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Access Control Systems

Magnetic Locks

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER369020ACSI3721 24VDC SAMag Lock, Double W/Z Bracket$1,099.64Details
ER104413ACSI3795 12VDCMag Lock, Concealed Shear. 12Vdc$738.96Details
ER369021ACSI3795 24VDCMag Lock, Concealed Shear$738.96Details
ER104569Adams Rite3001-21-US32DTubular Fixed Pull. With Cylinder Hole. Mortise And Rim Devices. Satin Stainless Steel$121.59Details
ER710308Adams Rite443110S0002IBFlushlock Set, Abs Escutcheon, Square Co$70.70Details
ER361159Adams Rite4510-15-101-628Deadlatch 7/8Bs Lh Flt/Std 628. 7/8 Inch Backset Left Hand. Deadlatch - Flat Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Aluminum$54.92Details
ER323899Adams Rite4510-35-101-628Deadlatch 1 1/8 Lh Flt/St 628. Aluminum$54.92Details
ER323874Adams Rite4511-35-102-628Deadlatch 1-1/8" Bs Lh 628. Radius Face Plate, Left Hand. Radius 4 5/8 Strike$54.92Details
ER361127Adams Rite4511-36-202-628Deadlatch 1-1/8Bsrhft/2.63 628. 1-1/8 Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Radius Faceplate. Aluminum$54.92Details
ER323868Adams Rite4511W-25-101-6284500 Series Latch, 31/32 Bs. Radius Face W/Weatherstrip. 4901-01 Strike. Aluminum$58.32Details
ER104499Adams Rite4512-25-101-335Dltch 3132Bs Lh Bev St 335. 31/32 Backset Left Hand. Deadlatch - Bevel Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Black$54.92Details
ER105072Adams Rite4530-36-101-628Retro Dlatch Fl 118 Rh/Lhr 628. Retrofit Deadlatch. To Fit Old Style Ms1850 Prep. Right Hand / Left Hand Revers. Aluminum$64.80Details
ER847470Adams Rite4568503130Lever Handle, Lh Or Lhr, 2-3/4” To 3” Do$52.21Details
ER897875Adams Rite45911201313Paddle Operator Ms+, Push To Left, 2” –$77.76Details
ER928493Adams Rite4591MA0201313Paddle Operator$155.81Details
ER361013Adams Rite4900-36-101-335Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Rh/Lhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-01 Flat Std Jamb Strike. Black$72.67Details
ER361005Adams Rite4900-45-102-313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/2 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-02 Radius Stile Strike. Dark Bronze$72.67Details
ER323693Adams Rite710131035500Electric Strike With Black Finish$117.84Details
ER105264Adams Rite7160-540-628-00Alum 24V Satin Alum$139.97Details
ER381659Adams Rite8430-47336Narrow Style Mortise Exit Device$385.08Details
ER323334Adams RiteMS1850S-210-628Ms Deadbolt 31/32 Bs 628. 31/32 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Aluminum$44.67Details
ER323329Adams RiteMS1850S-350-335Ms Hookbolt 1 1/8 Bs 335. 1 1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Black$46.79Details
ER360572Adams RiteMS1851S-310-628Ms Deadbolt 1-1/8 Bs 628. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Radius Faceplate. Strike Not Included. Aluminum$46.79Details
ER579247Adams RiteMS1861-01-603-IBBottom Rail Deadbolt For Full Glass Doors$89.07Details
ER360517Adams RiteMS1890-3015-313Ms+1890 Hookbolt / Latch. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate Lh/Rhr. Flat Strike/Standard Jamb. Dark Bronze$148.46Details
