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Access Control Systems

Locking Devices Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER10478452N Telekomunikace91560202N® Helios Ip Base - Backplate$66.46Details
ER579130Adams Rite250903Cover Strip For The G86$12.35Details
ER579135Adams Rite3080010310032D3080 Series Trim$222.58Details
ER738765Adams Rite3080010330032D3080 Series Trim$222.58Details
ER579154Adams Rite310932Mt Cap And Label$7.27Details
ER375448Adams Rite4005630Ms Strike Plate$13.90Details
ER725420Adams Rite43003M102628Electrified Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Backset, M$314.10Details
ER361110Adams Rite4512-35-201-628Dltch 118Bs Lh Bev Std 628. Short Strike. Deadlatch - Bevel Faceplate. Aluminum$54.92Details
ER926304Adams Rite7133K54099999Cover For Electric Strike$65.47Details
ER579236Adams Rite910943Loose Parts Kit For The G86$28.04Details
ER360627Adams RiteFPK30-335Faceplate Kit For 7130 Ser 335. Black Anodized$24.54Details
ER105990Adams RiteFPK7445-335Faceplate Kit For 7400 Ser Blk. Black 1 19/32" X 6 5/8"$24.54Details
ER114106Alarm Controls600DDUROMagnetic Lock, Double, Duronic Finish, 600 Lbs Max$237.69Details
ER114114Alarm ControlsAM1500Accessory, Header Plate, Additional, Lowers Magnet$20.82Details
ER113189Alarm ControlsAM2370Z-Bracket, 3-Piece, Use On In-Swinging Doors, For$64.38Details
ER360210Alarm ControlsAM3305DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 5/8 Inch$42.35Details
ER113190Alarm ControlsAM3330 DUROAdditional Header Plate For 600 Series Single Duro$35.24Details
ER114319Alarm ControlsAM3332DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 1/2 Inch$66.83Details
ER113581Alarm ControlsAM3375Z-Bracket, 3-Piece, Use On In-Swinging Doors, For$121.48Details
ER113197Alarm ControlsAM6325Angle Bracket, Adjustable, Extends Door Header & A$50.33Details
ER778516Alarm ControlsAM6330DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/4 Inc$39.83Details
ER113585Alarm ControlsAM6336Off Set Armature Plate For 1200S And 1200L$57.03Details
ER114328Alarm ControlsAM6370Accessory, 3 Piece Z Bracket, For 1200S $98.40Details
ER322997Alarm ControlsAM6375DUROZ-Bracket, 3-Piece, Duronic Finish, For 1200 Serie$170.87Details
ER114162Alarm ControlsMCK-5Mortise Cylinder Station, Spdt Momentary Action Sw$65.60Details
ER114037Alarm ControlsMP-20Mini Plate, W/ 3/4 Inch "D" Hole, Brass Plated, Po$8.33Details
ER114067Alarm ControlsRP-25Remote Plate, Narrow, Normally Open Tamper Switch,$13.83Details
ER582420Alarm ControlsRP26PORp-26 Plate Only$6.24Details
ER114568Alarm ControlsRP-28 302Plate Single Gang 302 Stainless Steel W/ 1 Red Led$13.37Details
ER114569Alarm ControlsRP-28BIRp28 With Bi Color Led$29.35Details
ER114073Alarm ControlsRP28SLRemote Plate Narrow S.S.$14.80Details
ER113741Alarm ControlsRP-46P/F/MRemote Plate, (3) Alternate Action Push Buttons, C$38.57Details
ER113753Alarm ControlsSLP-4LMonitoring Control Station, 4-Station, (4) Dpdt Mo$223.94Details
ER114412Alarm ControlsSPN2780End Caps For Reb-1 Push Bars$14.32Details
ER115058Alarm ControlsSPN3106Sg Ss 8Ea Bi Color Leds$161.96Details
ER715514Alarm ControlsSPN5789Sg 302 Ss 1.5” Green Mush Screen Pte Wit$178.16Details
ER823900Alarm ControlsSPN6246Sg 302Ss W/Gasket Tamper Screws Screen R$121.48Details
ER752081Alarm ControlsSPN6247Sg 302Ss W/Gasket Tamper Screws Screen T$121.48Details
ER721686Alarm ControlsSPN6272Smb3 1Ea Pa100 Mount Upper Part Of 1.75"$97.18Details
ER716153Alarm ControlsSPN6274M2 Black 5 Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Ill 4Ea Ds$515.42Details
ER1014263Alarm ControlsSPN6457Pbl-1 - Gr Screen Lockdown 5 Pc Min$161.96Details
ER954933Alarm ControlsSPN-6458Sg Ss 1Ea Red Pilot 12V Plate Scr Lock Down In Eff$121.48Details
