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Access Control Systems

Lock Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER8570342GIG Technologies2GIGZSNLZ-Wave Kwikset Door Lock (Satin Nickel L$257.55Details
ER8536502GIG Technologies2GIGZVBLZ-Wave Kwikset Door Lock (Ventian Bronze$257.55Details
ER104234ACSIREPAIR CHARGE ACSIRepair Charge Arch. Controls. Repair Charge. For Acsi$176.75Details
ER103742ACSIREPAIR CHARGE COMMAND ACCESSRepair Charge Command Access. Repair Charge. For Command Access$176.75Details
ER579123Adams Rite1000-21-17-130Turn And Escutcheon In 130 Finish (Zinc On Steel)$17.42Details
ER370034Adams Rite2190-312-102-10BDeadbolt/Deadlatch Oil-Rubbed Bronze$381.93Details
ER104154Adams Rite22-0066Screw Devise For 8400 Series Cam$7.18Details
ER104562Adams Rite22-0558-6527110 Series Faceplate 26D. 1-7/16 X 7-15/16 Inches. Satin Chrome$12.50Details
ER361439Adams Rite22-0662Cam For 8400 Series. Retainer Ring Attached$6.36Details
ER936155Adams Rite22-1252Eaglebeak Cam F/4300 Steelhawk$5.00Details
ER361435Adams Rite23-0024Lower Cover 8100/8200$18.16Details
ER579128Adams Rite23-0736Locking Nut For 8000 Series$4.00Details
ER361425Adams Rite24-0016-320 3354531 Series Fp Rh 335. Right Hand Bevel Faceplate$8.82Details
ER324149Adams Rite24-0137-03-6284900 Series Faceplat Radws 628. Radius Faceplate. W/ Weatherstrip. Aluminum$5.64Details
ER104337Adams Rite24-0685-01-6287100 Series Flat Fp Round 628. Flat Faceplate. Round Corner. 4-7/8 X 1-1/4 Inches. Aluminum$7.98Details
ER324112Adams Rite24-0685-02-6287100 Series Rad Fp Round 628. Radius Faceplate. Round Corner. 4-7/8 X 1-1/4 Inches. Aluminum$7.98Details
ER324107Adams Rite24-0686-02-6287131 Series Rad Fp Round 628. Radius Faceplate. Round Corner. 6-7/8 X 1-1/4 Inches. Aluminum$11.15Details
ER104163Adams Rite25-0471Plain End Cap F/Model 3600$7.18Details
ER104565Adams Rite25-0471-IPEnd Cap 8000 Series Hinge Side. 8100-8900 Series. Plastic$7.18Details
ER579131Adams Rite26-0217N-MPHex Screw Multipack$9.65Details
ER324091Adams Rite26-0398NScrew-Set W/Nylock$16.65Details
ER719656Adams Rite26-0430Socket Head Shoulder$4.82Details
ER579132Adams Rite26-0569Spindle For The 2190$6.36Details
ER806188Adams Rite26-1030-11-01Spindle, 1-3/4 Door Thick Blk$7.98Details
ER361345Adams Rite28-0151-MPBlocking Arm Return Multi-Pack$7.18Details
ER104566Adams Rite29-0035-0324V Cylonoid$27.25Details
ER104341Adams Rite29-0250-12DCC29025012Dcc 12V Solenoid$28.03Details
ER104570Adams Rite3002-21-US32DFlat Fixed Pull. With Cylinder Hole. Mortise And Rim Devices. Satin Stainless Steel$132.90Details
ER375352Adams Rite31-0079Set Screw -20X3/8$16.65Details
ER1045123Adams Rite31-0175-PLow Bolt Guide$11.15Details
ER967331Adams Rite31-0192-02-PLower Rod Assy$21.97Details
ER361278Adams Rite31-0944-IPActuarot Assembly Top 8600$19.68Details
ER375373Adams Rite31-0964Lower Bolt Guide$5.64Details
ER104731Adams Rite3889-08Steel Mullion For Doors Up To 8' Use W/8700,3700$308.14Details