ER323274Adams RiteMS1890-3025-628Ms+1890 Hookbolt/Latch. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate Lh/Rhr. Radius Strike/Standard Jamb. Satin Aluminum$148.46Details
ER106104Adams RiteMS1950-250-628All Stainless S Max Security Deadlock Alumin 31/32$79.17Details
ER579248Adams RiteMS1950-315-313Ms Deadlock,1-1/8 Backset,Lh Or Rhr,Drk Brnz Annod$79.17Details
ER360493Adams RiteMS1950-350-313Hook Bolt Flat 1 1/8 313. Flat Faceplate. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Dark Bronze$79.17Details
ER387412Advanced SourcingECO1200WLS1200# Ul Listed Maglock W/ Lock Status$130.94Details
ER387413Advanced SourcingECO600600Lb Em Lock12/24Vdc Aluminum$106.50Details
ER387414Advanced SourcingECO600WLS600# Ul Listed Maglock W/ Lock Status$116.97Details
ER387415Advanced SourcingECOGL1200LM1200# Weather Resistant Maglock$209.50Details
ER114093Alarm Controls1200DMaglock, Double, 1200 Lb, Indicating Led, Bond Sen$313.59Details
ER114094Alarm Controls1200LMaglock, Single, 1200 Lb, Indicating Led, 12-24 Vd$180.19Details
ER114095Alarm Controls1200LBMaglock, Single, 1200 Lb, Indicating Led, Bond Sen$244.57Details
ER114096Alarm Controls1200LBDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, Spdt Contact, 3 Amp Relay C$279.50Details
ER582308Alarm Controls1200LBPCB1200Lb Series Pc Board$15.91Details
ER771343Alarm Controls1200PCB1200 Series Pc Board$15.32Details
ER113172Alarm Controls1200SMaglock, Single, 1200 Lb, 12-24 Vdc $155.50Details
ER114097Alarm Controls1200SDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, Duronic Finish, 1200 Lbs Ma$195.12Details
ER114305Alarm Controls1200SSB1200 Pound Mag Lock With Floating Armature Plate$241.78Details
ER113559Alarm Controls1200WPMagnetic Lock, Outdoor, Gate Lock, Stainless Steel$222.29Details
ER114098Alarm Controls30Armored Cable .375 Id 30Ft$86.24Details
ER114105Alarm Controls600DMaglock, Double, 600 Lb, 12-24 Vdc $203.67Details
ER113563Alarm Controls600LMaglock, Single, 600 Lb, Indicating Led, 12-24 Vdc$155.53Details
ER113564Alarm Controls600LBMaglock, Single, 600 Lb, Indicating Led, Bond Sens$194.35Details
ER113565Alarm Controls600LBDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, Spdt Contact, 3 Amp Relay C$210.56Details
ER582312Alarm Controls600LBPCBPcb For 600Lb Maglock$16.65Details
ER323000Alarm Controls600LDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, W/ Green Status Led, Duroni$178.15Details
ER582313Alarm Controls600PCB600 Series Pc Board$15.32Details
ER113566Alarm Controls600SMaglock, Single, 600 Lb, 12-24 Vdc $123.09Details
ER113177Alarm Controls600SDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, 600 Lbs Maximum Holding For$158.35Details
ER114108Alarm Controls600WPMagnetic Lock, Outdoor, Gate Lock, Rugged Die Cast$163.59Details
ER914141Alarm Controls76-70-93235F4176-70 24 V Dc Faceplate 932 Stainl. Steel$349.04Details
ER832594Alarm Controls9012Plg/In Cmbo Pkg12Vdc Rly,Bs,Tp$32.20Details
ER114109Alarm Controls93257Wall Plate 302Ss Blank Narrow Style 1.75"$16.15Details
ER114112Alarm ControlsAC300S300Lb Single Magnetic Lock$102.05Details
