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Access Control Systems

Cards, Proximity

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER107955Ademco / Honeywell SecurityPTPROX2525 Proxcards Package, 34 Bit$101.12Details
ER582257AiphoneXC49Blank Prox CardCall for Price.Details
ER721768AiphoneXC5T9*Eol* Blank Prox Card (For Xp)Call for Price.Details
ER582377Alarm ControlsEM10Prox Cards For Kp-300 Sold In Pks Of 10$26.91Details
ER584072American Dynamics / RobotSHC1A/D Shadowprox Card, Ksf Minimum 100$3.96Details
ER906188American Dynamics / RobotSHK1* Eol* A/D Key Fob Kantec$7.76Details
ER120375American Dynamics / RobotSP0312-2124-03Bom, Sdu, I0 Outdoor Card$213.80Details
ER585456Applied Wireless / AWIDCSAWID0Awi Clam Shell Style Prox Badge$2.85Details
ER388655Applied Wireless / AWIDCS-AWID-P-025 Pack Clamshell Cards$49.78Details
ER124212Applied Wireless / AWIDCS-UHF-0-0Clamshell Badge, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, Awid Logo, F$2.67Details
ER322115Applied Wireless / AWIDGR-HF-M-1Iso Graphics Card, Hf, Mifare, 1K *Lead Time 2 To$3.96Details
ER322114Applied Wireless / AWIDGR-HF-M-4Iso Graphics Card, Hf, Mifare, 4K *Contact Psa For$6.69Details
ER322113Applied Wireless / AWIDGR-HF-S-1Iso Graphics Card, Hf, I-Code, 1K *Lead Time 2 To$3.74Details
ER123284Applied Wireless / AWIDGR-UHF-0-0Badge, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, Graphics Quality, For$4.27Details
ER585459Applied Wireless / AWIDKTAwi Key Tags$4.36Details
ER585461Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000HTUHFHang Tag For Use With The Lr-2000$7.40Details
ER585462Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000MTUHFMetal Tag For Lr-2000$12.22Details
ER585463Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000RVUHFRearview Mirror Tag For Use With Lr-2000$9.65Details
ER585467Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911MT1014Metal Tag For Lr-911$13.73Details
ER585468Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911WS1216Windshield Tag For Lr-911$13.73Details
ER716965Applied Wireless / AWIDPT-UHF-0-0Tag, Portable, 902-928 Mhz, Uhf Credentials For Lr$13.05Details
ER591340AxcessAT132MLEDMetal Mnt Diagnostic Tag W/ Leds$64.25Details
ER591344AxcessAT132SSafft Asset Tag - Activetag For Asset Id$32.54Details
ER591801Azco TechnologiesAZDSELL1000Business Card Prospecting Decal Bulk 10$1,241.40Details
ER591822Azco TechnologiesAZMSD16G16Gb Micro Sd Card Class 10 ( Non-Retu$40.63Details
ER591826Azco TechnologiesAZSD16G16Gb Sd Card Class 10 ( Non-Returnable$40.63Details
ER591827Azco TechnologiesAZSD32G32Gb Sd Card Class 10 ( Non-Returnable$44.30Details
ER1051965Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVSTATIONPFinger Print &Amp; Prox Card Reader W/Keypad$2,046.73Details
ER135248Bosch SecurityACD-ATR11ISORfid Proximity Card, Read-Only, 125 Khz, Iso Stand$112.37Details
ER1065791Bosch Security (CCTV)ACDIC16K375037-Bit Iclass Card - 50Pk$272.97Details
ER596942Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCVCSHCard For Cv600$5.04Details
ER908456Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-CSH-BHid Format Iso Prox. Card, Package Of 100$278.14Details
ER931294Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-KTEEm Format Prox. Tag, Package Of 25$103.21Details
ER596951Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-KTHHid Format Prox. Tag, Package Of 25$103.21Details
ER891887Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-KTH-BHid Format Prox.Tag, Pack Of 100 Tags$489.48Details
ER596964Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV-TAC4PRAHid/Awid Format Prox Reader Mounted In T$137.14Details
ER731378Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9010Master Card To Program Cx-El90 Series Prox. Cabine$14.65Details
ER732734Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9020Proximity Access Control Key Tag, Package Of 10$50.99Details
ER794884Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX-EL9030Proximity Access Control Card, Package Of 10$44.67Details
