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Access Control Systems

Other Access Control

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER8294932GIG Technologies2GIG-GC3-345Control Panel, Gc3 Security & Home Automation, 7 I$297.07Details
ER8570682GIG Technologies2GIGGDR12Gig Garage Door Receiver$39.37Details
ER9667482GIG Technologies2GIGTS1***Eol****Use 2Gi-2Gigts1E$153.87Details
ER5783042GIG Technologies2GIGXCVR2Transceiver Module For The Ts1 Touch Scr$19.97Details
ER579143Adams Rite310224D630310-2-24D- 630 Finish$358.23Details
ER879274Adams Rite406603313Thumbturn Cylinder, .950 Cam, Dark Bron$29.47Details
ER104661Adams Rite4565601119Lever Handle$34.59Details
ER105090Adams Rite4590-02-02-313Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Push To The Left, Reversible. 2-1/4"To 2-1/2" Door Thickness. Dark Bronze$79.86Details
ER323814Adams Rite4590-02-03-335Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Push To The Left, Reversible. 2-3/4"To 3" Door Thickness. Black$79.86Details
ER105091Adams Rite4590-02-04-313Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Push To The Left, Reversible. 3-1/4" Door Thickness. Dark Bronze$79.86Details
ER387422Advanced Technology Video / ATVA-CS164ABrkt,Pipe-Pole Mnt,J-Type,Vertical Tilt$66.42Details
ER111757Advanced Technology Video / ATVSDC5LCDNHigh Speed Ptz Dome Camera Controller W/ 5"Lcd Mon$674.71Details
ER112849Aiphone215340Aphn Push Buttn Bank F/Ap10MCall for Price.Details
ER582191Aiphone220410Pc-1706 Le-DCall for Price.Details
ER582194Aiphone221410Terminal BlockCall for Price.Details
ER582195Aiphone224065Pc Board F/LsnvpCall for Price.Details
ER111975Aiphone228760Xc-642/646 (New) Kb-3Hrd (Pc Board)Call for Price.Details
ER582212Aiphone260360Mounting Bracket For Gf-LmdCall for Price.Details
ER582221AiphoneAI900TITie-Line I/F CardCall for Price.Details
ER582222AiphoneAIRS150SubstationCall for Price.Details
ER112931AiphoneAN8000MIOn Board Relay Input &Amp; Output PagingCall for Price.Details
ER112652AiphoneAN8000MSMulti Function MasterCall for Price.Details
ER112312AiphoneAN8010MSStandard MasterCall for Price.Details
ER112656AiphoneAN8020MSIndustrial MasterCall for Price.Details
ER582223AiphoneAP10AS0-Call Add-On Selector For Ap-10MsCall for Price.Details
ER112697AiphoneGF102HRain Hood 2 ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER113112AiphoneND20AS20 Call Add On Selector For NdrCall for Price.Details
ER112795AiphoneNDR40A40 Callmaster W.Handset Sel OutputsCall for Price.Details
ER582239AiphoneNEM20RSNem-20 With Reset Switch For Ne-Nvp RaCall for Price.Details
ER113120AiphoneNEM30RSCall Master W/ Lamp MemoryCall for Price.Details
ER112826AiphoneREPAIR AIPHONERepair For AiphoneCall for Price.Details
ER582241AiphoneRMK01Rack Mount Kit For 10- Or 20-CallCall for Price.Details
ER582242AiphoneTBADM1010-Station Video Door Adaptor For Tc-MCall for Price.Details
ER582256AiphoneXC460Circuit Board F/Nhx UnitCall for Price.Details
ER113528AiphoneYC2415 Gang Fl Box An-8031MsCall for Price.Details
ER113558Alarm Controls1200DDUROMagnetic Lock, Double, Spdt Contact, 3 Amp Relay C$354.14Details
ER582309Alarm Controls1302Ac Key # 1302$10.98Details
ER582310Alarm Controls1365Ac Key # 1365$10.98Details
ER114103Alarm Controls426Back Box, Galvanized 18-Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, 1$16.48Details