ER113573Alarm ControlsAC600DDouble Door 600Lb Maglock$203.67Details
ER114314Alarm ControlsAC600SSingle Door 600Lb Maglock$123.09Details
ER114115Alarm ControlsAM3300Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 1/2 Inch$21.69Details
ER113575Alarm ControlsAM3305Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 5/8 Inch$24.29Details
ER114318Alarm ControlsAM3320Angle Bracket, For 600 Series Single Magnetic Lock$28.77Details
ER866070Alarm ControlsAM3320CL Bracket For 600 With Cover$46.13Details
ER113192Alarm ControlsAM3334Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 5/8 Inch$58.68Details
ER871099Alarm ControlsAM3335AArmature Plate With Magnet Built In For 600Lb$41.74Details
ER895092Alarm ControlsAM3336Offset Armature Plate For 600D Double Maglocks$59.37Details
ER114120Alarm ControlsAM3339Split Armature, Converts 600 Series Single Magneti$57.27Details
ER875636Alarm ControlsAM3370C3 Piece Z Bracket For 600 With Cover$79.17Details
ER113194Alarm ControlsAM3370DUROZ-Bracket, 3-Piece, Duronic Finish, Use On In-Swin$89.07Details
ER114322Alarm ControlsAM6300Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/2 Inc$23.48Details
ER113195Alarm ControlsAM6300DURFil Plate For 600 & 1200 Locks 10.5" By .75".625"$43.92Details
ER113582Alarm ControlsAM6310 DUROArmature Housing For 1200 Lock,Freezer & Thick Doo$47.60Details
ER804204Alarm ControlsAM6320CL Bracket For 1200 With Cover$51.24Details
ER113196Alarm ControlsAM6320DURONICAngle Bracket For 600S And 1200S Us40$47.60Details
ER582325Alarm ControlsAM6326DUROAngle Bracket, Duronic Finish, For 1200 Series Dou$62.20Details
ER114129Alarm ControlsAM6339Split Armature, Converts 1200 Series Single Magnet$61.14Details
ER114130Alarm ControlsAM6340Long Armature Bolt 1200/600 8X80Mm Bag Of 5 Peices$11.93Details
ER733640Alarm ControlsAM6370C3 Piece Z Bracket W/Cover For 1200S,1200L&1200Lb$120.18Details
ER360208Alarm ControlsAM6370DUROZ-Bracket, 3-Piece, Duronic Finish, Use On In-Swin$101.79Details
ER114331Alarm ControlsDJ-1Drill Jig, Aluminum Extrusion W/ Steel Bushings, T$162.37Details
ER582374Alarm ControlsDUC-2B600L Magn Lock Dress-Up Cover Polished Brass$58.57Details
ER114001Alarm ControlsDUC3B600Lb Maglock Dress-Up Cover Polised Brass$54.10Details
ER114138Alarm ControlsDUC3CMagnetic Lock 600Lb Dress-Up Polished Chrome$42.46Details
ER114337Alarm ControlsDUC4B600D Magnetic Lock Dress-Up Cover Polish$68.03Details
ER113214Alarm ControlsDUC4C600D Magnetic Lock Dress-Up Cover Polished$54.93Details
ER114002Alarm ControlsDUC5B600Dlb Mag Lock Dress-Up Cover Pol Brass$77.76Details
ER114338Alarm ControlsDUC5C600Dlb Magntc Lock Dress-Up Cover Polished-Chrome$58.29Details
ER114003Alarm ControlsDUC-6C1200F Lock Dress Up Cover Polished Chrome$45.71Details
ER113216Alarm ControlsDUC-8BMagnetic Lock Dressed Up Cover Polished Brass$58.29Details
ER114139Alarm ControlsDUC8C1200Lb Magnetic Lock Dress-Up Cover Polishedchrm$47.80Details
ER114011Alarm ControlsGDHAccessory, Glass Door Holder, For 600 & 1200 Lb Ma$40.68Details
ER114012Alarm ControlsJBS1Buzzer For 1200S Mag Lock With Cover$48.31Details