ER1000042CDVI702PCK25Cdvi 702Pck25 Standard Proximity Card (C$63.97Details
ER1004663CDVIBTAGH25Proximity Key Tag. Sequential Decimal Nu$76.94Details
ER953144CDVICPEProximity Card Standard(Clamshell) Hexad$3.92Details
ER979673CDVIUSERBIOBiosys User Card Available In Package Of$4.05Details
ER1020341CDVI AmericasBTAGH25Proximity Key Tag. Hid Encoding. Decimal Number$82.00Details
ER597742CDVI AmericasBVMifare Thin Iso Proximity Card. Printable On Both$9.07Details
ER597760CDVI AmericasCPEClamshell Proximity Card Cdvi Format$3.73Details
ER597763CDVI AmericasCS25Cdvi 25 Pack Clamshell Cards$56.38Details
ER971975CDVI AmericasDISCTAG25Cdvi Mini Pvc Adhesif Disc Tag Priced Per Pc$4.64Details
ER944163CDVI AmericasDISCTAGH25Mini Adhesive Pvc Badge Cust Must Take 25 Hid$4.64Details
ER963055CDVI AmericasISOH25Proximity Acrd Thin Iso W/Hid 25 Pk$82.00Details
ER722158CDVI AmericasKTAGH25Proximity Black Key Tag W/ Hid - Bag Of 25$82.00Details
ER817115CDVI AmericasPVPCabaprox Mifare Badge$11.98Details
ER722517CDVI AmericasR2P2-Button Remote Radium W/ Paradox Tag$31.49Details
ER893630Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPK3PHMPpmax 3-Button Keychain W/ Prox$48.58Details
ER836408Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPLK11001 Btn Pp Lite Keychain Remote,100-Pack$1,579.92Details
ER816975Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPLK1PH1001 Btn Pp Lite Keychain,Prox+2.0,100-Pack$2,060.75Details
ER1003103Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPLV110Pplv1-10: 1 Btn Pp Lite,Remote Visor,2+0$186.27Details
ER598117Chamberlain Professional / SentexRFCARK4KRf Memory Card 4K$283.99Details
ER598163Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNACB32Barium Ferrite Card, This Particular Mod$4.25Details
ER598166Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNACPI33Indala Prox Card 30 Bit Fc= 03$12.98Details
ER598167Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNACPI35Indala Prox Card 30 Bit Fc= 05$12.98Details
ER607674Corby374201Single Gang Proximity Card Reader,Indoor$97.34Details
ER181851Corby4190Prox Cardkey Tag Size 30 Bit P$6.18Details
ER149457Corby4215Prox Card Credit Card Size$4.09Details
ER156058Corby4218Prox Card Pyramid 26 Bit Key Tag Style$8.31Details
ER156059Corby4219Proximity Card - Ultrasecure™ 30-Bit$4.09Details
ER414022Corby4238Ac Surge Protection Device$317.68Details
ER607677Corby4318Datachip No Id-Label/Keytag Bag Of 25$68.66Details
ER608583Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050BAKey Fob Card For Simplekey - Blue$8.33Details
ER149853Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050GBFob For Simplekey - Grey/Blue$8.33Details
ER157323Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050OOrange Keyring Standard Card Format$8.33Details
ER157201Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050RRed Keyring Standard Card Format$8.33Details
ER157324Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9052White Card$8.33Details
ER770495Detex CorporationGCSPPTAG30NRfid 30Mm Diameter$12.35Details
ER158027Detex CorporationGCS-PP-TAG30-UTag For Guard Tour System 1Ea$6.58Details
ER1000601Dortronics1504123Hid Proximity Card Reader / Intercom Sub$397.95Details
ER1005299Dortronics1508017Hid Prox Cards$7.89Details
ER934876Dortronics1508048Card Reader Assembly With Wire$971.73Details
ER964546Dortronics1508110Doorking 1508110 Prox Cards$4.89Details
ER937959Dortronics1508111Card Prox Dks Idc 80 Iso Graphics$7.89Details
ER951210Dortronics1508112Doorking Dks 50 Key Tag Type$8.34Details
ER932905Dortronics1508120Card Prox Dk Prox Clamshell$3.76Details
ER1062687Dortronics1508121Prox Cards$4.67Details
ER979485Dortronics1508127Dkprox Cards Programmed$4.96Details
ER961913Dortronics1508129Dk Prox Card, Keyfob Special Card Number$6.60Details
ER972987Dortronics1508145Hid Keyfob Programmed$9.00Details
ER951157Dortronics1508191Card Prox Dkproxlr$8.02Details
ER948108Dortronics1508198Card Prox Dkproxdual$8.68Details
ER1015043Dortronics1815166Lr 2000 Windshield Tag$18.76Details
ER968242Dortronics1815219Doorking Prox Reader$855.01Details