ER579160Adams Rite403601313Cylinder In Dark Bronze Finish$28.04Details
ER104733Adams Rite4036-628Cylinder Lock W/628 Finish$27.25Details
ER579162Adams Rite4066-01-121Thumbturn In Bronze Finish$28.03Details
ER104734Adams Rite4066-01-630Thumb Turn Dead Bolt Lock Maximum Security$28.03Details
ER104188Adams Rite4066-313Thumbnail Cylinder Bronze Finish$28.03Details
ER579164Adams Rite4066628Cylinder$29.47Details
ER1019152Adams Rite41-0296-01-PLatch Assy For 3300 Series$261.58Details
ER1067969Adams Rite41-0296-02-PLatch Assy For 3300 Series$261.58Details
ER375468Adams Rite41-0801-01-IPEnd Cap Assy Individually Packed$18.16Details
ER104855Adams Rite41-0801-08-IPOld End Cap For 8700/8800 Ser$20.45Details
ER361203Adams Rite41-0901-04-IPEnd Cap Plastic For 8100/8200. 8100 Svr Exit Device. End Cap Hinge Plastic$11.15Details
ER104857Adams Rite4109-01-05Dogging End Cap Assy F/3600$11.15Details
ER361202Adams Rite41-0902-03-IPMetal End Cap Assy - Hinge End Individually Packed$16.65Details
ER104860Adams Rite41-0903-IPMetal End Cap, Hinge Side. 3000/8000 Series$14.65Details
ER361200Adams Rite41-0935Cvr Final Assbly For 8600&4781. 8600 Part$93.31Details
ER105054Adams Rite4300-2M-202-3134300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 31/32, 12,16,24Vac/Dc, Monitor. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4901-02 Mortise Strike. Dark Bronze$283.59Details
ER323918Adams Rite4431-10-05-IBFlush Lock Set. Square Face. Individually Boxed$65.47Details
ER323908Adams Rite4510-16-101-313Deadlatch 78Bs Rh Flt/Std 313. 7/8 Inch Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Flat Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Dark Bronze$52.71Details
ER1030090Adams Rite451046221628Standard Duty Deadlatch$53.59Details
ER104775Adams Rite4511-35-201-313D/Latch 1 1/8 Bkst Lft Hand W/Strike Dark Bronze$52.71Details
ER854897Adams Rite451136102628Deadlatch, 1-1/8” Backset, Rh, Long Radi$52.71Details
ER104776Adams Rite4511-36-201-628Deadlatch 1-1/8Bsrhft/2.63 628. 1-1/8 Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Radius Faceplate. Aluminum$52.71Details
ER752500Adams Rite4511461013134500 Series Deadlate 1 1/2 Inch Backset$54.92Details
ER579176Adams Rite4512352013354510 Series Standard Duty Deadlatch$54.92Details
ER104783Adams Rite4530-35-101-313Retro Dltach Fl 118 Lh/Rr Du. Retrofit Deadlatch. To Fit Old Style Ms1850 Prep. Left Hand / Right Hand Reverse. Duranodic$61.51Details
ER104911Adams Rite453136101628Standard Duty Deadlatch$61.51Details
ER361073Adams Rite4580Cam Plug$11.98Details
ER375813Adams Rite459002126284590 Paddle With Aluminum Finish$82.87Details
ER104797Adams Rite4590-02-628Paddles$63.62Details
ER104800Adams Rite4591-01-00-628Paddle Pull To Left 1-3/4 628. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Aluminum Anodized$76.34Details
ER104989Adams Rite4591-02-01-313Paddle Push To Left 628. Door Thick 1 13/16" To 2". Dark Bronze$89.07Details