ER1048966Alarm ControlsSPN6496Pbl11L2Gr With "Lockdown" In Black Cente$242.95Details
ER114516Alarm ControlsTS22TFPlate Single Gang Stainless Steel Reques$120.66Details
ER114529Alarm ControlsTS-40Request To Exit, 30 Second Time Spdt Contacts, Spd$98.81Details
ER114648Alarm Lock261Current Transfer$41.94Details
ER114649Alarm Lock271Armored Door Loop$34.21Details
ER360039Alarm LockDL2775IC26DSTrilogy Electronic Digital Lock.$577.55Details
ER360012Alarm LockHW597K.I.L. Tailpiece$8.91Details
ER116088Alarm LockPMA-FILL2Filler Plate 10 ½ X ¾ X ½$26.71Details
ER582776Alarm LockS5611Lock Assembly For Model 11A$123.63Details
ER116852Alarm LockS6072Trilogy Lock Spacer Set. Spacer Set For. Trilogy Locks. 1 3/8 Inch Or Less$43.03Details
ER868535Alarm LockWA160Tailpiece Washer$2.97Details
ER932860BEA10LPR36HWHardwired 36In. Push Plate With Text And$336.27Details
ER958986BEA10LPR36LHWHardwired - 36Inch Vertical Actuation Ba$336.27Details
ER780666Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3242NJamb Width Polycarbonate Faceplate Touch$147.88Details
ER596642Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM452AB4 ½” Square Push Plate Switch, With Whee$158.76Details
ER596875Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM-PTSS-18Heavy Duty Power Transfer Cable, 18" Length, "$19.00Details
ER850791Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXEL2028Fail Secure 24Vdc - Ansi Round (4 7/8" X$110.90Details
ER758573Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXEL2048Fail Secure 24Vdc - Wood Door (7 15/16"$115.34Details
ER838539Chamberlain Professional / Sentex15ALUMARMKit,Aluminum-Arm,15'$267.44Details
ER598261Chamberlain Professional / SentexT029Key For Internal/External Lock$32.80Details
ER145217Channel VisionDP0242PChrome Finish ¼” Solid Brass Door Plate$240.79Details
ER598390Channel VisionDP6242Chrome Finish ¼ Solid Brass Door Plate$324.04Details
ER413021Channel VisionDPM0252Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Plate$90.95Details
ER607680Corby5201Slvr Magnetic Lock 650Lb Holding Ability$281.99Details
ER911870Detex CorporationF3001LDEA63099C6536EC1Fire Rate Mortise Lock Exit Device$1,749.69Details
ER150266Detex CorporationPP-5572Key Cylinder Lock And 2 Keys$7.85Details
ER165414Dortronics1100640Replacement Part, Switch, W/ Tamper Proof Cover $19.44Details
ER183967Dortronics1110050Replacement Part, Maglock, Armature, Surface Mount$87.47Details
ER151412Dortronics1185-00-W1000 Series Filler Plate, 1-1/2" X 5/8", Extra Wid$35.57Details
ER165426Dortronics1185-101110 & 1115 Series Filler Plate, 5/8" X 1", 12-1/2$32.89Details
ER159263Dortronics1185-201120 Series Filler Plate, 5/8" X 1", 23" Long 1180$42.94Details
ER953130Dortronics1400080Fire Box Accepts Pad Lock$63.49Details
ER950087Dortronics1402080Postal Lock Box$69.16Details
ER948755Dortronics1506090Digital Lock Flush Mnt 10 Memory$360.78Details
ER1065478Dortronics1601084Wood Arm &Amp; Folding Bracket Assemply$213.15Details
ER947069Dortronics1801004Battery 12V 18 Amp/Hour$113.37Details
ER1001425Dortronics1802155Flsh Mnt Kit$66.90Details
ER957900Dortronics18120911812 Plus - Flush Mount Stainless Stl$962.26Details
ER1044366Dortronics1815059Digigal Lock Wiegand Lighted$213.15Details
ER973994Dortronics1835055Faceplate Wall Mnt 1 Line Dsp$700.12Details
ER1040448Dortronics1882034Connector 50 Pin$26.07Details
ER976635Dortronics2600103Dks Capacitor/240Vac$45.40Details
ER1053616Dortronics2600770Grease - Ep Moly D Grease$11.05Details
ER942061Dortronics2600904Main Shaft Assembly$57.73Details
ER1019256Dortronics2600909Shaft Limited Threaded$64.62Details
ER949767Dortronics2600990Small Plastic Washer$2.79Details
ER613234Dortronics5286202Blank Push Plate For A 5286 Push Plate S$24.29Details