ER1065088Dortronics1815319Card Holder Dkprox Lr Rvm$3.23Details
ER933336Dortronics1815430Tagmaster Mark Tag Tpe$44.02Details
ER1027386Dortronics1815431Card Tagmaster Marktag Mem$41.43Details
ER960294Dortronics1815445Card Tagmaster Combo Hid$45.31Details
ER1040943Dortronics1838146Replacement Memory Chip 1838 2000 Apb$275.50Details
ER1078053Dortronics1876025Ferrite Snap-On Filter$8.78Details
ER996661Dortronics2600862Door King 9100 Operator Self$17.41Details
ER983267Dortronics8066083Microclik Proxmitter 1B W/ Hid Prox Tag$28.54Details
ER1011448Dortronics8067083Microclik Proxmitter 2B W/ Hid Prox$29.75Details
ER941793Dortronics8070086Microplus Proxmitter 2B W/ Dks Prox Tag$28.54Details
ER1009326Dortronics8071084Microplus Proxmitter 3B W/ Hid Prox$29.75Details
ER940247Dortronics80710863 Button Proxmiter$29.75Details
ER1045567Dortronics8071087Proxmitters Dk Prox Plus$29.75Details
ER1068615DortronicsLBRSPCRSpecial Order Charge For Requesting Car$0.87Details
ER793905Dynalock7561Tag, Read Only, Proximity, 125 Khz, Ring Design, F$6.58Details
ER418723Dynalock7571Tag, Read Only, Proximity, 125 Khz, Wafer Design,$6.58Details
ER171139Essex Electronics1326-100100 Pk C/S Prox 125Khz 26Bit$368.13Details
ER849816Essex ElectronicsFOB-1346-50CHid Prox Keyfobs (125Khz 26Bit Wiegand) - Custom$351.77Details
ER419308Essex ElectronicsPRX-1RReader, Roxprox Series, Proximity, Wiegand Output,$146.53Details
ER969338Essex ElectronicsPRX2-2IPRoxprox Ii 125Khz Ip Prox Reader$284.96Details
ER616898Essex ElectronicsPRX-2IPNetwork Reader, Roxprox Ip Series, Proximity, Wieg$252.75Details
ER616900Essex ElectronicsPRX-2RReader, Roxprox Series, Proximity, Wiegand Output,$146.53Details
ER717469Evax SystemsMXXIInput Card$174.57Details
ER171278EverfocusEAC-100-W26Everaccess Prox Card Thin Single$4.36Details
ER153388EverfocusEAC-200-W26Everaccess Prox Card Thick Each$4.36Details
ER171279EverfocusEAK-110-W26Everaccess Prox Key Fob 26-Bit$8.74Details
ER172613Fargo / HID082277-043Verimarked Cards - 500 Pieces$445.85Details
ER172614Fargo / HID082355-001Firestone Cstm Cards(Re-Order Only By Cec&Firestn)$376.31Details
ER172948Fargo / HID10650100 Ct Clear Vinyl Strap Clip W/2-Hole N$16.67Details
ER762206Fargo / HID44500**Eol**C30E System W/Cards$1,489.18Details
ER621792Fargo / HID44502C30E Sys W/Iclass Cards$1,489.18Details
ER623315GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1000297Pml, Cport, Telco, Line Splitter$101.94Details
ER623316GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1000835319.5Mhz Battery, Lithium 3.6V For Use W$13.20Details
ER623317GE Security / UTC Fire & Security100105012V Alarm Relay$20.74Details
ER623318GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1001779Pml, Mini, Low Current, Piezo98Db$20.91Details
ER623319GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002000G-Proxcards, Abs, No Logo, Qty 25, (Not$99.96Details
ER623320GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002001G-Proxcards, Abs, No Logo, Qty 25, (Prog$102.33Details
ER623321GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002002G-Proxcards, Abs, No Logo, Qty 25, (Prog$102.33Details
ER623322GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002005G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, No Logo, Qty 25,$139.79Details
ER623323GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002006G-Prox Ii Photo Cards, Blank, Sc20, 26 B$144.96Details
ER623324GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002007G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, No Logo, Qty 25,$144.96Details
ER623325GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002025G-Proxcards, Abs, Chubb Logo, Qty 25, (N$103.89Details
ER623326GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002026G-Proxcards, Abs, Chubb Logo, Qty 25, (P$104.31Details
ER623327GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002027G-Proxcards, Abs, Chubb Logo, Qty 25, (P$107.03Details
ER623328GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002028G-Prox Ii, Abs, Chubb, Spec, 40 Bit, Lc1$95.50Details