ER375847Adams Rite4591M02-00-335Deadlatch Paddle With Switch 1-3/4”Door$140.75Details
ER1070679Adams Rite4591M02313Adams Rite Deadlatch Paddle, Push Left,$144.68Details
ER104680Adams Rite4591M03-00-628Paddle W/Sw Pull Rgt No Ltch. Paddle With Switch Only. Does Not Work With Latch. Aluminum$138.56Details
ER579183Adams Rite4591M04313Paddle/Switch$144.68Details
ER104999Adams Rite4603Rectifier (Power)$10.32Details
ER104809Adams Rite4605Transformer-115 Vac To 12Vac/24Vac$33.67Details
ER104811Adams Rite4612-1Wire Transfer 105¦ Swing$101.79Details
ER987008Adams Rite4920AN45602628Deadlatch, 1-1/2 Bkset, Lh$89.04Details
ER104828Adams Rite710031031300Electric Strike, 24 Volt Dc Continuous I$113.11Details
ER104698Adams Rite710031062800Electric Strike$108.86Details
ER105009Adams Rite7100-310-652-00711031062800 12Vdc Mtl Strike$134.32Details
ER104701Adams Rite710031562800Electric Strike, 12Vdcc, Fail-Safe, Flat$113.11Details
ER104705Adams Rite710051031300Electric Strike- Dark Brown Finish$113.11Details
ER105209Adams Rite710054031300Electric Strikes- Dark Brown Finish$113.11Details
ER105019Adams Rite7103A-310Elec Strike Less Fp Nfs 12Vdc. Electric Strike. Less Faceplate. Non Fail Safe$93.31Details
ER105036Adams Rite71403103130012Vdc Dark Bronze Anodized Door Strike$113.11Details
ER105139Adams Rite71405103130024Vdc Fail Safe Elecric Strike$113.11Details
ER104874Adams Rite71405156281224Vdc Fail Safe Door Strk 628$132.90Details
ER104875Adams Rite71405403130024 Vac/Fail Secure 313 Finish$113.11Details
ER105262Adams Rite7160-510-6224 Volt Dc Electric Strike$139.97Details
ER104934Adams Rite7401628Electric Strike Aluminum Style Radius$155.53Details
ER360881Adams Rite8099-M2-3136-6288099-M2-3136 Exit Device 2 Lock$255.92Details
ER360863Adams Rite8211SE368200 Svr Exit Device. Electric Latch Retraction. Aluminum Doors, 36 Inches. Aluminum$857.38Details
ER380401Adams Rite8410SE38136Narrow Stile Mortise Exit Device For Alum Doors$727.39Details
ER105581Adams Rite8611LR-36 99Cvr Exit Device 628, Less Rods. Latch Retraction 24Vdc/16 Amps. 36 Inch. Device Without Rods Assembly. Satin Aluminum$674.92Details
ER323422Adams Rite87360101313Rim Cylinder 8736$29.83Details
ER105945Adams Rite8800EL-36-US3-128800 Rim Exit Device 36 Us3. Aluminum Doors. 36 Inch. El Latch Ret 12Vdc/1.5 Amps. Bright Brass$653.10Details
ER105688Adams Rite8801EL3212Rim Device Electrified W/Latch Retractio$558.05Details
ER1019692Adams Rite8801ELDM23624Rim Device, Narrow Style (24Vdc) Keedex$630.66Details
ER360648Adams Rite91-0301-023080 Series Mortise Bag Tail$15.44Details
ER106215Adams Rite91-0897-02Monitoring Switch For 800 Series Push Bar$103.21Details
ER106087Adams Rite91-0914Monitor Switch Kit For The 4591 Series Only$66.44Details
ER105699Adams Rite91-0965Universal Mounting Tabs$10.32Details
ER105700Adams Rite91099202Frame Kit For 8800$39.32Details
ER797153Adams Rite91-0992-02-PFrame Kit For 8800 Exit Series$42.46Details
ER323372Adams Rite91-0995-04Thick Door Kit 2 1/2. 8400 Series$14.67Details