ER114346Alarm ControlsJBS2Buzzer For Ac-600S Mag Lock$48.31Details
ER114080Alarm ControlsSM2370Z Bracket 3 Piece For 300 Maglock$68.58Details
ER114081Alarm ControlsSNP428Sonalert$49.06Details
ER114808Alarm ControlsSPN431112 Each Cy 1 Keyed In 6 Pair 2 Each$1,301.54Details
ER790015Alarm ControlsSPN-5877Sg Red 1Ea 1 1/2" Red Push/Pull Switch 1No 1Nc Scr$331.32Details
ER919121Alarm ControlsSPN-6152Armature Plate For 300S Maglock$37.34Details
ER114833Alarm ControlsSPN-JN1Jack Nut Installation Tool Kit$115.93Details
ER715830Alarm ControlsTS-21RN/STs-21R No Screen$84.83Details
ER115305Alarm Lock250X28Elect Panic Lck #28 Finish$266.09Details
ER115321Alarm LockCEM12345Mortise Cylinder Ka 12345$20.71Details
ER801248Alarm LockDL2775WP10BW76Trilogy Wp Schlage Regal$673.56Details
ER387747Alarm LockDL2775WPIC26STrilogy Wp Schlage Regal$607.59Details
ER115556Alarm LockDL2800IC26DCDigital Lock W/Audit Trail Ic - Corbind$650.99Details
ER322809Alarm LockDL2800IC26DMAlarm Lock Trilogy Cylindrical Lock Elec$654.34Details
ER115848Alarm LockETM26DPanic Exit Lock Cyl Kit Medeco$37.30Details
ER116339Alarm LockETPDNS1G10BC50Extrm Prox Ntwk Std Corbin$1,283.46Details
ER322777Alarm LockPDL3000IC26DProximity Access Lock Chrome Lever$1,044.82Details
ER387813Alarm LockPDL3575DBRRHUS26DMortise Prox Lock Classroom Rh$1,096.24Details
ER115897Alarm LockPDL537510BProx Lock Dbl-Sided Regal$1,276.64Details
ER116424Alarm LockPDL537526DProx Lock Dbl-Sided Regal$1,285.91Details
ER116815Alarm LockPDL5375IC10BProx Lock Dbl-Sided Regal$1,289.01Details
ER116618Alarm LockPDL610010BWireless Trilogy Pinprox Lock$1,359.37Details
ER116426Alarm LockPDL610026DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Lock$1,308.77Details
ER116619Alarm LockPDL6100IC26DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Lock$1,319.60Details
ER116620Alarm LockPDL617526DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Regal$1,326.85Details
ER116818Alarm LockPDL6175IC26DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Regal$1,334.07Details
ER582754Alarm LockPDL620026DContinental Lock$1,344.92Details
ER116819Alarm LockPDL6500CRL26DWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Lh$1,370.22Details
ER115904Alarm LockPDL6500CRR26DWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Rh$1,370.22Details
ER322771Alarm LockPL3075IC26DSPdl3000 With Regal Lever, Interchangeabl$925.86Details
ER117009Alarm LockPL610026DWirelss Trilogy Prox Only Lock$1,308.77Details
ER117010Alarm LockPL6500CRL10BWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Lh$1,417.23Details
ER116084Alarm LockPL6500CRR10BWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Rh$1,417.23Details
ER117011Alarm LockPL6500CRR26DWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Rh$1,370.22Details
ER116638Alarm LockPM12001200Lb Powmag Lock 12/24Vdc Al. 1200Lb Power Magnetic Lock. Field Selectable 12/24Vdc. 9 7/8In X 1 11/16In X 1In. Aluminum Finish$211.18Details
ER116085Alarm LockPM1200401200Lb Powmag Lock 12/24Vdc Db$215.71Details
ER387829Alarm LockPM1200SL1200Lb Pmag Led/Dbs 12/24Dc Al$250.70Details