ER114104Alarm Controls487319Adt Remote Plate D.G./4073-70 Mom. Keysw$74.91Details
ER114313Alarm ControlsAC30Armered Cable .375 Id 30Ft Length$79.76Details
ER114116Alarm ControlsAM3325Angle Bracket, Adjustable, Extends Door Header & A$34.39Details
ER114117Alarm ControlsAM3331Additional Header Plate For 600 Series Double Lock$34.39Details
ER114323Alarm ControlsAM6305Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 5/8 Inc$24.72Details
ER114324Alarm ControlsAM6330Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/4 Inc$21.69Details
ER114325Alarm ControlsAM6331Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/4 Inc$41.93Details
ER114128Alarm ControlsAM6335Armature Plate, Plated To Resist Corrosion, 7 1/2$35.24Details
ER113990Alarm ControlsAM63753 Piece Z Bracket For 1200 Series Double Mag Lock$161.96Details
ER113200Alarm ControlsASL133Replacement Key Asl133$10.50Details
ER582330Alarm ControlsASL99Replment Key$18.21Details
ER113995Alarm ControlsDL-1Door Loop, Armored, 18 Inch, 0.250 Inch I.D. Stain$14.80Details
ER113206Alarm ControlsDL-2Door Loop, Armored, 18 Inch, 0.375 Inch I.D. Stain$18.21Details
ER840066Alarm ControlsDTCM1K2AGNBlack M1 Console With 2Ea Dsw-1 Green No$125.53Details
ER113212Alarm ControlsDUC1BMagnetic Lock Dress Up Cover Polished Brass$52.43Details
ER113215Alarm ControlsDUC6BMagnetic Lock Dress Up Cover Polished Brass$56.62Details
ER114340Alarm ControlsEB-1Momentary Exit Station, 1 1/2" Red Mushroom Button$67.21Details
ER114147Alarm ControlsJP1-1Push Plate, 5.5" Square, "Press To Exit", Spdt, Mo$85.02Details
ER114351Alarm ControlsKA107CAAce Lock On/Off Key Pull Off Only$43.61Details
ER114021Alarm ControlsKA-109Flat Keyswitch, On / Off, Keyed Different, Key Rem$29.94Details
ER113666Alarm ControlsKA-110AFlat Keyswitch, Momentary, Normally Open, Keyed Al$29.94Details
ER113667Alarm ControlsKA1111302Ka-111 Keyed To Ace Key # 1302$59.12Details
ER113669Alarm ControlsKP-200Digital Keypad, Indoor / Outdoor, Vandal-Resistant$155.09Details
ER114157Alarm ControlsKR1GRLatching Key Reset 1 N/C 1 N/O Ss Sng Gng Grd Ring$192.33Details
ER114356Alarm ControlsKR-1KEYAccessory, Key, Replacement, For Kr-1 Emergency Pa$7.29Details
ER113674Alarm ControlsLDYYlwled,Bltin Res,6In Lds,12Vdc$36.48Details
ER114365Alarm ControlsMCK-3-4Mortise Cylinder Station, Dpdt Alternate Action Sw$77.35Details
ER114368Alarm ControlsMCK4WPSgss Plt W/One 4A Spdt Mom Sw$158.33Details
ER113687Alarm ControlsMCK-6-2Mortise Cylinder Station, Spdt Alternate Action Sw$74.09Details
ER114038Alarm ControlsMP-26Mini Plate, W/ Normally Open Red Push Button, 0.75$13.83Details
ER114371Alarm ControlsMP-26AMini Plate, W/ Normally Closed Black Push Button,$13.83Details
ER114165Alarm ControlsMP-28LMini Plate, 1/2 Inch Diameter Red Led, 6 Inch Red$24.29Details
ER114680Alarm ControlsMP-29Mini Plate, 1/4 Inch Diameter Green Led, 6 Inch Re$16.22Details
ER114039Alarm ControlsMP-31Mini Plate With Blue Led$12.40Details
ER114687Alarm ControlsPBL11L2Latch/Panic Butt.1-N/O,1-N/C Sg.302 Ss.1$178.16Details
ER114175Alarm ControlsPD1-121Plate Press To Operate Door Spdt Satin Alum Dbl Gn$139.70Details
ER114521Alarm ControlsPD1-433Double Gang Push Plat Blue Push To Exit White Fill$149.02Details
ER114695Alarm ControlsPD2-433Dpdt Mom Blue Finish Ada Push To Exit White Fill$151.03Details
ER114052Alarm ControlsPN5112Nrrw Numatic Timer W/Red Fill$256.71Details