ER360633Adams Rite918800Mounting Base Assembly 8800 Series$77.76Details
ER105702Adams RiteARC45910400313Deadlatch Paddle$89.07Details
ER383305Adams RiteB1923Full Surface Reinforcing Pivot$46.85Details
ER383307Adams RiteDTK-46004600 Lever Dummy Kit$9.07Details
ER383308Adams RiteEL 12El Ltch Retract (Mort/Cvr/Svr)$396.78Details
ER383309Adams RiteEL 12VDCElectric Latch Retract Rim$240.38Details
ER106223Adams RiteFPK11-652Faceplate Kit For 7111 Ser 652. Satin Chrome$42.46Details
ER106095Adams RiteFPK45-313Strike Faceplate For 4501 313. Dark Bronze$23.48Details
ER579246Adams RiteMS184809Deadlock (41-0404)$25.95Details
ER323333Adams RiteMS1850S-250-313Ms Hookbolt 31/32 Bs 313. 31/32 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Dark Bronze$46.79Details
ER105833Adams RiteMS1850S-250-628Ms Hookbolt 31/32 Bs 628. 31/32 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Aluminum$44.67Details
ER360588Adams RiteMS1850S-310-628Ms Deadbolt 1 1/8 Bs 628. 1 1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Aluminum$44.67Details
ER360583Adams RiteMS1850S-410-628Ms Deadbolt 1 1/2 Bs 628. 1 1/2 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Aluminum$46.79Details
ER360581Adams RiteMS1850S-450-628Ms Hookbolt 1 1/2 Bs 628. 1 1/2 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Aluminum$46.79Details
ER323284Adams RiteMS1853S410Deadbolt$43.39Details
ER106344Adams RiteMS4043Cylinder Guard F/5 Or 6 Pin Cyl Rc119,Rc121,Rc130$23.48Details
ER579250Adams RiteRSK-3090Rex Cable For The 3090$11.15Details
ER864562Adams RiteRT-5C-10505 Pack Of Cards To Go With Rite Touch Lock$38.81Details
ER750097Adams RiteS245-08-05N-MPScrew/ Multi-Pack$11.15Details
ER579254Adams RiteTBK-4600True Bolt Monitoring Kit$17.42Details
ER716000Adams RiteTBK-4600-024600 Binder Post Kit$17.42Details
ER579255Adams RiteVA7400-12Voltage Adaptor For 7400 Series Electric Strike$8.82Details
ER384885Ademco / Honeywell SecurityP3422-2Retaining Clip F/Camlock - Zinc Plated$1.23Details
ER906392Alarm Controls118RR-------B71Radius Door Without 118 Rr Forend 22-42 V Dc / Ac$396.76Details
ER582311Alarm Controls3507Maintenance Station For 25-49 Pieces$180.98Details
ER783561Alarm Controls9034U0912135Q919034 U Fafix 9-12Mm Kl 121 Est Uni 12 / 24V Dc Rad$832.43Details
ER803540Alarm Controls934U--------Q91934 U Fafix 9-12Mm Without Forend 12/24 Vdc Univer$593.11Details
ER360209Alarm ControlsAM3325DUROAngle Bracket, Adjustable, Duronic Finish, Extends$54.10Details
ER113577Alarm ControlsAM3326Angle Bracket, For 600 Series Double Magnetic Lock$50.76Details
ER114121Alarm ControlsAM3375DUROZ-Bracket, 3-Piece, Duronic Finish, For 600 Series$138.08Details
ER818620Alarm ControlsAM6300DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/2 Inc$39.83Details
ER113199Alarm ControlsAM6333Hardware Kit For 1200 S$11.47Details
ER360207Alarm ControlsASL13Replacement Key For Ka108$12.82Details
ER360206Alarm ControlsASL17Replacement Key For The Ka108$12.82Details