ER623329GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002030G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, Guardall Logo, Q$139.79Details
ER623330GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002032G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, Chubb Logo, Qty$144.96Details
ER623331GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002037G-Proxtwin Cards, Pvc, Qty 25, (Programm$156.29Details
ER623332GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002038G-Proxkeys, No Logo, Qty 25, (Programmed$141.37Details
ER623333GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002039G-Proxkeys, No Logo, Qty 25, (Programmed$141.37Details
ER623334GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002040G-Prox Cards, Blank (Programmed, 36 Bit,$15.77Details
ER623335GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002060G-Prox Ii Rcc Card Set, Chubb$51.68Details
ER623336GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1002124Afx, Lcd Keypad, Chubb, White$147.79Details
ER623376GE Security / UTC Fire & Security103262Proxcard Ii Proximity Card, Standard Art$5.49Details
ER623377GE Security / UTC Fire & Security10328Hid Proxkey Ii Key Ring Fobs, Per Fob. M$9.78Details
ER623378GE Security / UTC Fire & Security103282Proxkey Ii Proximity Key Fob, Hid Logo F$9.78Details
ER623379GE Security / UTC Fire & Security10332Hid Duoprox Card W/O Slot, Per Card. Min$10.47Details
ER623380GE Security / UTC Fire & Security103322Duoprox Ii Photo Quality Iso Proximity C$10.47Details
ER623381GE Security / UTC Fire & Security10338Card, Isoprox W/O Slot$11.88Details
ER623382GE Security / UTC Fire & Security103382Isoprox Ii Photo Quality Proximity Card,$11.88Details
ER623383GE Security / UTC Fire & Security103383Isoprox Ii Photo Quality Proximity Card,$11.88Details
ER623384GE Security / UTC Fire & Security10343Card, Proxcard Ii, 36 Bit$7.04Details
ER623399GE Security / UTC Fire & Security110064001Pwr Flash Com Card Micro Flash All Vers$318.15Details
ER623474GE Security / UTC Fire & Security12011041000 Licenses Upgrade Key$56,109.47Details
ER623475GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202001(25 Pack) Gp2A,Blank,Sc10,26B,Lc1$102.33Details
ER623476GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202002G-Proxcards, Abs, No Logo, Qty 25, (Prog$102.33Details
ER623477GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202003G-Prox Iia, Blank, Sc20, 26 Bit, Lc1, 25$51.57Details
ER623478GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202004G-Prox Iia, Blank, Sc20, 36 Bit, Lc1, 25$54.39Details
ER623479GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202006(25 Pack) Gp2P,Blank,Sc10,26B,Lc1$144.96Details
ER623480GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202007G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, No Logo, Qty 25,$144.96Details
ER623481GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202008G-Prox Iip, Blank, Sc20, 26 Bit, Lc1, 25$72.50Details
ER623482GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202009G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, No Logo, Qty 25,$72.50Details
ER623483GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202010G-Prox Ii, Pvc, Nol, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcch,$144.96Details
ER623484GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202011G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, No Logo, Qty 25,$72.50Details
ER623485GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202013G-Proxcards, Abs, No Logo, Qty 25, (Prog$102.33Details
ER623486GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202014G-Proxcards, Abs, No Logo, Qty 25, (Prog$51.57Details
ER623487GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202028G-Prox Ii/A, Chubb, Sc20, Lc1, 26 Bit, 2$54.39Details
ER623488GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202029G-Proxcards, Abs, Chubb Logo, Qty 25, (P$54.39Details
ER623489GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202030G-Prox Ii, Abs, Chubb, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcc$104.31Details