ER613235Dortronics5287203Back Plate 5287 Series For P23Da Switch$36.91Details
ER184043Dortronics6495-S25Exit Bar, Egress, Rim Style, Mechanical Latching ,$272.11Details
ER151544Dortronics7201XL1R-HWRLed Indicator, For 7201-Hwr Series, (1) Led, Hi-In$44.29Details
ER165684Dortronics7201XL2-HLed Indicator, 11/16 Inch Diameter, (1) High Inten$72.57Details
ER165685Dortronics7201XL2-HWRLed Indicator, 1 Inch Diameter, Waterproof, (1) Hi$77.74Details
ER1059101Dortronics8080017Coil Cord$63.49Details
ER1073553DortronicsACDK2600533Switch Cover Doorking Lockable$25.50Details
ER613255DortronicsN5286P23DAXUS4Delay Action/Push Plate/No Text Push Pad$257.21Details
ER314689DortronicsW5286P25XE5Single Gang/Plate Switch, Double Pull, S$77.74Details
ER778712DortronicsW5286P25XE6Dpdt Momentary With 1 Gang Switch Plate$77.74Details
ER731085DSI / Designed SecurityFP831N12 Lanes Of Floorplates For Es831$6,478.51Details
ER986677Dynalock1300ARSBDeadbolt With Auto Relock Ball Type Swit$296.67Details
ER1015063Dynalock2513DYNGLBMGate Lock$374.47Details
ER160385Dynalock3002US28Double El Mag Mag Lock$594.02Details
ER152355Dynalock4301-US284301 Spacer Plate For 2000/3000/3101B$47.00Details
ER167415Dynalock4307 US28Spacer Plate For 2280. Aluminum$38.56Details
ER418517Dynalock4310 US1010 ½ Filler Plate,Dark Bronze, 1/2H X 1$80.03Details
ER418533Dynalock4322 US10BFiller Plate 2022/3002/3121B$85.99Details
ER314338Dynalock4422US285/8 X 1 ¼ Filler Plate For Double Magne$45.58Details
ER167450Dynalock6001306450 Series Master Pcb. Printed Circuit Board$103.58Details
ER160497Dynalock6001316450 Series Slave Pcb. Printed Circuit Board$74.48Details
ER167482Dynalock6700US28Access Control Egress Device Single Gang$256.57Details
ER818231Dynalock7021DBLAUDCYLKEYLEDUS32DDpdt Maintained Keyswitch With Double Pl$180.75Details
ER152464Dynalock7025ATSLEDKey Switch Momentary/Maintained Dpdt$180.07Details
ER186866Fire-Lite / Honeywell1097000Cat 30 Lock And 2 Keys$16.92Details
ER624147GE Security / UTC Fire & Security600CLCam Lock With Keys$7.40Details
ER624441GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCAMLOCK1C Controll Key Lock$9.72Details
ER627735Hanchett Entry Systems / HES1000102RAINGUARDRain Guard For 1006 Series Strike$20.44Details
ER310902Hanchett Entry Systems / HES10250021Discontinued Stuck In P21$310.59Details
ER627814Hanchett Entry Systems / HES18311683Solenoids For The 7000 Series Strikes (1$1,191.77Details
ER894164Hanchett Entry Systems / HES510412INSTACKABLELIPEXT1/2" Stackable Lip Extension For The 500$31.24Details
ER725419Hanchett Entry Systems / HES7000104LIPEXTTRIMADAPTERLip Extension Trip Adapter For The 7000$19.12Details
ER830916Hanchett Entry Systems / HES7000105TRIMENHANCERTrim Enhancer Goof Plate For The 7000 Se$19.12Details
ER906369Hanchett Entry Systems / HES8000C1224D630LBM12/24 Vdc, 8000C Series Complete Electri$212.34Details
ER873840Hanchett Entry Systems / HESCABINETLOCK610Compact Cabinet Lock For Wood Cabinets F$70.16Details
ER812553Hanchett Entry Systems / HESCABINETLOCK610LMCompact Cabinet Lock Fail Safe For Wood$99.09Details
ER191027Hanchett Entry Systems / HESCABINETLOCK66024DLBSM24 Vdc, 660 Series Surface Mounted Cabin$107.72Details
ER628136Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP: V3-1-630V3 Series, Option 1 Faceplate, For Cylin$14.52Details
ER628076Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:503-606503 Option Faceplate 606 Fin For The 500$40.80Details
ER628080Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:783S-626783S Options Faceplate, Chrome Finish, F$86.17Details
ER628087Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:792-630792 Option Faceplate, Satin Stainless St$35.70Details