ER360204Alarm ControlsASL37Replacement Key For Ka105 Asl37$21.19Details
ER322996Alarm ControlsASL52Special Key # Asl52 For Ka-108$12.82Details
ER754208Alarm ControlsDL2ECDl-2 End Caps Set Of 2$11.15Details
ER783215Alarm ControlsDTC- M2K4DRV1Black M2 Console W/4 Each Dsw-4 Red 12V$302.68Details
ER810551Alarm ControlsDTC-M2K3BGNBlack M2 Console W/3Ea Dsw-2 Green Non-Illuminated$205.02Details
ER114339Alarm ControlsDUC-7C1200L Mag Lock Dress Cover Polished Chrome$47.80Details
ER114345Alarm ControlsHCHinged Cover W/Hasp For Pbm/Pbl And Kr Parts$31.49Details
ER360196Alarm ControlsKA-105 ASL37Ka-105 Keyed To Asl37$65.75Details
ER918337Alarm ControlsKEYALS102Replacement Key Al102$11.98Details
ER847302Alarm ControlsKEYALS116Replacement Key Al116$11.98Details
ER731775Alarm ControlsKEYALS119Replacement Key Al119$11.98Details
ER582380Alarm ControlsKR14Latching Key Reset Red Plate$140.51Details
ER833913Alarm ControlsRP-09LRemote Plate S.G.S. Red & Green 1/2 Led$36.60Details
ER894191Alarm ControlsRP-09LIVRp-09L On A Ivory Plate$35.88Details
ER842940Alarm ControlsRP23SLIMLINEAlarm Controls Rp-23 Remote Slim Line$7.82Details
ER914075Alarm ControlsSC616QChirping Sonalert 6 To 16 Vdc$79.17Details
ER114388Alarm ControlsSLP-3MMonitoring Control Station, 3-Station, (3) Dpdt Mo$151.44Details
ER114586Alarm ControlsSLP-4MMonitoring Control Station, 4-Station, (4) Dpdt Mo$210.56Details
ER115016Alarm ControlsSLP-6LMonitoring Control Station, 6-Station, (6) Dpdt Mo$344.39Details
ER113754Alarm ControlsSLP-8MMonitoring Control Station, 8-Station, (8) Dpdt Mo$406.08Details
ER115243Alarm ControlsSPN4331Kr-1 Scr Emerg Door Rel Luc$200.77Details
ER114262Alarm ControlsSPN4347Sg White Plastic Plate With 1 Dsw-3 Gree$50.33Details
ER114958Alarm ControlsSPN4348Sg White Plastic Plate With 1 Dsw-3 Red$50.33Details
ER360086Alarm ControlsSPN48602G Ss 2Ea Dsw-3 Green 12V$97.18Details
ER786019Alarm ControlsSPN-48773G Ss Purge Control Panel Specialized Fire$178.15Details
ER387690Alarm ControlsSPN5158White Blank Insert For Ts-4$17.36Details
ER582452Alarm ControlsSPN-51953X3X1.5 Box 1Ea Dsw-2 Gn$108.86Details
ER582613Alarm ControlsSPN-5609Pbm-1 Scr Push To Lock **Plate Only**$19.68Details
ER785072Alarm ControlsSPN-58226Ru Rack Mount Panel 25Ea Dsw-1 No Label Non-Ill 5$1,228.95Details
ER757330Alarm ControlsSPN58311.75" Ss No Screen 1Ea Fa200 Wired Spst With Black$55.64Details
ER802220Alarm ControlsSPN5839Sgss Grn Mush Latching 1 N/O 1 N/C 1Red Em Dr Rels$164.01Details
ER859350Alarm ControlsSPN-5929Ts-2 Red Insert Label Push To Lock$89.07Details
ER720667Alarm ControlsSPN-6030M-2 Console With 10 Dsw-1 Green No Illumination$433.58Details
ER774146Alarm ControlsSPN-6031M3 30Ea Dsw-4 Ill 24V Wired To Be On When Pushed 2$1,987.16Details
ER1025566Alarm ControlsSPN6292Sg 302 Ss 1Ea Ka-107Anc Keyed To Pl927$137.68Details
ER940741Alarm ControlsSPN6341M1 3Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Ill Labels Tbd$161.96Details
