, Fargo Asure Id Exchange 2009, Intuitive$1,750.47Details
ER847634Fargo / HID086426Software Upgrade, From Fargo Asure Id Express V5.X$734.58Details
ER896666Fargo / HID086431Software Site Licenses, Fargo Asure Id Enterprise,$433.16Details
ER964313Fargo / HID089004Hdp5000 Base Model Single Sided Printing$3,941.59Details
ER621699Fargo / HID089038Id Printer, Dual-Side Lamination, Fargo Hdp5000, D$5,185.37Details
ER621700Fargo / HID089060Encoder Module W/ Dual-Side Printing Module, Hid P$1,677.70Details
ER621701Fargo / HID089094Id Printer, Single-Side Lamination, Fargo Hdp5000,$4,420.18Details
ER442157Fargo / HID104473/8' Metal Bulldog Clip W/Out Breakaway$15.28Details
ER442158Fargo / HID104643/8" Mini Retractble Reel W/Out$29.77Details
ER442159Fargo / HID10469Tradtional 3/8" Metal Swvl Hook$0.61Details
ER442160Fargo / HID10518Prof 3/4" Mini Retractbl Reel W/Out$34.80Details
ER442161Fargo / HID10565Prmium Prox Badge Holder Vertical$29.35Details
ER442162Fargo / HID10574Prox Badge Holder 100Pk Vertical$36.06Details
ER442163Fargo / HID10583Standrd Reel,Slide Clip Black$50.32Details
ER442164Fargo / HID10588Standard Reel,Slide Clip,Translucent Blu$52.00Details
ER442165Fargo / HID10611Carabiner Reel,Translucent Blue$66.40Details
ER621749Fargo / HID10651100 Ct Reinforced Vinyl Strap Clip W/ Np$33.82Details
ER154073Fargo / HID10683Navy Blue Lanyard W/Bulldog Clip$56.37Details
ER621769Fargo / HID41834Logitech Communicate Mp$121.80Details
ER621778Fargo / HID44225Ymckok Ribbon Refill: Full-Colo$59.60Details
ER186656Fargo / HID44230Ymcko Catridge W/Clean Roller;For Dtc400$74.32Details
ER186661Fargo / HID44261Refillable Cartridge Only, Noribbon Incl$17.71Details
ER621784Fargo / HID44271Ymckok Starter Cartridge W/Cleaning Roll$67.05Details
ER621785Fargo / HID44272Ymcko Half Panel Starter Cart$57.88Details
ER172957Fargo / HID44280Starter Cartridge For The Dtc400E Printer$74.32Details
ER621786Fargo / HID44282Star Cartdg Dtc400 1/2 Ymcko 350 Img$56.60Details
ER621787Fargo / HID44300Dual Magnetic Stripe Encoder For Dtc300/$402.25Details
ER621788Fargo / HID44302100 Card Output Hopper$16.32Details
ER621789Fargo / HID44303100 Card Output Hopper$44.54Details
ER621825Fargo / HID480000Dtc4000E Card Printer$1,718.72Details
ER186688Fargo / HID48020Eol Card Printer$1,988.48Details
ER621826Fargo / HID48114Dtc4000 Ds/Mag/5125/Cs$3,417.35Details
ER162581Fargo / HID49101Dtc4500 Single Sided Base Model + Iso Ma$3,045.52Details
ER621842Fargo / HID49103Dtc4500 Printer Dual Sided W/Iclass$3,045.52Details
ER621848Fargo / HID49114Dtc4500 Ds/Mag/5125/Sce$3,603.88Details
ER621851Fargo / HID49200Dtc4500 Ss Base Model + Same-Side Input/$1,989.09Details
ER173002Fargo / HID49410Dtc4500 Dual Side Printer,Singside Lam,$3,822.04Details
ER621902Fargo / HID54102Dtc400E Dual Side Base Model With Usb In$2,421.87Details