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Access Control Systems

Lock Sets

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER1021208Adams Rite1000-21-22-1301000-Series-Turns-In-Clear-Anodized$17.42Details
ER979018Adams Rite1006CDB-12/24D-6301006Cdb-12/24D-630$347.68Details
ER104153Adams Rite2190-311-201-32DDual Force 2190 Interconnected. Complete W/El Trim 01 Design. 1-1/8 Backset, Flat Strike. Aluminum Faceplate/Strike. Satin Stainless Steel Trim$458.12Details
ER104155Adams Rite23-0154Dead Lock Arm$4.00Details
ER361428Adams Rite24-0016-020 313Flat Face Plate For A 4530 Deadbolt Dark Bronze$8.82Details
ER104159Adams Rite24-0138-01-3134920 Series Flat Faceplate 313. 1-1/4 X 8 Inches. Flat Faceplate. Dark Bronze$5.64Details
ER375138Adams Rite24-0140-313Face Plate 6-7/8 Wstrip$11.15Details
ER104160Adams Rite24-0144-01-313Fplt For 4900 Dead Latch Flat Shape 7-1/4-1-1/8 Tu$8.82Details
ER324100Adams Rite25-0087Cylinder Escutcheon$9.07Details
ER104338Adams Rite26036602Drive Shaft$9.07Details
ER801067Adams Rite3080-01-0-31-00-10B3080 Series Trim$212.09Details
ER104345Adams Rite3090-01-121Eforce-150 Keyless Entry Trim. For 45/47/4900 And 8000 Series. Selectable Hand/Outdoor Rated. 1 To 1-1/2 Mort Cyl/4 Aa Bat. Powdercoat Dark Bronze$398.13Details
ER104175Adams Rite3090C-02-121Eforce Iclass 13.56 Mhz For Adams Rite Deadbolts$580.84Details
ER104845Adams Rite3090C-02-626Eforce Iclass Entry Trim. For Ms Deadbolts. Supports Hid Iclass 13.56Mhz. 1 To 1-1/2 Mort Cyl/4 Aa Bat. Satin Chrome$580.84Details
ER104176Adams Rite3090P-01-626Eforce Prox Entry Trim. For 45/47/4900 And 8000 Series. Supports Hid Prox 125Khz. 1 To 1-1/2 Mort Cyl/4 Aa Bat. Satin Chrome$545.39Details
ER104851Adams Rite4036-01-01-313Mortise Cylinder$27.25Details
ER965516Adams Rite4036-01-01-335Mortise Cylinder In Black Anodized Finish$27.25Details
ER104184Adams Rite40360101628Mortise Cyl 4036-01-01-628$27.25Details
ER323971Adams Rite4036-01-02-313Mortise Cylinder Ka2$27.25Details
ER813171Adams Rite4036-01-02-335Ansi/Bhma Type E19211 (Grade 1) Mortise Cylinder$27.25Details
ER579161Adams Rite4036-01-335Mortise Cylinder For Ms Lock, 4900, 2190, Etc. Key$27.25Details
ER104854Adams Rite4066-01 335Thumbturn Cylinder W/1/4" Ring. For Ms1850 Or 4900. Black$28.03Details
ER939285Adams Rite4066-01-130Adams Rite Cylinder Thumb Turn$28.03Details
ER361212Adams Rite41-0397-00Interior Escutcheon$28.03Details
ER579166Adams Rite41-0397-02Interior Escutcheon Operator For The 4430-4431 Flu$28.03Details
ER104591Adams Rite4104050001Ext Esch 4431 He87 Schlage "C"$28.03Details
ER104192Adams Rite4189-09-01-121-IBFlush Lockset, No Cylinder. Round End. 1 To 1-3/8 Thick Door. Dark Bronze$59.37Details
ER105051Adams Rite4300-20-101-6284300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 31/32, 12,16,24Vac/Dc. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4304 Surface Strike. Aluminum$257.33Details
ER579169Adams Rite4300-20-1RP4300 Rite Pack, 31/32" Backset, Surface Mount$265.82Details
ER579170Adams Rite4300-20-2RP4300 Rite Pack 31/32" Bkst$265.82Details
ER579171Adams Rite4300-30-1RP4300 Rite Pack, 1 1/8" Backset, Surface Mount$265.82Details
ER104892Adams Rite4300-30-201-3354300 Deadlatch 1-1/8" Blk 335$257.33Details
ER361179Adams Rite4300-30-202-335Electrified Deadlatch 1-1/8 Backset Flat Standard$257.33Details
ER375514Adams Rite4300-30-217-6284300 Steel Hawk Elatch$270.06Details
ER579172Adams Rite4300-30-2RPAdams Rite 4300 Steel Hawk Rite Pack - N$265.82Details