ER116639Alarm LockPM1200SLBI1200Lb Pmag Led/Dbs 12/24Dc Al. 1200Lb Powmag Lock For Dbl Drs. Fld Select 12/24Vdc Led/Dbs. 21 In X 1 11/16 In X 1 In. Aluminum Finish$436.87Details
ER116839Alarm LockPM1200SLBI401200Lb Pmag Led/Dbs 12/24Dc Db$250.70Details
ER116840Alarm LockPM600BI600Lb Powmag Lock 12/24Vdc Al. 600Lb Power Magnetic Lock. Field Selectable 12/24Vdc. 9 7/8In X 1 11/16In X 1In. Aluminum Finish$204.89Details
ER116086Alarm LockPM600L600Lb Magnetic Lock, Field Selectable, 1$228.49Details
ER117014Alarm LockPMA-ARMH1Armature Plate$162.95Details
ER116844Alarm LockPMA-Z1Z Bracket Adjtable. Pm600Bi Series$167.69Details
ER116109Alarm LockRR-PM1200PAK1200Lb Powmag Lock W/Remote Al. 1200Lb Power Magnetic Lock. Al-Remote Single Button Keyfob. 12Vac Transformer$373.90Details
ER582762Alarm LockS3120Deadlock Lever Assy F/70M. For 70M Series$9.93Details
ER319961ASPASP-600DLB ALMaglock Double 600Dlb 628. With Dsm Mbs Led. 600Lb. Double Mag. Aluminum$282.80Details
ER356760ASPASP-AB511 628Angle Bracket Ml12 1 1/2X11 In. 1 X 1 X 11 Inch. Aluminum$30.68Details
ER319953ASPASP-AB611 628Angl Brk Ml12 1 1/2X1 1/2X11In. 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 X 11 Inch. Angle Bracket. Aluminum$37.14Details
ER356759ASPASP-AB711 628Angle Brckt Ml12 1 1/2X2X11In. 1 1/2 X 2 X 11 Inch. Angle Bracket. Aluminum$48.45Details
ER319952ASPASP-AM1200DMaglock Dbl Mbs W/Led Ul 628. Double. With Led. Ul Listed. Aluminum$374.51Details
ER319951ASPASP-AM1200D DUMaglock Dbl Mbs W/Led Ul 613. Double. With Led. Ul Listed. Duranodic$412.24Details
ER356756ASPASP-AM1200LBMaglock Sin Mbs W/Led Ul 628. Single. With Led. Ul Listed. Aluminum$279.97Details
ER356755ASPASP-AM1200SMaglock Single 1200Lb Ul 628. Single. 1200Lb. Ul Listed. Aluminum$180.99Details
ER408879ASPASP-AM1200S DUMaglock Single 1200Lb Ul 313$236.96Details
ER356754ASPASP-AM1200WPMaglock Gate Single Ss Wp Case. Weatherproof$242.50Details
ER408880ASPASP-AM300S300Lb Magnetic Lock$140.31Details
ER356753ASPASP-AM33055/8 Mounting Plate For 600 Ser. 9 7/8" X 1" X 5/8". Clear Anodized$32.29Details
ER319950ASPASP-AM3310Armature Housing. For 600 Series$41.99Details
ER408881ASPASP-AM3330Additional Header Bracket$23.26Details
ER356752ASPASP-AM3370Z Bracket Inswing 600Ser 3 Pc. For 600 Series. 3 Pieces$70.70Details
ER356751ASPASP-AM600DMaglock Double 600Lb Ul 628. Ul Listed. 600Lb. Aluminum$274.34Details
ER408882ASPASP-AM600D DUMaglock Double 600Lb Ul 313$275.60Details
ER356750ASPASP-AM600LBMaglock Single 600Lb Ul 628. Ul Listed With Dsm Mbs. 600Lb. Aluminum$266.00Details
ER319949ASPASP-AM600SMaglock Single 600Lb Ul 628. Ul Listed. 600Lb. Aluminum$184.09Details
ER319948ASPASP-AM600S DUMaglock Single 600Lb Ul 313. Ul Listed. 600Lb. 313Color$213.30Details
ER319947ASPASP-AM600WP ALGate Maglock Single 600Lb628. Weather Prof. 600Lb. Aluminum$180.03Details
ER356749ASPASP-AM6310Armature Housing 1200 Series$41.01Details
ER356748ASPASP-AM6320Angle Bracket 600 & 1200 Ser. For 1200 And 600 Series$28.65Details
ER319945ASPASP-AM6333Hardware Kit For Am1200S. Mag Lock$23.03Details
ER408883ASPASP-AM6340Thick Door Sex Bolts 5 Pack$12.78Details