ER113707Alarm ControlsPS1443Blue Plate Single Pull Double Throw Momentary$118.65Details
ER114057Alarm ControlsPS-5112Plate Pneumatic Time Delay Push To Exit Red Fill$264.01Details
ER582413Alarm ControlsPT5112Numa Time Dly T Styl Red Fill$260.36Details
ER114554Alarm ControlsPT5154T Style Pneumatic Time$269.68Details
ER113713Alarm ControlsREB-1Request-To-Exit (Rex) Pushbar, 34 1/2 Inch, (4) Si$116.22Details
ER114848Alarm ControlsRLCHold Down Clip (25 Per Pkg.)$43.61Details
ER113719Alarm ControlsRP12Remote Plate,D.G.,R/G Led "D" Hole,Piezo$13.37Details
ER113730Alarm ControlsRP28WHRp28Wh Rmt Plt Sg,Wht,Red Led,6-12Vdc$14.80Details
ER114076Alarm ControlsRP-35Remote Plate, Normally Open Flush White Push Butto$20.82Details
ER114572Alarm ControlsRP-46Remote Plate, (3) Alternate Action Push Buttons, C$33.13Details
ER114378Alarm ControlsRP-50Remote Plate, Normally Closed Tamper Switch, 0.75$24.72Details
ER114577Alarm ControlsRP7LRemote Plate,S.G.,S.S. .5" Red Led,"D" H$18.57Details
ER115001Alarm ControlsRP924Remote Plate Sgss With Red/Green Led 24$15.28Details
ER114380Alarm ControlsRP9SL2-Led Slim Line Plate$22.56Details
ER114382Alarm ControlsSC616NLoud Sonalert$60.34Details
ER115009Alarm ControlsSC628EMedium Tone Sonalert$72.09Details
ER115017Alarm ControlsSMB01S.G. Surface Mounting Box W/Two N/O Tamp$41.11Details
ER115023Alarm ControlsSNAPSnaptrack For 3000,7000,8000,9000 Series$28.63Details
ER114593Alarm ControlsSPN1058Single Gang Stainless Steel Plate$50.33Details
ER582431Alarm ControlsSPN1346Kr-1 2 N/C Contacts Scr Push For Emerg D$129.56Details
ER582433Alarm ControlsSPN1818Kr1 Switch Only$122.69Details
ER114595Alarm ControlsSPN18792 Gang S.S. Plate With (5) 1/2" Red Leds$119.45Details
ER582436Alarm ControlsSPN19084 Gang Stainless Steel Non Label Open$468.55Details
ER114398Alarm ControlsSPN19352G Wtih 6 Dsw-3 Green 12Vdc$274.88Details
ER582437Alarm ControlsSPN19682 Gang S/Steel Plate W/4 Dsw-3 Green$194.35Details
ER114597Alarm ControlsSPN2047Sg Ss R/G Led Fa200 D Hole Only$56.69Details
ER114401Alarm ControlsSPN2101Sg Ss Pa100 Kr-1 Sw Scr Emerg Door Rel A$178.16Details
ER115035Alarm ControlsSPN2111Dsw-4 Green Non Ill$767.03Details
ER114088Alarm ControlsSPN2281M2 12 Ea Pilot Lamps 12V Color Tbd Scree$437.32Details
ER114089Alarm ControlsSPN2293Mount 12 Ea Pilot Lamps 12V Color Tbd La$281.14Details
ER115040Alarm ControlsSPN23302G Ss Pa-200 1Ea Red Led 1Ea Green Led W$105.27Details
ER114090Alarm ControlsSPN2337M2 4Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Gr 4Ea Dsw-2 Non Il$290.49Details
ER114406Alarm ControlsSPN-2479Plt Sng Gng Stn Stl Red Led Gr Crn Alrm Sys On Off$41.93Details
ER114605Alarm ControlsSPN25371" White Ill Psh Butt Sw, Spdt$56.69Details
ER114408Alarm ControlsSPN2570Sg Ss 1Ea Red Led With Bezel Scr Do Not$80.99Details
ER115046Alarm ControlsSPN2581Sg Ss Red Pilot Lamp 12V Label Alarm On$56.69Details
ER115047Alarm ControlsSPN2586M2 With 10 Dsw-3 Green 12Vdc$448.25Details
ER582441Alarm ControlsSPN2662Sg Ss Red Green Led K13 Dr D Hole$50.33Details
ER115049Alarm ControlsSPN2771M-1 Console With (1)Dsw-4 Switch Red Il$97.18Details
ER114612Alarm ControlsSPN27732 Gang Ss Louver Plate W/Sc616Cp 1 1/2"$129.56Details
ER114418Alarm ControlsSPN29883G Ss 8Ea Red Pilot Lamp 12V 1Ea La32$327.98Details
ER114625Alarm ControlsSPN3542M2 With 8 Dsw2 Green 12Vdc$401.78Details
ER115209Alarm ControlsSPN4023Sg Ss 4 Leds Red Green Yellow Blue$64.79Details