ER105057Adams Rite4300-3M-202-6284300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 1-1/8, 12,16,24Vac/Dc, Monitor. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4901-02 Mortise Strike. Aluminum$283.59Details
ER323925Adams Rite4300-40-101-3134300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 1-1/2, 12,16,24Vac/Dc. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4304 Surface Strike. Dark Bronze$257.33Details
ER361178Adams Rite4300-40-101-6284300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 1-1/2, 12,16,24Vac/Dc. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4304 Surface Strike. Aluminum$257.33Details
ER104766Adams Rite4300-40-201-3354300 Deadlatch 1-1/2" Blk 335$257.33Details
ER105058Adams Rite4300-40-201-6284300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 1-1/2, 12,16,24Vac/Dc. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4901-01 Mortise Strike. Aluminum$257.33Details
ER323923Adams Rite4300-40-202-3134300 Steel Hawk Elatch. 1-1/2, 12,16,24Vac/Dc. 16V Requires Va7400-16Vdc. 4901-02 Mortise Strike. Dark Bronze$257.33Details
ER104896Adams Rite44310900Flush Lckset W/Radius Edged Lk F/ 1-1 5/16"Stile$62.20Details
ER980487Adams Rite4431-09-00-02-IB4431-09-00-02-Ib$62.20Details
ER105062Adams Rite451016628Deadlatch 628 Alum Finish$42.46Details
ER361152Adams Rite4510-25-101-313Deadlatch 3132Bslh Flt/Std 313. Dark Bronze. Deadlatch - Flat Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Dark Bronze$52.71Details
ER104769Adams Rite4510-35-101-335Lh Deadlatch 1 1/8 Backset Blk$52.71Details
ER104770Adams Rite4510-35-628Deadlatch 1 1/8 Backset 628 Finish$42.46Details
ER105066Adams Rite4510-36-101-335Deadlatch Rh 1 1/8 Backset Black$52.71Details
ER104771Adams Rite4510-36-101-628Rh Clear Anodized Deadlatch 1 1/8Inch Ba$52.71Details
ER105067Adams Rite4510-36-201-313Deadlatch 1 1/8 Rh Flt/St 313. Dark Bronze. 2.63 Inch Strike$52.71Details
ER375635Adams Rite4510-36-201-335Deadlatch$52.71Details
ER104497Adams Rite4510-36-201-628Deadlatch 1 1/8 Rh Flt/St 628. Aluminum. 2.63 Inch Strike$52.71Details
ER323891Adams Rite4510-46-101-628Deadlatch 1 1/2 Rh Flt/St 628. Aluminum$52.71Details
ER104773Adams Rite4511-26-201-313Deadlatch In 31/32" Backset W/Strike Bronze Finish$52.71Details
ER323876Adams Rite4511-26-201-628Dltch 31/32Bs Rh Rad St 628. 31/32 Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Radius Faceplate. Radius 4 5/8 Strike. Aluminum$52.71Details
ER104774Adams Rite4511-35-101-313Deadlatch 1-1/Bsrh Flt/Std313. 1-1/8 Backset Left Hand. Deadlatch - Radius Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Dark Bronze$52.71Details
ER375703Adams Rite4511-35-201-335Deadlatch$52.71Details
ER104902Adams Rite4511-36-101-313Deadlatch 1-1/Bsrh Flt/Std313. 1-1/8 Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Radius Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Dark Bronze$52.71Details
ER579174Adams Rite4511-36-201-335Standard Duty Deadlatch For Aluminum Stile Doors$52.71Details
ER104778Adams Rite4512-36-101-313Dltch 118Bs Rh Bev Std,Duranod. Bevel Fplate,Long 4.63" Strike. Deadlatch$52.71Details
ER104500Adams Rite4512-36-201-313Dltch 118Bs Rh Bev Std,Duranod. Bevel Fplate,Short Strike. Deadlatch$52.71Details
ER104779Adams Rite4512-36-201-628Dltch 118Bs Rh Bev Std 628. 1-1/8 Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Bevel Faceplate. Aluminum$52.71Details
ER375792Adams Rite4530-36-313Deadlatch$54.17Details