ER628088Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:801-605801 Option Faceplate, Bright Brass Finis$44.62Details
ER628091Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:801-613801 Option Faceplate, Bronzed Toned Fini$29.68Details
ER628095Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:801A-613801 Option Faceplate, Bronze Toned Finis$31.24Details
ER628096Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:801A-630801 Option Faceplate, Satin Stainless St$23.07Details
ER628099Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:801E-630801E Option Faceplate, Satin Stainless S$19.79Details
ER723880Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:802-630802 Option Faceplate, Satin Stainless St$30.59Details
ER628101Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:803-630803 Option Faceplate, Satin Stainless St$30.59Details
ER628103Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:805-613805 Option Faceplate, Bronze Toned Finis$42.08Details
ER628104Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:805-630805 Option Faceplate, Satin Stainless St$30.59Details
ER742158Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:DB-630Faceplate, 630 Satin Stainless Steel Finish, For D$34.69Details
ER799459Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:LB-630Faceplate, 630 Satin Stainless Steel Finish, For L$21.66Details
ER628138Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:V3-2-630V3 Series, Option 2 Faceplate, For Cylin$27.69Details
ER786342Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:V3-6-626V3 Series Faceplate Option 6 With A 626$15.23Details
ER628142Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP:V3-7-626Option 7 Faceplate For The V3 626 Series$11.62Details
ER838503Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP501630501 Option Faceplate, 630 Fin For The 5$13.05Details
ER776870Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP501BLK501 Option Faceplate Bk Fin For The 5000$24.39Details
ER765796Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP502613502 Option Faceplate 613 Fin For The 500$33.79Details
ER628077Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP503630503 Option Faceplate 630 Fin For The 500$26.38Details
ER628078Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP712732630Faceplate For The 712 &Amp; 732 Strike With$70.86Details
ER881479Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP783S6307000 Series Faceplate 783S Option, 630 S$83.71Details
ER881061Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP802613802 Option Faceplate, Bronze Toned Finis$42.08Details
ER893789Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP852K606852K Option Faceplate, Satin Brass Finis$40.80Details
ER758701Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFP852K613852K Option Faceplate, Bronze Toned Fini$35.70Details
ER776043Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPA629A Option Faceplate, Bright Stainless Ste$50.99Details
ER628112Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPABLKA Option Faceplate, Blk Finish, For 1006$40.16Details
ER628115Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPH2630*Eol* Option Faceplate, 630 Satin Finish$49.73Details
ER628117Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPHM630Hm Option Faceplate, 630 Satin Finish$31.24Details
ER918016Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPHT630Ht Option Faceplate For 1006 Series Stri$31.24Details
ER628118Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPHTD630Htd Option Faceplate, 630 Satin Finish$31.24Details
ER881446Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPJ613J Option Faceplate 613Fin For 1006 Seri$30.59Details
ER874508Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKD612Kd Option Faceplate For 1006 Satin Bronz$50.99Details