ER115238Alarm ControlsSPN4294Sg Pl With 1Ea Pilot Lamp In Red Labeled$33.55Details
ER322942Alarm ControlsSPN4605M2 6 Each Dsw1 Not Aluminated Green Labe$242.95Details
ER360079Alarm ControlsSPN4901M2 7Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Gn Label Per Drw$531.03Details
ER322865Alarm ControlsSPN4902M1 3Ea Dsw-1 Non Gr Label Per Drw$242.95Details
ER322850Alarm ControlsSPN4961Sg Ss 3Ea Dsw-4 Ill 24V Red Label Tbd$161.96Details
ER785795Alarm ControlsSPN5358End Caps For Reb-1 (Set Of 2)$29.51Details
ER582570Alarm ControlsSPN5510Ts-23 Push To Call$121.48Details
ER945582Alarm ControlsSPN6504Sg Ss 1Ea 1.5" Blue Latch Mush 1No 1Nc S$153.87Details
ER1063623Alarm ControlsSPN66312G Ss 4Ea Red Leds No Screen$89.08Details
ER582643Alarm ControlsSPX490Wp4 W/Addtnl Yellw Led'S$44.46Details
ER114987Alarm ControlsSPX6029Pa200 Mounted On White Plate Sg$36.99Details
ER114839Alarm ControlsSPX8120A.Controls Cy1A &Amp; Mck4 "Kit"$50.33Details
ER115413Alarm ControlsTS12TTs12 W/Timer Request To Exit Norm Open Norm Closed$111.75Details
ER114505Alarm ControlsTS12T302Ats12 Req To Exit With Timer On 302 Stn Stl Plate$111.75Details
ER115098Alarm ControlsTS-14-302Ts14 On A 302 Stainless Steel Plate Button Green$238.49Details
ER115417Alarm ControlsTS-14NRRequest To Exit, Pneumatic Time Delay, 1 1/2" Dia$238.49Details
ER114510Alarm ControlsTS-14RRequest-To-Exit (Rex) Station, Pneumatic, 1.5 Inch$238.49Details
ER115418Alarm ControlsTS-15Request To Exit, Pneumatic Time Delay, 5/16" Push$183.01Details
ER114869Alarm ControlsTS-18Push Button, Momentary, Surface Mounted, Guard Rin$27.62Details
ER114514Alarm ControlsTS-21RButton, 10 Am Momentary Switch, 2 1/2" Dia, Red Mu$76.53Details
ER1001072Alarm ControlsTS21RNOSCREENTs-21 With A Red Mushroom And No Screeni$76.53Details
ER582654Alarm ControlsTS21RPSingl Gang S/Steel 2.5" Red Mshrm$249.43Details
ER720973Alarm ControlsTS21RTN*Eol* W/Nuematic Switch$242.95Details
ER115492Alarm ControlsTS-2-2TRequest To Exit Station, 30 Second Timer, Spdt, 2A$112.57Details
ER114881Alarm ControlsTS25GIlluminated Latching Spdt Pa100 Emer Door Release$69.65Details
ER114885Alarm ControlsTS-2TRequest To Exit Station With Built In 30 Second Ti$95.16Details
ER114527Alarm ControlsTS2TRED2" Sq. Grn Illumin P.B. W/ Tmr, Spdt Red$95.16Details
ER114889Alarm ControlsTS-30Request-To-Exit (Rex) Station, 2 Inch Green Square$47.80Details
ER114895Alarm ControlsTS-50Button, 10 Am Momentary Switch, 2 1/2" Dia, Red Mu$78.56Details
ER115505Alarm ControlsTS-6Request To Exit, 5/8" X 7/8" Green Illuminated Pus$58.71Details
ER115294Alarm ControlsTS-7Request To Exit, 5/8" X 7/8" Green Illuminated Pus$51.58Details
ER114534Alarm ControlsTS7LLatching Rte Dpdt Illum. Green$64.79Details
ER115507Alarm ControlsTS7PBA.Controls Momentary Green$90.28Details
ER115080Alarm ControlsTS-7TRequest To Exit Station,30 Second Timer, 5/8" X 7/$115.00Details
ER115508Alarm ControlsTS-8Request To Exit, 5/8" X 1/8" Green Illuminated Pus$59.93Details
ER115509Alarm ControlsTS-9Request To Exit, 5/8" X 1/8" Green Illuminated Pus$51.58Details
ER115513Alarm ControlsTS-9TRequest To Exit Station,30 Second Timer, 5/8" X 7/$115.00Details
ER114537Alarm ControlsTX-12Terminal Expander, (1) Quad Conductor To (3) Quad$19.53Details
ER114538Alarm ControlsTX-6Terminal Expander, (1) Wire Pair To (3) Wire Pairs$11.47Details