ER104910Adams Rite4531-25-101-628Retro Dltch Fl 31/32 Lh/Rr 628. Retrofit Deadlatch Radiused. To Fit Old Style Ms1850 Prep. Left Hand / Right Hand Reverse. Aluminum$61.51Details
ER361098Adams Rite4531-25-313Deadlatch$54.17Details
ER361097Adams Rite4531-35-101-3134530 Series Deadlatch With A Radius Faceplate Shap$61.51Details
ER104507Adams Rite4531-35-101-628D/Latch For Alum Stile Doors Left Hand Flat Strik$61.51Details
ER323848Adams Rite4550L-01-130Lever Operator For Ms1850. Indicator, Locked/Open. 1 3/4 To 2 Inch Thick Door. Left Hand. Rite Coat Aluminum$121.59Details
ER104655Adams Rite4560-501-121Deadlatch Handles Lh 313. Left Hand. Dark Bronze$32.95Details
ER104785Adams Rite4560-501-130Deadlatch Handles Lh Aluminum. Left Hand$32.95Details
ER104788Adams Rite4560-601-130Deadlatch Handles Rh 628. Right Hand. Satin Aluminum$32.95Details
ER104669Adams Rite4590-02-00-335Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Push To The Left, Reversible. 1-3/4" Door Thickness. Black$63.62Details
ER375814Adams Rite4590-03-01-313Paddle Operator, 4500,4900$84.83Details
ER104986Adams Rite4590-04-00-335Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Push To The Right, Reversible. 1-3/4" Door Thickness. Black$63.62Details
ER105093Adams Rite4590-04-03-313Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Push To The Right, Reversible. 2-3/4" To 3" Door Thickness. Dark Bronze$76.34Details
ER104993Adams Rite4591-04-01-313Paddle Push To Right 313. Door Thickness 1 13/16" To 2. Dark Bronze$89.07Details
ER105100Adams Rite4591-04-01-628Paddle "Push To Right"628. Door Thickness 1 13/16"-2". Active Paddle. Aluminum$89.07Details
ER579181Adams Rite4591M-01-313Swinging Door Deadlatch Paddle$138.56Details
ER104681Adams Rite4591MA02-00-313Paddle W/Sw Push Left 313. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Active Paddle With Switch. Dark Bronze$148.46Details
ER361037Adams Rite4591MA02-00-335Paddle W/Sw Push Left 335. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Active Paddle With Switch. Black Anodized$148.46Details
ER579184Adams Rite4591MA-02-01-628Active Paddle ? Latch Activato$161.18Details
ER579185Adams Rite4591MA03-01-628Deadlatch Paddle,Lh,1-13/16"-2" Door Thickness,Clr$161.18Details
ER323788Adams Rite4591MA04-01-628Paddle W/Sw "Push To Right"628. Door Thickness 1 13/16"-2". Active Paddle With Switch. Aluminum$161.18Details
ER579186Adams Rite4600-01-522-10BHeavy Dyty Lever Dark Bronze$93.31Details
ER894883Adams Rite4600-01-542Heavy Duty Deadlatch Handle$93.31Details
ER104683Adams Rite4600-01-612-32D4600 Heavy Duty Lever. For 4500/4900/4300. 01 Curved Lever, Rh/Lhr. 1-3/4"" To 1-7/8"" Door. Satin Stainless Steel$82.00Details
ER579187Adams Rite4600-01-622-10BHeavy Duty Designer Series Deadlatch Handle$93.31Details
ER579188Adams Rite4600M-MI-612-32DHeavy Duty Lever$139.97Details
ER105105Adams Rite4900-25-102-313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 31/32 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-02 Radius Stile Strike. Dark Bronze$69.27Details
ER323760Adams Rite4900-26-101-628Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 31/32 Bs. Rh/Lhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-01 Flat Std Jamb Strike. Aluminum$69.27Details
ER105106Adams Rite4900-35-101-313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-01 Flat Std Jamb Strike. Dark Bronze$69.27Details
ER105002Adams Rite4900-35-101-628Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-01 Flat Std Jamb Strike. Aluminum$69.27Details