ER356747ASPASP-AM6360Filler Plate For Ml12 Maglock$22.86Details
ER319944ASPASP-AM6361Filler Plt 10 1/2X7 1/2X5 Inch. Filler Plate$20.15Details
ER319943ASPASP-AM6370Z Bracket For 1200S 3 Pc. For 1200 Series. 3 Pieces$114.53Details
ER408903ASPASP-FP211 628Fllr Plt M12 3/8X1 1/4X11 Inch$32.29Details
ER408904ASPASP-FP311 628Fllr Plt M12 1/2X1 1/4X11 Inch$33.92Details
ER408905ASPASP-FP322 628Fllr Plt M24 1/2X1 1/4X22 Inch$40.38Details
ER408906ASPASP-FP411 628Fllr Plt M12 5/8X1 1/4X11 Inch$35.53Details
ER319937ASPASP-ML12-ULMaglock 1200Lb 628. Single Mag. Aluminum$288.49Details
ER408914ASPASP-ML12-UL DSMMaglock 1200Lb Dsm 628$328.58Details
ER356741ASPASP-ML24-ULMaglock Double 1200Lb 628. Double Mag. Aluminum$505.09Details
ER319936ASPASP-ML24-UL DSMMaglock Double 1200Lb Dsm 628. Double Mag. Door Status Monitor. Aluminum$556.21Details
ER408943ASPASP-TJ1 628Top Jamb Bracket Single 628$77.95Details
ER408944ASPASP-TJ2 628Top Jamb Bracket Double 628$155.89Details
ER319910ASPGDHGlass Door Holder For 1200 Lck. For 1200 Lock$45.40Details
ER590099Asterix171-121200 Lb Maglock$398.82Details
ER590100Asterix171HDMaglock Class 1 / Div 1$665.69Details
ER590101Asterix176 HDExplosion- Proof Maglock$682.76Details
ER590102AsterixHD176Maglock For Corsive Invirement$960.13Details
ER590103AsterixHDZB176 24VHazardous Mag Side Mount$1,048.52Details
ER129527BEA10MAGDE1Delayed Egress Maglock For Single Out-Sw$709.64Details
ER877382BEA10MAGLOCK1UL1200 Lbs. - Ul Listed Single Maglock Wit$130.50Details
ER591895BEA10MAGLOCK3ULUl Listed - Electromagnetic Locks Single$123.95Details
ER960646BEA10MAGLOCK3ULDS600 Lbs. - Ul Listed Single Maglock With$134.43Details
ER591896BEA10MAGLOCK5UL1200 Lb Double Maglock$307.22Details
ER1050431BEA10MAGLOCK6UL600 Lb Maglock For Double Doors$196.40Details
ER739391BEA10RIMHOUSING3ULArmature Housing For 600 Lb Maglock$27.12Details
ER807809BEA10UBRACKETULBracket Used On All Glass Doors$40.68Details
ER596473Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM-30E/LEDGreen Cm30E 12/24 V Led Illluminated$55.64Details
ER596481Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM-30U/LEDUniversal Illuminated Exit Switch, 12/24$62.20Details
ER596969Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-0001Armature Housing For 1200 Lbs Magnet$32.20Details
ER596970Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-0011Armature Housing For 600 Lbs Magnet$32.20Details
ER596974Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1001Adjustable Bracket For 1200Lbs Magnet Lo$32.20Details
ER596975Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1002L &Amp; Z Brackets For 1200Lb$62.20Details
ER596976Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-1003Angle Bracket For 1200&600 Lbs Mags$26.51Details
ER596978Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1011Magnetic Lock Accessories Adjstbl L Brck$32.20Details
ER596979Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1012Set Of L &Amp; Z Brckts F/600Lbs Magnet$57.10Details
ER596980Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1013Glass Door Mounting Kit - For 1200$49.78Details