ER115303Alarm ControlsZAC-32RSZone Annunciator / Controller, Supervised Zones, O$1,552.08Details
ER582665Alarm ControlsZAP256Printer With Interface, Battery And Tra$1,624.38Details
ER115087Alarm ControlsZAR-32ROption, 32 Zone Annunciator, Rack Mounted $512.28Details
ER582666Alarm ControlsZOMREight Zone Relay Output Module$537.27Details
ER387728Alarm LockAL271Double Armored Cabled$22.77Details
ER582673Alarm LockALDTM3Trilogy Audit Trail Data Transfer Module$299.12Details
ER885808Alarm LockDL2700WIC26DSTrilogy Lock Wp Schlage$645.02Details
ER582690Alarm LockDL4100IC26DAccess Code Lock, Chrome, Lever, 12 Butt$628.94Details
ER982160Alarm LockN90S2195F26DArc,Sfc,Sqr,Cyl,195,26D,F$661.77Details
ER359993Alarm LockS5912Cntr Box 265/715 Ser Cb-15. Center Box 265/715 Series$57.13Details
ER582813Alarm Saf03203Ps5M-002Ul-Fai Power Supply$415.99Details
ER117036Alarm Saf1004312/24Vdc 6Amp Fire/Acces Pwr Mgnt Sys$459.70Details
ER582830Alarm SafADA24015B02UL1 1/2Amp 24V Power Booster$270.54Details
ER117190Alarm SafCMB8Accessory, Power Module, (4) Controlled Relays & ($198.12Details
ER582914Alarm SafCPS100CULCSA12 Or 24Dc 10Amp Pow Sply W/Cab$395.89Details
ER117223Alarm SafRB-24-UL-4PPower Distribution Board, Replacement / Add-On, 24$119.00Details
ER116752Alpha Communications4CET666 Unit F/L Mailbox+1 Outgoing$1,292.56Details
ER359873Alpha CommunicationsA1211Zone Card For A-1000 Series$188.91Details
ER322665Alpha CommunicationsBB21Back Box For A-1000 Series$91.60Details
ER116805Alpha CommunicationsE5656 Station 2-Wire Extender$182.38Details
ER1044434Alpha CommunicationsVI402FB168Flush Backbox-Up To Vi402/168D$320.07Details
ER118615Alpha CommunicationsVI402S006D6 Buttn Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Dir.$281.63Details
ER117549AltronixAL1024ULXBNCPower Supply Replacement Board For Al1042Ulada$202.61Details
ER117563AltronixAL300ULPD4RPwr Suppl/ Chgr 12/24Vdc. Power Supply / Charger. 4 Zones Red Enclosure. Altronix. Ul Listed Access Control$179.25Details
ER583250AltronixAL400MPD8CB12Vdc 4Amp Or 24Vdc 3 Amp Ul Pow Sply$277.44Details
ER583251AltronixAL400PD4220Al400 W/Pd4 Install 220Vac$188.30Details
ER924143AltronixAL400PD8220Al400 W/Pd8 220V In Bc300$191.30Details
ER117568AltronixAL400UL3XRPower Supply / Charger- Simultaneous Pow$280.93Details
ER119031AltronixAL400ULPD4R12/24Vdc @ 4 Amp 4 Fused Outputs Red Enclosure$188.30Details
ER118647AltronixAL600ULACMCBR6 Amp 12 Or 24 V Pow Sply W/Acm8Cb Insta$279.63Details
ER118649AltronixAL600ULPD4Power Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vdc @ 6 Amp, Al$239.04Details
ER118660AltronixAL624-MOD9Power Supply 9Vdc Charger$15.82Details
ER583259AltronixALTV2428ULMIAc Isolated Cctv Pow Sply 8 Fuse$154.39Details
ER359737AltronixEFLOW102NXTwo (2) Output Power Supply W/Fire Alarm Disconnect, 12Vdc @ 10 Amp Max$250.67Details
ER119269AltronixHUBSAT42DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 4-Ch$260.11Details
ER119160AltronixHUBWAY16DI16 Ptc Passive Utp Transceiver Hub With Integral Isolated Camera Power$904.07Details
ER118873AltronixHUBWAY82DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$508.65Details
ER118877AltronixHUBWAY8DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$385.34Details
ER583340AltronixHUBWAYLD162Hubway Ld16 W/16Ac Hub Avco$1,587.51Details
ER119221AltronixHUBWAYLD82DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$822.75Details