ER105003Adams Rite4900-35-102-313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-02 Radius Stile Strike. Dark Bronze$69.27Details
ER104689Adams Rite4900-35-102-628Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-02 Radius Stile Strike. Aluminum$69.27Details
ER323752Adams Rite4900-35-202-313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4902-02 Radius Stile Strike. Dark Bronze$69.27Details
ER105191Adams Rite4900-35-313Heavy Duty Latch 1 1/8 Backset Dark Bronze$60.10Details
ER105192Adams Rite4900-35-628Deadlatch 1-1/8 Backset Without Strike Satin Alum$60.10Details
ER104819Adams Rite4900-36-101-313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Rh/Lhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-01 Flat Std Jamb Strike. Dark Bronze$69.27Details
ER361000Adams Rite4900-46-313Deadlatch 1-1/2 Backset Bronze Faceplate$60.10Details
ER727220Adams Rite4911W-26-313Deat Latch$62.92Details
ER104694Adams Rite4911W-35201-628Dl 1 1/8 Bs 2.63 Stk 628 Lh. Deadlatch 2.63 Strike. 1 1/8 Backset / Left Hand. Flat Standard Jamb. Clear Anodized$72.10Details
ER323715Adams Rite4911W-36201-628Dl 1 1/8 Bs 2.63 Stk 628 Rh. Deadlatch 2.63 Strike. 1 1/8 Backset / Right Hand. Flat Standard Jamb. Clear Anodized$72.10Details
ER104695Adams Rite4911W-45201-628Dl 1 1/2 Bs 2.63 Stk 628 Lh$72.10Details
ER360977Adams Rite4913-35-IBDeadlatch 1 1/8 Bs Lh Rhr Ib. 1 1/8 Backset. Left Hand/Right Hand Reverse. Idividually Boxed$57.85Details
ER104823Adams Rite4920AN-46-602-628Deadlatch Ansi Heavy Duty 4920An-46-602-628 Lhr$84.83Details
ER377078Adams Rite8300M2-7036-US32D8300 Series Mortise Exit Device$682.75Details
ER377094Adams Rite8300M2-8036-US32D8300 Series Mortise Exit Device$682.75Details
ER360711Adams Rite8650 628Cyl Esc Kit 130 Is Dif F/628. For 3600, 8500 And 8600 Series. Aluminum$38.06Details
ER797125Adams Rite8736-01-01-335Rim Cylinder 8736$29.54Details
ER360660Adams Rite8803EL-42-248800 Rim Exit Device 42 335. Aluminum Doors. 42 Inch. El Latch Ret 24Vdc/.6 Amps. Black Anodized$462.21Details
ER105693Adams Rite8803EL-48-248800 Rim Exit Device 48 335. Aluminum Doors. 48 Inch. El Latch Ret 24Vdc/.6 Amps. Black Anodized$462.21Details
ER922835Adams RiteA100-3090CK-1-626Aperio Iclass13.56 Mhz W/Keypad-For Adams Rite Ltc$1,102.91Details
ER106101Adams RiteMS-1847-02Deadbolt/Deadlatch For Ultra-Narrow Alum$38.06Details
ER323340Adams RiteMS1847-630Deadlock W/ Rectang Face. Rectangular$38.06Details
ER360586Adams RiteMS1850S-350-313Ms Hookbolt 1 1/8 Bs 313. 1 1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Dark Bronze$44.67Details
ER106102Adams RiteMS1852S-215-628Ms Deadbolt 31/32 Bs 628. 31/32 Inch Backset. Beveled Faceplate Lh/Rhr. Strike Not Included. Aluminum$44.67Details
ER888127Adams RiteMS1861-02-603-IBMs Deadlock$111.69Details
ER579253Adams RiteS254C08R16-MP8X1 Flat Head Shelf Tapping Screw$7.98Details
ER582324Alarm ControlsAM6325DUROAngle Bracket, Adjustable, Duronic Finish, Extends$73.51Details
ER1012584Alarm ControlsMCK-5-4-WPMortise Keyswitch Station Dpdt Latching With Weath$189.46Details
ER922876Alarm ControlsSPN5818Rp-44Dpdtwired Plate Screened Emergency Door Lock$50.53Details
ER873707Alarm ControlsSPN5819Kr-1 Screen Emergency Door Alrm$190.88Details
ER751741Alarm ControlsSPN-5942Kr-1 -Gr No Screen Less Blocks$124.42Details
ER813887Alarm ControlsSPN-63661200Lb With Jbs-1 Installed$176.74Details
ER830249American Security Products4505874Esl5 Illuminated Electronic Lock In Chrome$72.10Details