ER947507Alarm ControlsSPN6430M1 3Ea Dsw- Pd Brushed Alum Engraved Pus$33.13Details
ER1070474Alarm ControlsSPN6439Sg 302 Ss 1Ea Ka-107Anc Keyed To Pl910 S$137.68Details
ER114867Alarm ControlsTS13NOSCREENRequest Exit Narrow Vandel Proof No Screen$77.35Details
ER114644Alarm Lock103X12Elec Deadblt 12V Ac/Dc Fs 28. 103 Electric Deadbolt 12Vac/Dc. Includes 3 Strikes/ Magnets. Fail Safe. Satin Aluminum$230.58Details
ER115089Alarm Lock104RAElec Deadblt 24V Ac/Dc Fsec 28. Electric Deadbolt 24Vac/Dc. Includes 3 Strikes/Magnets. Fail Secure. Satin Aluminum$233.69Details
ER114647Alarm Lock250X28WPElect Panic Lck #28 Finish$282.42Details
ER115306Alarm Lock277-12Transformer 12Vac. 120V Transformer. To Wire 715 From Exit Sign. Output 12 Volt Ac$38.72Details
ER115149Alarm Lock707MBAlarm Panic Lck Extr Dr Pl Mb$74.79Details
ER115529Alarm Lock707MSAlarm Panic Lck Extr Dr Pl Ms. Alarmed Panic Locks. Exterior Door Pull. Only 250 260 700 710. Metalic Silver$74.79Details
ER115530Alarm Lock711X28Alarm Panic Lck Extr Fing Pl28. Alarmed Panic Locks. Exterior Finger Pull. Satin Aluminum$20.03Details
ER115309Alarm Lock711X312Alarm Panic Lck Extr Fng Pl312. Alarmed Panic Locks. Exterior Finger Pull$20.03Details
ER115311Alarm Lock725X28Del Egr Pan Lck Sing Dr Stke. Delayed Agress Panic Lock. Single Door Strike. Included With Unit$32.28Details
ER115312Alarm Lock730X28Alarm Panic Lck Sng Dr Ske 28. Alarmed Panic Locks. Single Door Strike. For 250 260 700 710. Satin Aluminum$30.04Details
ER115313Alarm Lock730X312Alarm Panic Lck Sng Dr Ske312$30.04Details
ER115152Alarm Lock732X28Alarm Panic Lck Dbl Dr Ske 28. Alarmed Panic Locks. Double Door Strike. For 250 260 700 710$30.04Details
ER114657Alarm Lock732X312Alarm Panic Lck Dbl Dr Ske312$30.04Details
ER115531Alarm Lock735X28Double Door Strike. Not Included W/Unit$32.28Details
ER115314Alarm Lock767X28Alrm Panic Lck Mt Plt Gldr 28. Alarmed Panic Locks. Metal Mounting Plate. For Glass Door. Satin Aluminum$14.70Details
ER115153Alarm Lock767X312Alrm Panic Lck Mt Plt Gldr312. Alarmed Panic Locks. Metal Mounting Plate. For Glass Door$14.70Details
ER582670Alarm Lock9HW607WPICSASSYLock Body Assembly$231.97Details
ER115532Alarm LockAC9Alrm Panic Lck Opt Pwr Sup 28. Alarmed Panic Locks. Optional Ac Power Supply. Satin Aluminum$45.17Details
ER114663Alarm LockAL-REMOTERemote Keyfob. Remote Keyfob For Use. With Rr-Pm1200 Maglock. 1 Button Dual Led Infra-Red$43.03Details
ER114664Alarm LockBP6Dr Alarms Rep Bat For Pg10 Ll1. Door Alarms. Replacement Battery. For Pg10 Ll1$24.03Details
ER115171Alarm LockDL2700DJDrilling Jig For Dl2700 & 3000$259.65Details
ER1067521Alarm LockDL3200IC26DMNew T3E Based Dl3000 - Medeco$865.57Details
ER947296Alarm LockDL3200IC26DSNew T3E Based Dl3000 - Schlage$820.01Details
ER360014Alarm LockHW1220Lever Spring$2.44Details
ER115701Alarm LockHW1344Corb/Russ Standard Cam. Cam. For Cor/Russ Standard Cylinder. For Use With Dl12/Dl1300 Sers$4.47Details
ER116280Alarm LockHW564Inside Rose For Dl300026D$8.80Details