ER623490GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202031G-Prox Ii, Abs, Chubb, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcv$51.57Details
ER623491GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202033G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, Guardall Logo, Q$144.96Details
ER623492GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202034G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, Chubb Logo, Qty$72.50Details
ER623493GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202035G-Prox Ii, Pvc, Chubb, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcc$144.96Details
ER623494GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202036G-Prox Ii, Pvc, Chubb, 40 Bit, Lc20, Lcv$72.50Details
ER623495GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202040G-Prox Ii Stick-On Tag, Qty 25, (Program$134.70Details
ER623496GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202041G-Prox Twin, Sc20, Lc1, 26 Bit, 25$156.29Details
ER623497GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202042G-Prox Twin, Sc20, Lc1, 36 Bit, 25$78.17Details
ER623498GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202043G-Prox Ii Twin, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcch, 25$156.29Details
ER623499GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202044G-Prox Ii Twin, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcve, 25$78.17Details
ER623500GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202050G-Proxkeys, No Logo, Qty 25, (Not Progra$136.51Details
ER623501GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202051(25 Pack) Gp2K,Blank,Sc10,26B,Lc1$141.37Details
ER623502GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202052G-Prox Ii, Sc10, 36 Bit, Lc1 Pk G25$141.37Details
ER623503GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202053G-Prox Ii Keys, Blank, Sc20, 26 Bit, Lc1$70.69Details
ER623504GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202054G-Proxkeys, No Logo, Qty 25, (Programmed$70.69Details
ER623505GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202055G-Prox Ii Keys, Nol, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lcch,$141.37Details
ER623506GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202056G-Prox Ii Keys, Nol, 40 Bit, Sc20, Lc1,$70.69Details
ER623507GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202057G-Prox Ii Stick-On Tag, Qty 25, (Program$134.70Details
ER623508GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202060Abs Cards, Verex Logo, (Not Programmed)$103.89Details
ER623509GE Security / UTC Fire & Security120206125 Pack) Gp2A,Vrx,Sc1026B,Lc1$104.31Details
ER623510GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202062Qty 25 Gp2A,Verex,36B Sc10,Lc1,$107.03Details
ER623511GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202063G-Prox Ii Cards Abs, 40 Bit, S10 Lc1$102.33Details
ER623512GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202064G-Prox Abs, Verex, 40 Bit, Sc10, Lc1$104.31Details
ER623513GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202065Gp2,Pvc,No Logo,40B,Sc10,Lc1 V$144.96Details
ER623514GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202066G-Prox Ii, Pvc, Verex, 40 Bit, Sc10, Lc1$144.96Details
ER623515GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202067G-Prox Ii Twin, Verex, 40 Bit, Sc10, Lc1$156.29Details
ER623516GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202070G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, Guardall Logo, Q$139.65Details
ER623517GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202072G-Proxphoto Cards, Pvc, Guardall Logo, Q$144.96Details
ER623518GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202080G-Proxtwin Cards, Pvc, Qty 25, (Not Prog$150.97Details
ER623519GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202081G-Prox Ii Twin, 26 Bit, Sc10, Lc1, 25$210.77Details
ER623520GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1202082G-Prox Ii Twin, 36 Bit, Sc10, Lc1, 25$210.77Details