ER597010Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-DA200Door Alarm, With Relay, Single Gang, 12/24V, Ac/Dc$169.67Details
ER834801Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-DA300Door Alarm, With Relay And Reset Key, Double Gang,$226.23Details
ER736663Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-DA400Door Alarm,W/Relays,Timers,Reset Key,Double Gang$387.22Details
ER747161Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9015AKCx-El9015A Battery Powered Lock (Alarm Mode)$221.98Details
ER869227Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9015GKCx-El9015B Battery Powered Lock (Group Mode)$221.98Details
ER833438Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9015LKCx-El9015G Battery Powered Lock (Locker Mode)$221.98Details
ER807254Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9015SBattery Powered Expansion Cabinet Lock, 3V Lithium$148.46Details
ER774084CDVI AmericasALOCKLock Kit For Metal Box (13 X 16 X 4)$18.94Details
ER1045486Dearborn Access ControlHWO.75A3/4" E-Clip$3.64Details
ER1061601Dearborn Access ControlHWS.75B3/4" Ss Flat Washer$3.64Details
ER182621Detex Corporation101644Glass Bead Kit$62.92Details
ER753158Detex Corporation103303Collar Mortise Cylinder$14.17Details
ER159937Detex Corporation104017-4Modular Cable For Mortise Lock$46.13Details
ER150190Detex Corporation104287-5Filler Assy For V40Xexv$72.10Details
ER150192Detex Corporation104358-4Slide In Filler Assy F/V40Xeb$203.60Details
ER735813Detex Corporation8009DVXIC7XEEXERX48XSN1Core Mortise Cylinder, Sex Nut Kit , 48Inch$2,840.61Details
ER719058Detex CorporationECL-230X-IC7Exit Control Lock With Interchangeable Core Instld$370.86Details
ER159989Detex CorporationECL-230X-TB2 Point Top And Bottom Bolt Exit Control Lock$643.56Details
ER852395Detex CorporationECL-230X-TB-C652 Point Top And Bottom Bolt Exit Control Lock W/ R$629.92Details
ER766294Detex CorporationECL-470-5Ecl-470-5 Extra Ky For Mortise Or Rim Lock Cylindr$8.82Details
ER158020Detex CorporationECL-475KGlass Door Kit For Ecl 230D. For Narrow Stile$36.60Details
ER315739Detex CorporationPP-5572-20Cover Lock Set W/2 #20 Key$8.53Details
ER841512Detex CorporationV40XEHXRXCDXMC65Val Ser Hrdwrd W/Rely Mort Cyl Surf$478.57Details
ER965334Dor-O-Matic / Falcon008876-001 626Cylinder Collar, 1/4", Blocking Ring, Satin Chrome$3.82Details
ER612402Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC1380RHRSUHEXPB41690Eo 36" Dc13 8 0 Rhr Su Hex Pb4$287.68Details
ER1081822Dor-O-Matic / Falcon20-057-6 626Full Size Interchangeable Core Cylinder$94.72Details
ER612762Dor-O-Matic / Falcon650147-15El 24/25 Conv Kit 3' Us32D$276.78Details
ER900853Dor-O-Matic / Falcon812L-V X US10812L-V X Us10$190.88Details
ER612780Dor-O-Matic / Falcon971687-00El Solenoid 24Vdc. 1690 Series. Model # Pb300$141.39Details
ER1072659Dor-O-Matic / FalconC607CCAConstruction Core 7-Pin$28.77Details
ER991993Dor-O-Matic / FalconC953-7CCA-626Small Format Interchangeable Rim Core Housing$25.00Details
ER1014060Dor-O-Matic / FalconCYL 20-057-6-626.C.KAFull Size Interchangeable Core Cylinder$94.72Details
ER612813Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1490.11277El1492Nl-Op 36"Us28 Rhr Cylasy$971.61Details
ER612815Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690.101401690Eo 36" Dc13 Rhr Su Hex$287.68Details
ER612829Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690.11026El11690Eo 48" Dc13 Rhr$610.83Details
ER612823Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010883El1690Eo 36"Dc13 Rhr Su Hex P$594.47Details