ER846154Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKD630Kd Option Faceplate For 1006 Ss Fin Seri$21.10Details
ER817629Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKDBLKKd Option Faceplate For 1006 Blk Finseri$30.59Details
ER885004Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKM2630Km2 Option Faceplate For 1006 Series Str$40.80Details
ER628125Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKM605Km Option Faceplate,605 Bright Brass Fin$58.01Details
ER733925Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKM630Km Option Faceplate For 1006 Ss Finserie$21.10Details
ER895280Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPKMBLKKm Option Faceplate For 1006 Blk Finseri$30.59Details
ER628128Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPN605N Option Faceplate, 605 Bright Brass Fin$58.01Details
ER628129Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPNBLKN Option Faceplate For 1006 Series Strik$30.59Details
ER793555Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPND630Nd Option Faceplate For 1006 Series Stri$31.24Details
ER740970Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPNM605Nm Option Faceplate For 1006 Bright Bras$56.62Details
ER722977Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPNM630Nm Option Faceplate For 1006Ss Series St$31.24Details
ER887013Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPNMBLKNm Option Faceplate For 1006Black Series$40.80Details
ER819299Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPRBLKR Option Faceplate For 1006 Bk Finish Se$40.80Details
ER628132Hanchett Entry Systems / HESFPT2630T2 Option Faceplate, 630 Satin Finish$49.73Details
ER628161Hanchett Entry Systems / HESOPTION5000GOOFPLTGoofplate Option For 5000 Series Strike$19.12Details
ER989088HoffmanAL2DCCWLatch Kit; Key Lock; Counterclockwise Op$197.97Details
ER448967HoffmanEWMW482430Accessplus 48 X 24 X 30 Wdw, Blk$1,012.66Details
ER633701International Connector & Cable / ICCIC106FP4WHFaceplate, Electrical, 2-Gang, White$2.30Details
ER943372International Electronics / IEI2069004Assembly Face For Ls2 Lock Set$390.45Details
ER196537International Electronics / IEI4569010Latch For Ls1 2 3/8 Backset. | B2$19.51Details
ER633860International Electronics / IEILS1E26DAMStand Alone Access Control Lockset, Cres$493.16Details
ER1042054International Electronics / IEILS1M3CRCr Mortise Std C Kw$821.74Details
ER633864International Electronics / IEILS2E26DAMLs2 Series Lockset W/Exit Trim &Amp; Americ$622.26Details
ER346077International Electronics / IEILS2E26DCRLs2 Series Lockset W/Exit Trim &Amp; Cresce$622.26Details
ER309574Intra SonicRETRO8ATWhite 8" Rm Station Trim Plate$43.67Details
ER202648KantechKTMP400Mnting Plate(15.49 X 29.87 Cm/6 X 11.75 In)$33.52Details
ER202649KantechKTMP500Mnting Platefor Kt-400-Pcb & Kt-Ncc-Pc$51.64Details
ER725674Keri Systems79500232DTrim Plate For A Assa Abbloy Door Lock$94.85Details
ER1075591Kwikset8252402AC3Boulder Ac Zw Deadbolt$464.64Details
ER799001Mierproducts / BWBWSSLATCHStainless Steel Latch For Our Sl Series$16.83Details
ER713101Mircom TechnologiesLK304Keys For Tas-2000- Two Keys To*Eol In Cd$4.25Details
ER204293Mircom TechnologiesN500SMPSpeaker Microphone Panel With Postal Loc$88.63Details
ER827819Napco715X28X88**Eol** Egress Locks$546.83Details
ER727696Napco715X28X88X48**Eol**Delayed Egress Lock$552.84Details
ER913299NapcoDL287526D*Eol**Lock Set Weather Proof, Regal Le$580.89Details
ER205000NapcoMX716Shunt Connector With Handle$0.59Details
ER781998NapcoPDL307526D**Eol** Lock Regal Lever, 26D Finis$980.51Details
ER784857NapcoTP1691**Eol** Tail Pc F/Arrw Dci Von$32.28Details
ER206448On-Q / LegrandEN288028-Inch Enclosure, No Cover$43.88Details