ER612830Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169011091El1690Eo 42" Us28 Lhr Su Hex P$587.65Details
ER612924Dor-O-Matic / FalconEL1692NL-OP 42" US28 RHR SU HEEl1692Nl-Op 42" Us28 Rhr Su He$635.38Details
ER612916Dor-O-Matic / FalconEL1692NLOP36DC1380RHRSUHEXEl1692Nl-Op 36" Dc13 8 0 Rhr Su Hex$642.19Details
ER612939Dor-O-Matic / FalconEL1694NL-P 36" US28 RHR SU HEXEl1694Nl-P 36" Us28 Rhr Su Hex$689.31Details
ER612940Dor-O-Matic / FalconEL1694NL-P 42" US28 RHR SU HEEl1694Nl-P 42" Us28 Rhr Su He$699.82Details
ER612982Dor-O-Matic / FalconFALCON 56220 STD LOCKSET CAMFalcon 56220 Std Lockset Cam$2.32Details
ER954147Dor-O-Matic / FalconMA411P-AG-626Ma Series Asylum Double Cylinder Lever Lockset$346.32Details
ER995010Dor-O-Matic / FalconMA521LD-DN626Grade 1 Mortise Entry/Office Lock, Dane Napa Style$290.41Details
ER779522Dor-O-Matic / FalconRU561PD-QUANTUM-626Classroom Lock$441.76Details
ER739793Dor-O-Matic / FalconRU8811PD-QUANTUM-626Electrified Storeroom Lcok Fse$668.10Details
ER946283Dor-O-Matic / FalconT851PD-DAN-66T Series Grade 1 Extra Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock$428.13Details
ER418173DSI / Designed SecurityK1Key, Set Of 2, Double Bit $9.83Details
ER184672DSI / Designed SecurityK-1 KEYSKeys Only For The K1 (Set Of 2)$11.15Details
ER160023DSI / Designed SecurityK3Key, Single, Rim Cylinder Key $9.83Details
ER152120DSI / Designed SecurityK5Key, Single, Medeco Key $14.20Details
ER160031DSI / Designed SecurityRP/MC65Mortise Cylinder With Key, For The Es500 And Es300$51.99Details
ER614655Dynalock1300-12/24-DPSM-MBElctrc Deadblt 12/24 Dr Pstn Swtch Cncld Mntng Brc$331.32Details
ER184783Dynalock1300-12-ARSB-BPS-DPSB-MBMort Electric Deadbolt With Auto Relock Switch$403.58Details
ER614656Dynalock1300-12V/24-ARSM-DPSM-MBDeadbolt W/Auto Relock Swtch Mag. Door Position$366.77Details
ER614657Dynalock1300-24-ARSB-BPS-DPSM-MBMortise Electric Deadbolt 24Volts Auto Relock$403.58Details
ER166779Dynalock1300-24-MBMortise Electric Deadbolt With Mounting Brackets$294.50Details
ER152236Dynalock1300-24-US10BMortise Electric Deadbolt 24V$323.14Details
ER418200Dynalock1300-24V-ARSB-BPSMortise Deadbolt$350.41Details
ER351034Dynalock2013-GLB2-US28Gate Lock W/L Brackets For Sliding Gate-Satin Fnsh$402.22Details
ER418271Dynalock2022 US10B VOP2Dual 1200Lb Oswg W/Val Opt Pack W/ Drk Brnz$848.18Details
ER944671Dynalock2022-392-US28Locknetics 392+ Retrofit$580.84Details
ER983821Dynalock2022-US28-DSM-OFADbl Otsw W/Dr Stat N Offse Arm$657.19Details
ER614674Dynalock2050-US28Locknetics 350+ Exact Retrofit$301.32Details
ER982601Dynalock2280-US19-DSMSngl Mglk W/ Dr Stts Mntr & Stn Blk Fnsh$422.67Details
ER1045832Dynalock2280-US28-HSM-LEDSlm Lne Mglk W/ Hgh Scrty Mntr & Led$425.40Details
ER951077Dynalock2282-HSM2-LED2Dbl Slm Lne Mglck Hgh Scrty Mntr W/ Led$819.30Details
ER1052543Dynalock2282-US10B-HSM2-LED2Dbl Slm Lne Mglk W/ Hsm Pkg Led & Drk Brnz Fnsh$895.45Details
ER1077771Dynalock2282-US19-DSM2Dbl Mglk W/ Dr Stts Mntr & Stn Blk Fnsh$796.98Details
ER1030910Dynalock2522-US28-DYN2-LED2Dbl Mni Mglk W/ Bnd Snsr & Led$625.83Details
ER167274Dynalock2585TJ85-DSM-US28Single Lock Inswing W/Door Stat In Standard Fin$331.32Details
ER160388Dynalock3006-DSM-ATS-LP-OFA-US28Free Egress Lock With Door Status, Anti Tamper Sw,$710.32Details
ER314377Dynalock3006-DSM-ATS-LP-US28Egress Sensor Lock W/Door Status$710.32Details
ER167291Dynalock3006HSMUS19Free Egress Lock With Black Satin Finish$744.46Details